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I’m back from my hiatus!

At least, I hope I am. I can’t tell for sure yet.

It’s been exactly two weeks since my last blog post, and I had promised to blog more in that post. Ha. What a joke.

So, what’s been happening? Why am I just disappearing into the void without a peep on Instagram or Twitter as well? It’s because of my health. Two days after my last post, on 29th October, I was rushed to the emergency ward for breathlessness. I couldn’t breathe unless I was lying on my back. Even if I managed the breathlessness for a while, my head started hurting BAD every time I lifted it.

My swelling had increased in the night to the point that it was pushing on my throat, causing the breathing problems. It was also so heavy that it was pulling at my head when I sit up, causing headaches.

We rushed to the hospital where we consulted the ENT doctor before, but after reaching there we found that ALL DOCTORS WERE OFF. What hospital gives a public holiday???? I had to be admitted due to my breathing, and once I was started on antibiotics I couldn’t keep ANY food in me. That sucked too. I was puking everything up within an hour.

I have so much more to say about that 3 day hospital stay, but I’ve complained about it to my friends enough and I’ll spare y’all the details. It was a BAD experience, though.

Fast forward two weeks to today. I’ve been to two other hospitals, and consulted a few other speacialist doctors. We decided that I need to get a surgery ASAP, and it will be under general anesthesia. But for that, my thyroid levels need to be in range. Now, that’s a problem again. Although I don’t have hyperthyroid anymore (new discovery!! my T4 level is back to normal!!), my thyroid stimulating hormone level is still VERY LOW. No doctor is able to figure out why, and I’ve just been taking tests and more tests for it. I just want to get the surgery done at this point. Sigh.

I also have a lot of work to do for college, barring studying. I haven’t attended classes in two weeks, haven’t done any assignments and haven’t worked on my projects. I’m so behind on everything, and I need to get a LOT of work done before I go in for my surgery (which will probably be in a week?).

To be honest, I could have at least done assignments, but one thing was stopping me. When I was in the hospital, they gave me antibiotics through an IV line at my right hand. The large number of injections and the continuous drips caused the back of my right hand to swell up badly. We changed the IV canula to my left hand, but it was pretty late. I couldn’t bend my fingers or grip anything. It took until YESTERDAY for me to make a loose fist. I tried writing yesterday and I barely got through 200 words before my hand was strained. I couldn’t grip the pen properly. And we do all our assignments by hand (yes, I know, what a stupid rule).

I will attempt to write again today. I also have to work on my projects because deadlines are approaching fast, and I have nothing done. And neither have my teammates done anything, don’t ask me why though. I was under the impression that they would do something but apparently not. This is why I hate working in teams 🙂 And this is the one semester I need my teams in place.

So. That was the update on the physical health front. What about my mental health? Well, I’m hanging in there. Barely, but I’m surviving. I’ve been spending all my free time either watching something. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to read much. I haven’t felt like reading either. I’m in a huge reading slump, and I don’t know if I’m even close to getting out of it.

The one thing I’m really unable to do right now, is recharge mentally. I grew up with a lot of time to myself, and an abundance of “space”. Both my parents worked and I would be alone at home for long periods of time. As I grew up, I got used to and I started relying on that alone time. I need time to myself to recharge, without anyone around me to comment or make conversation with. I need time where I don’t have to keep up a positive pretense. And mostly, I require the time to cry if needed. A good cry helps a lot.

But lately, I’ve not had one second to myself. My mum has retired from her job, which means she’s home all the time. She’s even let go of her social activities to take care of me. And while I really appreciate it, the lack of space is getting to me. My mum’s overprotective of me. Even if I itch my leg in front of her, she asks me what happened, what’s wrong. And I also don’t want to burden her with my sadness through all this, because she worries enough herself. I can’t get her more down, so I’ve been the more positive person. And it’s taxing me. I’m at the last straw and I just… want some time alone so I can properly cry or read a book or ANYTHING. But alone.

I doubt it’ll happen, though. Mum’s not leaving me alone unless she has to, and since we’re back to living with my dad, he’s at home a majority of the time as well. He’s of no help to me or has no concern of me, but he’s home which means I still can’t do whatever I want. I usually have to retreat to the bedroom when he’s home, so that makes me feel even more trapped.

Fun times, eh?

Through the last few harrowing weeks, the one thing I’ve been able to count on is support from my friends. Y’all. I cannot even elaborate on HOW HELPFUL my amazing friends have been. They’re always there with emotional and physical support, always ready to help when I ask, and they’re keeping up to date with my tests and everything. I’ve called upon them several times now, because it’s hard to manage running around in hospitals with just my mum. I was no use physically and mentally, and my mum couldn’t do everything alone. My friends stepped in to help and that made so much difference.

Anyway! On to other things.

I’m trying my best to get back into reading. I remembered only yesterday that I have a blog tour coming up this week and I HAVEN’T EVEN READ THE BOOK YET! Welp. I need to finish it ASAP and write a review for the tour. I’m definitely doing that, so you’ll definitely see me soon.

The hectic two weeks with a bad right hand also meant that I couldn’t bullet journal. My bujo is frozen in time at 27th October. I haven’t been able to set up for November, and I’m unsure if I even will at this point. I’m so not up to spending energy on one more thing, and won’t unless I HAVE to.

On the blogging front, I do have ideas but I don’t have the energy to spend on blog posts. It took me two days of mental preparation to write this blog post. Trust me, I’m tired already. I still haven’t gone back to my normal self who doesn’t need naps every day and can run around all day. So, will I be blogging thrice a week like I was doing last month? I don’t know. My stats are taking a huge hit due to the lack of posts, but it’s not a priority right now. I’ll need to work back to it after my finals, because my finals will start right after I’ve recovered from surgery. It’s going to be a hectic two months.

Linking this for The Sunday Post.

How have you been lately? Has anything great or happy happened in the last couple weeks? Tell me your updates in the comments!

Life Update // it’s finals time

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged freely. It’s been only reviews been review and properly structured posts for a while. Back in 2016, I used to make random posts and just blabber, and it felt so freeing!

Ever since I started thinking about polishing up my blog posts and putting up only good content, I’ve started blogging less since I’m putting more effort into every post. I’ve also stopped posting rambles, which is kinda sad because this is one of my favourite things about blogging.

The whole reason why I refused to highly niche my blog is because I loved the aspect of just posting whatever I want. Whether it is books, bullet journalling, kdramas or even life updates. And I’ll be honest, life updates are very cathartic* to write. I don’t mind the thousand words I sometimes write because it flows effortlessly, and it’s the only type of blog posts which I don’t always structure.

By not writing these posts, I also miss out on cataloguing so much of my life. I sometimes go back and read these personal posts and become nostalgic because I’m pretty much writing down the important things. I want to keep writing so that I can come back and read about these days again.

This post is going to be completely non-structured (meaning, I’m just gonna type and not rearrange later) and I’m just going to talk about what I want to, even if I digress.

*If you haven’t ever written a personal blog post where you’ve just typed without worrying about how it looks etc., I highly suggest you try it at least once. You don’t have to publish it, but just write it.

Random thing #1

First of all, I’m so glad that I’ve FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to properly format using HTML on the Gutenberg WordPress editor. I’ve tried before but I never took out the time to experiment and try a bunch of things that I may want to use.

I sat down to write a review on An Ember in the Ashes the other day and I wanted to try a new reviewing format/structure because I’d been using the same format for a long time. I also wanted to format and play around with colours. I spent almost an hour just playing around and experimenting. It took a long time to write the review but it looks really good and I’m super happy with the result

literally me after I figured out everything I wanted to.

Random thing #2

My favourite colour has officially changed from blue to pink. Blue has been my favourite colour for over three years now. At some point, my wardrobe was 3/4th blue. Everyone around me teased me about it. But for the last few months, I’ve been gradually picking pink over blue. Right now, I’m blindly just going for pinks even if blue is available. I’m especially loving pastel pink, light pink and blush pink.

It’s been a while since I had a change of favourite colour so I think I’ll enjoy this! I got this really cute light pink hat recently and I just want to wear it ALL. THE. TIME. I love it.

Random thing #3

My finals are here! Well, almost. My first exam is on 14th June and even though I have only 6 exams, my uni has stretched the dates so that my last exam is on 3rd July. That’s three weeks of JUST STUDYING. I will be feeling guilty if I do anything else for three weeks. It’s gonna be fun.

shaking head gif

I will most likely be super tired and stressed by the end of it. I also may not be able to blog much, and that’s sad because I just got back to blogging semi-regularly. Sigh.

Random thing #4

My body is giving me SO MANY PROBLEMS. Can it stop already?! At this point, I don’t want to do any tests because with every test, I find out there’s something more wrong with my body. And I’ve done a lot of tests so far.

Let’s put it in a list to make it easier:

  1. Last I checked in Oct 2018, I had mild hyperthyroid. I went for an ultrasound scan for my neck last week for something else and they told me I should probably test again because it looks more. I was taking mild medication so far but guess I’ll have to go on proper meds now. I’ll also have to test again. Argh.
  2. I did a test for immunity and we found out that I have Hashimoto’s disease which is an autoimmune disease/disorder. My result was so comical. The normal range for something was 0-156 and my result was 1.7k. My result was over 10 times the highest normal result. I could not believe my eyes. So yeah, I’ve gone on a strict gluten-free diet* and I’m taking meds for it too.
  3. Recently, a swelling has formed on the side of neck and after doing a bunch of tests**, we’ve found that it’s a cyst. It cannot be cured with medicines and I have to do a surgery. But, because it doesn’t give me pain, it’s purely cosmetic but if I don’t do a surgery then it might keep growing and also could get infected. Infection is bad, obviously. It’s apparently due to a birth defect and the swelling doesn’t appear normally, so I’m one of the lucky few for whom it does! Since I have finals now, we can’t do the surgery but maybe after finals.

*considering I’m not allergic to gluten but that I have to abstain by CHOICE is making this SO HARD. This diet cuts down 70% of foods that I eat. Because I’m Tamilian, it’s slightly easier to bear with at home since our foods are mostly rice items. But I really notice the difference when I’m out with my friends. I just watch them eat. It’s sad. I’m sad. I’m most sad about BHATURA and puri (Indian foods).

**I did an ultrasound scan for the swelling and they told me my thryroid increased. I want to focus at one problem at a time! And take fewer meds! LEAVE ME ALONE *cries*

Those were the three main things. Other than that, I have a bunch of allergies, PCOD and severe eczema which comes and goes. So yeah, I’d like another body please.

(Yes this was a rant session. At this point, I can rant for HOURS about my health issues. I needed to rant though.)

Random thing #4

I’m slightly stressed about next semester already. For Indian engineering students, year 4 is CRUCIAL. We get jobs then. We have to write a lot of tests, sit through interviews, and also attend classes, study and write exams. I’ve got to start studying for my exams for the jobs (we have aptitude and technical tests to show how smart we are and… I’m not smart). Aah. I want to scream.

The grind has to start right after exams because interviews start right in the beginning of August. And by beginning, I mean day 1. I’m preparing for the stress by stressing already so I can get used to it. (I’m trying out a new coping method, let me be.)

Random thing #5

I’m finally exercising regularly! I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I can feel the difference. I’ve been taking it slow, though, with small milestones but I’m doing it regularly and that’s all that matters.

Getting a workout in every evening after college was hard in the beginning because I would be super tired from the long day and travel. I also kept evenings as my “chill time” so I would read blogs or watch YouTube while drinking something. But I managed to make it routine and it’s easy now.

At this point, if I don’t go exercising in the evening, I feel off for the rest of the night. It’s weirdly energizing and refreshing too! I’m also glad that I somehow got rid of my self-consciousness which held me back from running in front of people before.

Random thing #6

I’m LOVING Jay Shetty’s podcast called On Purpose with Jay Shetty. I started listening to it on a recommendation from a friend and I immediately liked it. I haven’t been able to take out time regularly to listen to it but the episodes I have listened to, I’ve learned from.

There are always multiple things to learn or take from every single one of his podcast episodes. Even though it’s just audio, I find myself completely engaged in listening and absorbing.

I was dutch braiding my hair and listening to an episode last night as “self-care time” and I LOVED IT. I listened to the podcast at midnight and after that I was so energized and motivated to change my life immediately. To change for the better using what I’ve learnt in just half an hour. I couldn’t sleep so I ended up studying more for my upcoming final.

If you want to become motivated or energized, I definitely suggest listening to his podcast. Especially, listen to an episode which is not an interview because those episodes are solely focused on giving you advice and things to take away and apply immediately.

Okay that’s it.

I just checked the word count for the first time and I’ve written over 1.5k words. Wow. When I stop thinking twice about what I write—whether it’s easily readable, whether it’s attractive and engages the reader—words flow so freely. This is a form for self-care, for me. I needed this.

If you’ve read so far, THANK YOU. You’re the best ❤

Okay now YOU tell me. What’s going on in your life? And don’t hold back from rambling in the comments 🙂

Rewind and Play || Indian college adventures

rewind and play book cover

Title: Rewind And Play
Author: Tarun Gautam
Genre: Contemporary
Category: Young Adult+
Series info: Single book


Raghav Diwan is living the American Dream. A successful career, a comfortable and happy married life. One day, he receives an invitation to an evening get-together with his college batchmates. He has not kept in touch with any of them and has no desire to meet them. But the past seems to be calling him. The past wants to reveal something to him. Will he open the door to let the past in? Will he let it change his future? Will he press, rewind and play?


When I first saw the synopsis for this book, I was a little confused about what it would actually contain. The title tells that we will be revisiting the main character Raghav’s past, but why? I picked up the book nonetheless and it turned out to be not bad.

The Plot

Raghav has everything—an amazing career that gets him awards, a cool wife and a good home life. All he’s thinking about is meeting his next goal. But one day, because of one problem, it all comes crashing down. Raghav loses his job, his reputation becomes ruined and finding another job seems harder.

In the midst of a storm, Raghav receives an invite from his friends to get together with them for an evening. He doesn’t want to go, because he has nothing to show at the moment. He is at his lowest. But he ends up going and remembering the past reminds him of his roots.

Most of the book is just scenes and memorable events that occurred in Raghav’s four years of college along with his friends. All of them take turns narrating a story, each of which brings a little of that old life back into them.

My Thoughts on the book:

  • The editing should have been better.

It was the sole reason because of which I had a hard time liking the book in the beginning. I actually took out a pen and corrected the mistakes. It didn’t help that the flow of the book wasn’t smooth in the beginning, so I couldn’t immerse myself into the story. The flow actually was jarring when the book would jump back to the past and come back.

  • I stuck through the book and it actually became better.

I finally put my pen down, stopped annotating and let the book go. I got used to the flow and the editing mistakes, or at least I managed to not notice them much, and I ended up enjoying the book a whole lot more.

It took me two days to get properly into the book, but once I did I finished it in a day.

  • I actually really liked the flashback stories.

I’m studying Engineering in India too and the best part about reading an Indian book set in college is that I could REALLY relate. I saw the fun they had in the fun that I have today. I saw my experiences in the story. That made the book a whole lot more enjoyable.

The stories were nothing so outrageous that I would have a hard time believing them. They were interesting but what they meant for the characters made the stories much more meaningful. The group really reminisced and got caught up in their memories, becoming wishful and nostalgic.

I’m a sucker for reminiscing and a good group of friends. In fact, I was with my friends talking about high school just a couple days back. I saw my friends and I in the characters.

  • The characters were really dynamic.

The group of friends were from all over India and all of the cultures and references were brought in. In a subtle way, I saw how every person in the group was important to the group and the different addition they bring to the table.

The friends made mistakes together, were foolish together and grew together. They learned from each other and learned together. I really liked the group.

  • I really liked how the book ended.

With every memory being remembered, the characters felt a piece of their old selves in them surfacing. They remembered that life and who they were at the start. They remembered their roots and sometimes, all it requires for a person to find direction is to find their roots.

The ending put a smile to my face and I ended the book content. All is well that ends well, and it was truly the case with this book.


If you’re looking for a book about the Indian college life and are looking for something to relate to, you should pick this up.

Three stars.
My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
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The Sunday Post // Kdrama binges and busy schedules

Hey everyone!

It’s been SO LONG since I last posted a Sunday Post. I feel like I’ve got so much to say but also I don’t know how to even write it all anymore. It’s weird being back.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update our followers about our last week—be it about books, life or anything else.

Okay let’s start with..

My Internship

I got an internship in January through a friend of mine from school. It’s at a start-up called Open My Book. It’s a mobile-based lending library where we rent out books to people! We’re now on Google Play Store so you should definitely check it out.

Anyway, I’ve been really enjoying my internship. It’s a little time-consuming, with me doing something or meeting people from the team around thrice a week, but it’s rewarding. I’m learning things and I’m getting advice so it’s pretty cool.

It’s also really filled up my schedule. I’m quite busy nowadays, what with internship, this blog, my Instagram handles, twitter etc. along with college. But I like it! For the first time, I’m this busy doing productive things while also enjoying with friends, so it’s really nice.

My Reading

Hah more like my non-existent reading.

I get into a book slump every year at least once where I just don’t end up reading. This year it came pretty early. It’s all because I got a Netflix subscription and I’m bingeing on Kdramas like crazy.

Goodreads says I’m still somehow 2 books ahead on schedule for 150 books this year so.. I got time!

I also started reading On The Come Up by Angie Thomas yesterday at the bookstore while I was killing time before a meeting. I bought it because I trust Angie Thomas and I already like the book 32 pages in. Let’s hope it brings me out of my reading slump!

Kdrama updates

Yeah so I’VE GOT A LOT.

I watched My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, which I hadn’t planned on watching because I felt it’s controversial and doesn’t send the right message. Quite a few people told me to try it because they liked it so I did, and I actually liked it! It talks about a lot of issues such as body image, plastic surgery and the stigma that comes with it, pretty people privilege, beauty on the inside etc. I totally recommend it if you can handle the above topics.

I also watched The Girl Who Sees Scents. My mum was the one who showed me the trailer, actually! It came on her feed on Facebook and she called me over because I’m into Kdramas. It turned out to be quite good! I loved the beginning but I was disappointed in the last few episodes. The climaxes and reveals could have been executed in a much better way, in my opinion. I have mixed feelings about this drama.

I Am Not A Robot was the last drama that I completed. I finished it a couple days back. I absolutely loved it. While it has plot holes and some unbelievable things—more about human perception than the technology, I still really liked it. I loved the main characters and the plot was quite good. I recommend it if you want a funny and new drama to watch. It’s currently trending on Netflix.

Romance Is A Bonus Book is the ongoing drama that I’m watching. The drama’s last episode will be releasing tonight, in my time. I’m absolutely loving it because Lee Jong-suk is brilliant in it. He’s charming, adorable, and really attractive. I love his character in the drama. I also like the plot, which isn’t all that special, but it brings out feelings in me. At some parts the drama was quite slow but it’s not bad. I love that it’s mostly based in a book publishing company.

Mandarin drama

Netflix recommended Accidentally In Love and I thought it’s a Kdrama so I gave it a go. Turned out that it’s in Mandarin. The story looked pretty nice, though, so I continued watching.

It was really good until a little over halfway through the show. The last few episodes got really draggy. Overall, it wasn’t that great. The one thing I had a hard time with was connecting their speaking tone to the emotion that they’re trying to convey. The cast always spoke fast and, frequently, in high tones no matter what the situation was. I found it weird that they spoke the same way even when the emotions are different.

It was something new that I tried and it was okay. I probably won’t see another Mandarin show any time soon.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say this week? Honestly there must be more but my mind is full of the things I have to do today so I’ll end this post here.

How was your week? Any highlights? Tell me in the comments!

Life Update // rambles rambles my schedule is in shambles

Hey everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve done a life update post, especially since I started doing “The Sunday Post” where I just talked about the past week’s events.

Warning: this post will probably be highly unstructured and is simply like a sit down talk. I’m really in the mood for something casual right now, and don’t feel like drafting it and revising it etc., so yeah.

First, what’s up with my blogging schedule?

I was keeping to my blogging schedule of posting blog posts three times a week for quite a long time. Probably months.

And then fifth semester of college hit me like a truck.

I kid you not, I have no clue what I did this semester and I have no idea why my time management SUCKED SO BAD. I didn’t even really use my bullet journal this time.

I’m so behind on my actual planning that I haven’t even set up my December set up yet. And my setup consists of two spreads only! The carefully curated schedule that I had which managed college, blogging and Instagram crumbled after a mere month into 5th sem.

Now I also really want to rant about this semester

To be honest, 5th sem started off wonky. I was doing an internship which overlapped the first 10 days of college. Hence I missed the first 10 days of classes in August, which immediately put me behind in basics of the subjects.

Then started the chaos of mini projects. I will tell you this, this semester has given so much BT. We did a mini project last semester and the problem statement was our choice. We had to do the same this time as well so all of us tried to pick good ones, especially since we needed to log in at least 20 days of work.

I went a little bit ambitious and took a project that uses Machine Learning. I took it because I started an online course on ML so I figured I can learn and apply it immediately.

And then. We got the news that we had to pick ANOTHER project. By this point we lost our shit.

Turns out the second mini project is actually required by the university as part of syllabus, and we weren’t explained to properly, so all of us boycotted and didn’t choose projects for it.

Only after we realized that it’s the one that’s important did we register with our problem statements and took it seriously. Of course, it also meant that a lot of people did not give a shit about the other mini project then.

It’s hard enough managing assignments, classes, extra-curriculars along with one mini project. We wouldn’t get any sleep if we did two.

But guESS WHAT. I ended up doing both. Which is why my schedule went into shambles.

Side note: this post is taking way too long to write because I’m on discord with my friends jamming to music and this is so nice (: 

Okay yeah so, back to the point, I WAS STRESSED ALL SEMESTER. I have no clue how I managed all my subjects plus everything but I did. Which is why my blogging and Instagram slipped, blogging more than Instagram.

This hectic schedule pushed me to finally go themeless on my Instagram and I have to say, I’m having fun with it. I’m posting pictures taken outside, playing around with filters and scenes etc., so at least that’s a good turn.

My reading took a big hit as well so that’s sad. I got into a book slump which honestly didn’t make me upset because I didn’t have time to read/try to read? Yeah well anyway I had to lower my reading challenge of the year to 125 from 150 because I didn’t think I’d make it. 

But on the good side..

This semester went pretty well too!

In terms of me socializing I was MUCH BETTER. I went to a book fair with two people whom I don’t really talk to in real life, I got along better with new people in group settings AND I managed to stay for over 24 hours in an event without losing my shit.

It doesn’t mean that I was completely fine in all settings, but I was better. And that’s good.

I also went to Burn The Stage and managed to not be overwhelmed by all the ARMYs there who had gathered to do events pre-screening.

While I don’t feel that I accomplished much overall in this semester, I did do small things every single week. Enough to make me feel busy. It’s never been this way before so this busy feeling is new, and I welcome it up to a point. If I didn’t feel like going to any more outings, I had no qualms about declining even though I might sound rude so that’s worked out well. I made sure to take breaks when I felt way too overloaded with work as well.

I took so many mental health days, it shows how my semester was this time.

I also had MULTIPLE DAYS where I spent around 10 hours on my laptop, doing my projects, and it put a lot of strain on my eyes. Even with glasses to help with the strain, my eyes, which are already weak as it is, turned completely red for two days after the work.

This is going to be my life later if I get into a programming job, which I’m hoping for, so might as well get used to it. Sigh.

My sleep schedule doesn’t exist anymore

Like, seriously.

I used to have a problem with sleeping in the afternoon until last year. If I slept in the afternoon, I got a headache, so I never did.

But last sem I started sleeping in the afternoons, only very few times, and I needed it so much then that I didn’t get a headache later.

This semester, I’ve been sleeping in the afternoons SO MUCH. Naps are my life right now.

My sleep schedule is: I sleep when I want to.

I have huge dark circles now. They’re ever present. I need to learn to do make up but I’m also scared to try because I have a lot of skin allergies and who knows what will set off a bad reaction. #sadlife

It’s not only me who’s got their sleep schedule messed up though. All my friends have no such thing called sleep schedule anymore. Right now three others and I are listening to music and recommending GREAT songs to each other on Discord, and one of them has a final tomorrow. But this feels so good so he hasn’t slept yet lol, and it’s 12:45am. We’re just listening to music, sometimes talking and sometimes not.

One of the friends, who has the exam tomorrow, said that things like this will be what he’ll miss once we leave college. And I agree. Another told that we can still do this but realistically, all of us will be busy and will mostly not be able to do this. Not only that, we might also not be in the mood for the same music. In fact this is the first time we’re doing this.

Right now we’re in sync and this is GREAT. I don’t mind staying up all night and listening to music like this, blogging or reading a book with it. Things like this make me grateful that I found really good friends. I was so worried when I joined college, about whether I’d get friends I’ll get along with well. And in first year, I didn’t. I kept drifting between friends and groups. I had lost expectations to find good friends to stick with but in third sem, I made a few and then I made a few more.

yay nice picture of my friends and I

Right now, I’m in a really good place where I actually text first and seek out conversation with them. And I feel lucky for this every day because I know what it’s like to not have friends and feel alone.

I have a feeling quite a few of the songs we’re listening to will make it into my “songs on repeat” post at end of this month. We’re listening to SO MANY GREAT SONGS. And I love that they’re loving the songs I’m recommending. It’s a great feeling when others love the things you recommend whether it’s books, movies, songs or anything else.

Speaking of me recommending..

I’ve got TWO people who don’t really read books to read this semester! One of them asked for a recommendation and I lent her Girl Against The Universe by Paula Stokes and she really liked it! I’ve given her The Hating Game by Sally Thorne now, which is one of my favourites of this year. Hopefully she finishes reading it soon before I find time to sell back books.

The other person is a friend I’m more close to than the previous person. She has borrowed a book from me before but she’s too busy in her life and doesn’t find the time to read. She gave the book back without reading a word. This was MONTHS back.

Recently, now that I’ve gotten into BTS as well, we’ve had many conversations about fans, influence, stardom etc. And for the first time it went really deep and we spoke for HOURS recently. Funnily enough it happened when we skipped the last of our labs because no one felt like attending.

So we were talking and I was drawing parallels between ARMYs and the fans of “The Arc” in the book I Was Born For This by Alice Osman. I had read the book when she and another friend first got into BTS and were totally obsessed with them, and I wasn’t. So I was telling her about all the similarities and she wanted to hear more so I ended up telling her the summary of the book.

She liked it so much that she asked me for the book because she wants to read it, and she’s hooked. She’s been loving the book so far and she’s less than 1/4th in because of her busy life. But I’ve seen a few of her annotations (and she has MANY) where she just marks things similar in real life with BTS and ARMY. I’m so proud seeing her reading a book finally.

oh hey it’s me in my natural habitat.

Okay I think I’ll stop here.

It’s 1:13am, all of us are still on Discord and the songs have gone into ones with more chorus and raw emotion instead of the hard and fast beats that we started with. We might transition into sad and nostalgic songs if we don’t stop soon lol.

I’ve written 1.7k words wow. Too long. Better stop.

What’s new in your life? Are you stressing out or having fun with friends? Let me know in the comments!


November Bullet Journal Setup

Happy November, everyone! It’s the month of Diwali and I’m STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite.

I didn’t do a bullet journal setup post last month because

  1. I was too busy to blog regularly in the first place and
  2. I didn’t even find time to take pictures of my journal.

Lately, I’ve been finding lesser time for my hobbies and it also affected my bullet journalling. I completely lost track of my habit trackers last month and I opened the journal only once in two or three days.

I also didn’t find time to do a pretty setup for November. So when I had a small amount of time, I decided to do my setup super fast. I gave myself 15 minutes to do a simple and efficient setup for this month. I limited myself to two pens and just started setting up with no planning whatsoever.

Hence, my setup is subpar this time BUT, it’s enough for my use so I’m not worrying.

november main page

You can see the lack of planning by the last few dates crammed on the right lol. I took the photo before adding all the event so it doesn’t look very cramped.


Since I don’t have time to keep up with habit trackers, I made only a mood tracker this time. This was also really simple. I just kept making circles. It took less than 5 minutes.


The most important spread for me is my expense trackers. I update it very diligently and evaluate at the end of every month.

And that’s it! I’m not happy with my setup this month but I know that throughout the month I won’t be looking at the presentation of it all. In the end, the bullet journal is for my use and not to look pretty.

I will try to take out time and make a better spread next month, though.

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How was October for you? Do you have any big plans for November? Let me know in the comments!

the sunday post header

The Sunday Post // what am I doing.

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s the day to sleep in, rest, read and have tea. Or if you’re not like me, it’s the day to go out and have adventures.

Now, if you ask me the question in the title of this post, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. It’s been a long week of work and procrastination. I haven’t found a balance.

Posting three times a week on the blog feels too much now. I have way too many things to be doing. I’ve decided today to just go with the flow. No set schedule. Just blog when I can, but hopefully at least once a week.

Last week’s to-do list

  1. Take care of self. I did kinda manage this! I’m almost all good.
  2. Finish databases and front end for both mini projects! I managed to do this JUST IN TIME. I actually did front end of project #2 on the way and at college the day of submission. It was CLOSE.
  3. Learn Django! I did do it! Yass!
  4. 2 hours of online course. Ha. Right after Wednesday and submitting my projects I stopped doing anything productive. Four days straight of intense work got me tired.
  5. Study for tests! I did a bit. Little bit. Definitely not enough.

I decreased my reading goal of the year

My original goal was 150 books. But last week when I was in the pit of my slump, plus I didn’t even have time to blog, I decided that my goal isn’t a priority.

I reduced my goal to 125 books, which was easy to reach since I only needed to finish one more book to reach that XD

Reading updates

I actually have reading updates for y’all this week! And proper ones!

I managed to get totally back into reading with Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren. I should have known that Christina Lauren can easily bring me out of my slump. It was really nice.

About 15 pages into the book, I found out that the male lead’s Korean name is Im Jimin and.. I can’t get away from BTS wherever I go. They’re everywhere.

I also read two other books by Christina Lauren. Sweet Filthy Boy and Dark Wild Night, books 1 and 3 of Wild Seasons series. I didn’t read book 2 lol. Not interested in it’s female lead.

I should have reduced my reading goal sooner. My reading picked up immediately after I reduced it. Smh.

I’m currently reading Wildcard by Marie Lu. I gave in to the temptation and stopped waiting to go to the bookstore for the paperback. I’ll just buy that as well later. I’m reading the book slowly to savour it.

In another case of I can’t get away from BTS, Marie Lu LITERALLY mentioned BTS. Park Jimin of South Korea. Not a character we see, but a blatant mention. My friends literally started laughing when I told this to them.

Impromptu sleepover!

My best friend surprised me yesterday evening by just dropping in. It takes quite some time to go back to her college so she decided to sleep over. A friend of mine from college also stayed over so we could study late in the night.

There was another friend with us as well, who left at around 10pm. The four of us ended up playing games, having dinner while joking and laughing, and talking Harry Potter. It was really fun yesterday.

We ended up falling asleep after doing only two topics but we did wake up early and finish the rest of the subject.

I decided to take a break and properly get energized before starting to study for tomorrow’s tests. I have Management & Entrepreneurship and Computer Networks. I haven’t started yet.

I actually sat down to study ME but then I remembered that the blog will go without another post this week, so here I am quickly writing something.

Since I really need to go study now..

I’m ending the post here. I apologize for this post which is just paragraphs without breaks. I might come back during a study break and add pictures. Have a great week!

How was your week? Did you have a sleepover too?

SEPTEMBER 18 bujo header image

September Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet journalling has changed my daily life. I cannot say otherwise.

Last month, since the notebook I was using had only a few pages left, I decided to not really set up for August. I just did a monthly page with the month’s calendar and an expense tracker, leaving the rest of the empty pages for daily journalling.

Guess what. My August was SO CLUTTERED. I didn’t really even pick up my bullet journal except to note down my expenses and plan blog posts. The month was a disaster, to be honest. I was so disorganized, I couldn’t wait to start bullet journalling properly again.

First, let me introduce you to my new notebook.

I started a new notebook this month. Its from, a website where you can customize your notebook and have it shipped to yourself for free.

Here is my notebook:



  • Spiral notebook of size “Classic A5”, dimensions 147x205mm and 160 pages.
  • I contemplated a lot about what image I want in the front. In the end, I decided to put a simple picture for the front that I took on Snapchat with a filter and added a small quote below. It says “I begin with an idea and it becomes something else” said by Pablo Picasso.
  • On the back, I have a coordinating coloured background and the names of several books I really love. The names go vertically so you have to start at the top and read downwards and from left to right columns. The spaces are added to separate book names. So each book title has no spaces between it’s words. Some of the books I’ve mentioned are Where Rainbows End, Before We Were Strangers, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.
  • The pages inside are tinted blue. When I saw the option, I had to have it. Blue is my favourite colour.
  • The book is divided into four quarters. I chose the first and last quarters to have dotted pages and the middle two quarters to have plain pages. Although honestly even the dotted pages look plain unless you look VERY close, even in real life.
  • The notebook also comes with a matching scale which is removable for convenience. I can put it for whichever page I want it.
  • It also comes with a transparent removable folder which, like the scale, can be removed and put in whichever place as convenient.

removable folder and scale

  • I also chose to get a sheet of small stickers and a pen along with the notebook.

So, that’s my notebook. Isn’t it pretty awesome? Especially with the tinted pages?

Now, onto the setup for this month.

I’ve been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for my previous notebook to finish so I can get to this one. It’s almost the end of 2018, sadly, for me to start using a notebook with 2018 written on the front.

Anyway, the major challenges I had with this book were coordinating with the background blue tint (I needed to choose colour pens that matched the colour or complemented it) and getting used to the size (which I’ve never had before.) It took a few tries, and multiple pages getting ripped out, but I managed it in the end.

I wanted the first page to have my favorite poem, so I wrote it.

millenials page

It was after this point that I discovered the ghosting and very slight bleeding my brush pens caused on the paper. So then I had to tread lightly.


cover page

events and goals

I didn’t want to start the trackers immediately after the events so I just made up a goals page. Not sure if I’ll stick to it, but we’ll see.

mood and expense trackers

Since the pages are pretty small, and I liked drawing borders on the pages, I had to make these two small and “cute”.

I intentionally left out habit trackers this month because I didn’t think I’d have enough mental energy to bother with trackers except the commenting challenge.

sept bujo blog schedule spread

As usual, I have my monthly blog post schedule in the back for any planning so I can do multiple months at once (if required).

Now that I see, the pages look white lol. I promise, they’re tinted blue. The blueness idn’t seen after I increased the brightness of the photos.

And that’s it! It’s going to take a while for me to get used to this book. Until then, I’m just going to experiment and try things.

Have you started anything new this month? Maybe school, exercise, sport, journalling? Let me know in the comments! Also do tell me your opinions on my notebook and spreads.

the sunday post header

The Sunday Post // finals are done! + bookish candles + further plans

I honestly cannot remember the last time a wrote a post to go up immediately. I’m a huge planner and I usually write my posts in advance. In fact I used to even write posts a month in advance! But I had a blogging slump a while back and then I had my finals so I’ve been blogging lesser.

I’m back now, though! And I’m doing a more personal post to catch y’all up on my life. I used to do life updates before but I haven’t been doing them lately.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update readers on the blogger’s past week. I’ve been eyeing this meme for a while and I’m finally getting the time to do it.

My finals are done!


I honestly felt like my exams had been going on forever. I had 8 subjects last semester—two labs and six theory. I had my lab exams on 30th June and 5th July. And my university, being it’s classical predictable self, kept our theory exams starting 19th July!! So that’s TWO WEEKS in the middle. Is it vacation? Is it study holidays? No one knows! So we treated it as half and half. We enjoyed everyday and also worried about studying.

The actual exams went on for three weeks. We had exams on Tuesdays and Fridays for THREE weeks. I’m pretty sure only my university keeps exams spanning that long.

But you know what? It was short this time. I remember all my previous finals spanned about a month. My 2nd semester finals spanned OVER a month. That was torture. We had six days between the first and second exams that time.

In short all of us are used to having vacations and exams at the same time. Also because we don’t really get semester breaks. I had ONE WEEK between semesters 2 and 3.

I was really stupid during one of my exams..

shaking head gif

It was my third exam. My exams start at 2pm and we’re called 20 minutes in advance. So I reached college at 10aa, just to be safe. I revised over there and was nervous for the exam.

Now we’re supposed to go in to our exam rooms at 1:40pm. Me, being extra careful, started going in at 1:30pm.


While I was taking my stuff to go inside, I realized I DID NOT HAVE MY HALL TICKET. It’s super necessary for exams.

I always carry mu bullet journal so I kept my hall ticket inside that. And that day, like an idiot, I left it at home because there’s no use for it.

I panicked so much guys.

why do I do this to myself GIF

ft. Dan who’s videos DESCRIBE MY LIFE

Thankfully my friends were there to give instructions while I blanked out. I ran to my invigilator and told him about the issue. He told me to go to my department and I requested him to let in me in late.

In the department, the person I needed to see wasn’t there. I asked another teacher there who called him. I waited there for that person who said that I’d have to pay to get a duplicate. I said okay I’ll pay after the exam but he said that you have to pay before itself.

It was 1:40 by then. I was super super panicked. I did NOT have the time to go to accounts department, which is in the ground floor, to pay and get the receipt. And I most certainly did not have the time to run back to the 5th floor where my department is to get the duplicate. Also keep in my my exam room was in the second floor.

He saw me panicking and told me to go to my room and keep the money ready and he’ll come there and give my hall ticket. So I ran and realized I had only half the money needed. I borrowed bits from three people who were late that day (thank goodness) and managed to pay.

I was inside the room at around 1:50pm.

Usually when something goes wrong my whole day goes wrong, including my exams, but surprisingly I did my exam well that day! I am so damn glad.

The minute I got home that day I kept my original hall ticket inside my bag. Not taking anymore chances.

I bought my first bookish candles!

The day my stupid mistake, I was procrastinating studying for my next exam. While on Instagram, an Indian bookish candle shop I follow had a sale for imperfect candles.

I’ve never wanted to buy candles because I don’t really use candles at all. Plus I didn’t see the point in bookish candles except for bookstagram pictures.

So when I decided to buy two of them, you can understand just how much I was done with exams. But thankfully it was a sale so discounted prices. Hence helpful for my wallet.

I did not tell my mom that I bought them. I was tracking the shipment carefully and it ended up coming to my house on Tuesday, the day I had an exam!!! So no one was at home. Thankfully the postman came again the next day itself and I was at home to receive it.

That afternoon when mum came home for lunch I showed her the candles. She did not reprimand me!! Yayy. I knew she wouldn’t really yell and stuff but I expected something.

Shadowhunters and Velaris

I bought a Shadowhunters tin one and Velaris in a jar. They’re from whispering flames.

We lit Velaris yesterday, to celebrate the first day of holidays. It smells really fresh but also dense. I can’t describe it, and my mom couldn’t even say a word to describe it. My two best friends friends think it kinda smells like car freshener though.

We haven’t lit the Shadowhunters one yet. It’s smells like leathery wind and all of us, excluding my mom, liked that more. It’s scent is supposed to be leather, ocean breeze and wind. Honestly the leather addition makes it smell so much more better.


I have three weeks break as of now. College reopens 1st of August. But I really want to put these to use and applied for an internship where my mum works. It’ll be for a month starting this Wednesday so I’ll be skipping classes for about 10 days.

Honestly, I’m not bothered by missing classes. It’s better than not being productive for three weeks.

I’m pretty excited for the internship because it’s my first and I’ll be getting to do something other than sit in lectures learning passively, which I hate.

Holiday bucketlist

For the FIRST TIME in my life weekdays will be Monday to Friday. I’ve always had Monday through Saturday weeks with only Sunday as holiday. I honestly never understood the concept of “weekend plans” because of that.

But because offices have five-day weekdays unlike all academic institutions, I’ll actually get to experience a proper weekend. I’m planning on doing all the small things in my bucket list then. Of course I’m not including reading books (which I AM going to do a lot) and watching shows/Kdramas/movies.

thumbs up gif

Let’s do it!

I want to:

  • catch up on my Kdrama reviews. I’m on 16th Kdrama at the moment but I’ve reviewed only 4. This shows what I’ve been doing during my blogging and book slumps lol.
  • make new bookstagram props. I’ve been using origami lucky stars as props for a LONG time and I’m getting bored of it. Pretty sure others are as well. I’ve bookmarked some YouTubde videos so let’s see how it goes.
  • catch up on the Commenting 365 challenge. During my blogging slump and during finals I became horribly behind in my commenting challenge. The goal is to comment on 365 blogs through the year—one per day. I took it as commenting on new blogs. I’m now about a MONTH behind. I’ve been commenting once in a while but not regularly.
  • finish updating old book reviews. A long long time back when I was new to blogging, I posted a bunch of blog posts. I want to make all my review to the current format but I haven’t finished updating all yet. I dud until the letter S (going alphabetically) and I’m sure I don’t have much more left. Going to wrap that up this break.

And that’s it for now! I’m sure impromptu things will come up as well.

Currently Reading..

the night circus coverThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! I bought this book in the beginning of July, after my lab finals and I didn’t start it because I wanted to concentrate on studying.

I started it yesterday and it’s pretty good! I wished that it was more fast paced or action packed in the beginning but now I’m good. It’s really magical and enchanting. We also see from multiple POVs about the magic of The Night Circus so that’s really good.

I’m at page 207/502. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Not today because I’m hanging out with my best friends as much as I can now before all of us become busy with plans.

I really like hanging out with them because we’re almost like family. We don’t really do specific things when we meet. Yesterday they came over and we just did things individually but in company. One was writing notes to help her boyfriend since he’s working and doesn’t have time, the other was sleeping on my bed while I was reading. It was very homely and this is why they’re my best friends. We just go together and have really similar ideals of living even though we’re all interested in different things.

What’s going on in your life?

Wow this post has become SO LONG! If you’ve been sticking through until here, hats off to you. Thanks for reading!

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Since I’ve used up so much space talking about me, I want to hear about y’all now. Did anything out of the ordinary happen this week? What are your plans for the next week? Tell me in the comments!

Life Update (I want to change my blog name? + new semester in college + other smol stuff)



Do you remember the last time I wrote a life update, or anything related to my life in general? Yeah, ME NEITHER.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a chatty blog post about multiple small things, and life and just rambled. There are SO MANY things I want to talk about, I’m guessing this post will be written over a few days. I promise I’ll try to keep it short, but honestly I’m just hoping I won’t forget to mention anything.

(Also, credits of the header image to my friend Chai who sends such aesthetic snapchats)


Welcome to all my new readers and followers! Quite a few people have been reading my posts over the last month, and also following me so HI. WELCOME. I’M SANE, I PROMISE.* In fact, I recently hit 900 followers! I COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention it in my August Wrap-up, which was stupid of me. Like, why brain? Why do you have to forget things?

*slightly relative, though?


It’s now my third semester in college! I’VE SURVIVED A YEAR IN THIS PLACE, GUYS. BE PROUD OF LIL OL ME. My blog was tinier then, but do any you remember me blogging about starting college? And talking about making friends and learning things about myself?

Well, I’m still doing the last two. I made quite a number of friends over the last month, and I think I’m now better at projecting myself. As in that these friends know I’m an introvert and they get me. While previously old friends thought I was an extrovert and later were confused? Am I making sense? Probably not.

Speaking of, one girl whom I know (not really friends with) said that she thought I was an extrovert! Another friend of mine was with us and exclaimed that I’m EXTREMELY introvert and that girl was just confused.


I didn’t update after my second sem ended, and I really wanted to! I just didn’t have enough to say? That semester was quite boring and uneventful. Also felt really short. We had about 2 weeks off before the third semester started. MY BREAK WAS TINY. MINISCULE. WAS THAT EVEN HOLIDAYS. I DON’T THINK SO. Pity me, peeps. And I’m back to six day weeks. I pity myself a lot.


Can we talk about updates for a minute? YouTube updated, and I quite like it? I’m more on okay terms with it.

WordPress updated too! I noticed while writing this post, actually. The publish button has changed, in case you didn’t. You can’t schedule from there now and have to go to post settings instead.

But the most important update: WhatsApp. I HATE IT. Well, it’s been a while since the update and I’m quite used to it now, but still. I don’t want the “stories” section there. Instagram copied Snapchat on that, facebook followed and now it’s in WhatApp as well. Can we stop with the stories.

In August, there was this another new update in WhatsApp which only came on my phone (as far as I know) and everyone else was confused when I posted that I hated it. It disappeared after I put up screenshots showing the new update. What was it, you ask? A small addition to the stories, actually. They added a text story feature where they provide a coloured background for you to write text on. Very nice, eh? I’m glad it disappeared.*


*I was hoping this would be a small rant but wow I wrote three paragraphs over it.


Quite a few of my friends now play Dota 2 due to the influence of one of them. She basically brought everyone she could onto it and now I’ve been convinced to try it as well.

As I write this (a few days before you’re reading this), I’m freshly out of my first multiplayer game. I played one bot game and went straight into it (the friend teaching me advised this *shrug*). I SUCKED. MAJORLY. I must have died half a dozen times, at least. I’m not feeling very favourable to the game right now.

I guessed this, though. I’m not someone who likes gaming much, so I expected that I wouldn’t get addicted to it, even if I liked the game. Honestly, I was just waiting to blog throughout. I should be more open to the game. Next time.


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a tweet by me saying that I’ll be changing my blog’s name soon. For a while now, I’ve been considering changing the name of this blog. Mostly because it’s too long and it isn’t catchy. I still like it, but I also want people to be able to remember it, you know?

I had one name in mind and tweeted then, but later decided to wait because I wasn’t sure I liked that name enough for it to be worth all the work I’d have to do. Work as in change all the links, graphics with the blog name on them etc. I still do want to change, and have a couple more names in mind. But the WORK. I feel tired just thinking about it.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this! Should I change the name? Or let it be?


One of my best friends had taken a gap year last year and joined college only this year. She moved away! This was the one whom I met almost every alternate day last year. Legit, we met as often as we could and both of us are really missing the other right now.

We actually hangout with another girl who is also our best friend. We’re a tight group of three. She still stays near my place, but it’s not the same as when all of us met up.

We’re living on the group video call app now. It’s fun to video call, though. We just talk randomly, have dinner while talking or just do something. The other day the first bestie called me a 5 year old. So, that was nice.* It was because I was in a playful mood and kept making faces at the camera and putting my tongue out.**


**I am really an inner 5 year old


Also, totally random thing. My review of Everything, Everything is suddenly gathering a lot of attention? I published it more than a year back and it’s views peaked in August THIS year. I’m not sure if it’s referred by another blogger and if that’s sending traffic? No clue. It’s a nice surprise! I just wished I knew why?* I don’t even notice anything different in that review compared to the others I’ve written.

Same with What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”? *confused expression*

*lowkey so I can post more of what y’all like.


My bullet journal feature Instagram account has over 30k followers! I’m not sure if you know, but I made an account on Instagram where I simply repost bullet journal pictures of others. My main intention was for it to become a place to come for inspiration since there’ll be a lot of different styles and spreads, but it also became a place for accounts to get attention through and now it’s growing so well! At the moment, I’m managing the account with another person and I’m bowled by how much it’s grown over the last year.

In case you want to check it out, it’s @bujobeauties on Instagram 🙂


I’m finally reading up on html! I have been blogging for around 18 months now and I only know the basic html. Only recently did I find how to do the different sizes of text. In short, I need to start learning things so I’m now reading up on html real quick. Hopefully, I’ll pick up some good stuff for this blog. I am planning on learning CSS and Python as well, after this. Gotta make my way through them programming languages, y’all.*

*I’m a computer science major in college. I need to know all of this.

Aand that’s about it for this life update! I could swear I had more things to talk about but I just don’t remember them?? Also I really need to go start on my assignment now. It’s due tomorrow. Ah damn.

What’s happening in your life? Anything interesting? What do you think about the updates and changes in social media apps? I think I quite like all the Instagram ones, though. I didn’t like the stories in the beginning, but I’m diggin’ it now! Also, what do you think about me changing this blog’s name to something shorter and (hopefully) catchy? Also, have you started a new year in school or college? How’s it going? Tell me all below!

What I’ve learnt about myself in college


College is a whole new era of life, and there are so many new things you learn, especially about yourself.

I studied in the same school for 12 years and most of my friends have known me for at least a couple years, which was the duration when I changed the most. Therefore they don’t notice and mention the sudden changes, just the glaring ones like me being more social. Now, beginning my first year of college and meeting new people, I’ve accumulated some things people tell me and have started to realise facts about myself.

I’m an all-the-time happy and cheerful person

Many people I’ve met have commented on this, and I’ve been asked twice how I’m always cheerful. I’m glad that I’m seen this way, it kinda makes me proud of myself. My friends consider me as the light in our group—I make them happy when I’m around and if I’m sad, they become sad, too. After I broke up with my boyfriend, one of my friends actually told me that I’m the happy person in our group and that it makes them sad seeing me sad.

I speak fast

I knew I read fast, but I didn’t know I speak fast. I’ve been told at least 6 times that I speak fast. The first two times was by the same person at two different times and I figured it was just him, but later I was telling a couple friends a story and they just stared at me. When I finished, they looked at each other and commented how I could go for a rap battle.

Another time, I was telling another incident and Kevin looked to another friend and said, “that’s how you must narrate to keep others interested and never bored.” I take that as a big compliment, considering I tend to say stories quite a bit 😀

A couple times, people asked me why I rap when I speak. Um, no, I don’t rap. Once, I responded that it’s because my brain is too fast and that I need to get everything out in time. The other person asked me to repeat what I said slower, lol.

I actually asked a couple of my besties from school whether I speak fast and after a few seconds of deliberation, they responded that they’re used to me and they can’t say. But I guess this got Hem to notice and a few hangouts later she mentioned that I do, in fact, talk fast. They’re just used to my speed and don’t have difficulty in keeping up anymore.

I’m crazy

Okay, I openly admit that I’m crazy and high all the time, which also earned me a friend in his second year of college. He tells me that I’m the only person he’s met who doesn’t care and admits themselves as crazy.

Other than that, here are a couple incidents. My bestie Neethu has a different group of friends in college. One girl, Kajol, who is also a friend of Hem through pre-university college, never spoke to me until a month later. Why, you ask? Because I’m crazy. Of course, she never told me this herself. Let me narrate a small story to you.

One day (about a week into college) Neethu, Kajol and a couple others came up to the second of of the canteen (cafeteria) and Neethu, another guy from our bus and I were talking about something. I, as usual, was happy and dancing for no reason. Neethu asked me why I’m high suddenly (she knows I’m always like that but I was dancing little more that day) and I replied, “For absolutely no reason, Neethu! You should be happy! Just like that! Be happy, Neethu! Be happy!” And I might have jumped a couple times while saying that. Kajol was staring at me and turned back to her friends and they all shared looks of how high is this girl? When Neethu was leaving later, I pulled her aside and told her to tell her friends I am, in fact, sane XD

After that, Kajol always looked at me like she’s afraid to approach me. Last week when she finally spoke to me asking where Neethu is, I exclaimed “she actually spoke to me!” to another friend after she was away lol.

Another instance: I was telling my friend Vijju about how Kajol looks at me as if I’m certifiably crazy. Now, Vijju is this person who never keeps a straight face, is always laughing and finding double meaning in everything. But this once, she kept a straight face like NEVER before and said, “You are. Very crazy.” Oh well.

I’m decisive

I never really thought about this before but I have a friend, Anee, who is never decisive and this irritates me to no bounds. After a few times of me telling her to make a decision and stick to it (which she never does), she started asking me to make small decisions for her.

For example, the other day, her classes ended at 10:40am while I had till 3:10pm. Our bus only leaves at 4pm, which is the maximum extent of class timings. She spent a couple hours in the library and at lunch, another friend was asking her if she wants to go home as he will be (they’re in the same class) and she told him to ask me. I said, “Why ask me? It’s you who’s going to stay or go,” and she replied, “because you know how bad I’m at making decisions, so you just make them for me.”

I laughed and said, “How am I supposed to decide for you?” she linked her arm with me and answered, “I go where you go.” We all laughed. (Did I mention she’s a complete kid most times? Well, she is.)

And those are the highlights of me!

I love remembering small moments and conversations, and blogging these are a way of remembering them, for me. If I remember back, there are quite a few normal conversations that I remember more than details of an important function or event. It’s these minutes that make up my life, and I love love love remembering them.

Do you relate to any of these facts I mentioned? Do you love small moments too?

A description of my college life

college life

Brace yourselves, this could be a long one.

Now how do I fit everything into one post? 

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might be knowing that I began college this year and have spoken about it quite some. I kept postponing personal posts (it’s been a long while since I did one) and now there’s so much to say. I’m dividing this post into sections so this will look at least a bit structured, lol. So here goes.

My routine

I wake up around 5:45 am every morning and get onto the college bus at 6:50am. Then there’s around an hour of journey (changes everyday considering the traffic). On two days of the week, I have my day filled with classes with two breaks and the rest days I have some hours off after lunch, it varies.

Since I travel in college bus, I have to wait till 4pm even if my classes get over earlier, to come home. I have to change three times in public buses otherwise. I could get a cab but I’ve got friends whom I can hang out and chill with, and I sometimes study in the library so it’s all cool. I reach home around 5:30pm and will be very tired everyday, but I manage to not sleep and do assignments. Also, I consider the nights I sleep for seven hours success nights.

Till now, I’ve hardly studied because I keep doing assignments and completing my lab records for every week. The days I’m slightly free, I use it for other stuff like me-time, meeting friends or miscellaneous life work.

Since I don’t study at home, I usually revise in the bus ride in the morning. I have an hour so I can do quite some. Also, I sit with a friend who loves studying with people so we both discuss and stuff. Whenever I have class tests, I just read in the bus.


I’ve become quite the social butterfly. And compared to my old self I’m pretty much a social diva now.

In the beginning I was part of a group of 6-7 girls. Soon, a guys group combined with us so we became 14-15 (I never counted heads). There’s one girl among us who is the core of our group. Any person who is her friend is tagged along and recruited to the group. This happened so much and for a couple weeks everyday someone kept getting added so we just started calling them “recruits”and made jokes about what they expect as a salary.

There are two floors in our cafeteria (or canteen, cuz we call it that) and half the second floor is OURS. When all of us are there, we take up the whole area. When the benches are there, some of us sit or dump our bags on them. Otherwise, like today, when the floor is empty we just plump down on the floor and claim the area more. We have absolutely no hesitation or reservation before sitting on the floor, and we own it. Yeaah! *fist pump*

Let me give you a small snippet of one day.

My friend Neethu from school (part of my bestie squad of 6 including me) was waiting for another person to go home with since her classes ended pretty soon. I’ve introduced her once before when we were 14-15 and one of the guys saw her and brought her up. She’s seen my group members before but that day, somehow everyone was there at once and we made a crowd. Anyway, Shibaji brought her up and I was speaking to her. Suddenly another friend cuts in and she’s staring blankly at her. Shibaji suggests introducing her to everyone and I promptly remarked that it was a good idea, linked my arm with her and took her to one corner. From there, started the introductions.

I gave hardly 20 seconds for every person because there were just so many people and the lunch break would be over soon. It was like, “Akhilesh this is Neethu. Neethu this is Akhilesh.” Step forward. “Aman this is Neethu. Neethu, Aman.” And so on. It was so hurried and fast and I was over-excited for her to meet everyone. I was just jumping from one person to another, getting impatient when people asked her name again since they couldn’t hear properly over the noise.

In the end, after so many people, I finally looked over and said, I think that’s it. There might be others who aren’t here though.” Just after I said that, a guy turns from the stairs and I wave to him, calling him over, and introduce them. Again, I say I think that’s it and another guy comes then. I introduce them too. By then, Neethu became tired smiling and saying her name and hello over so many times, that she asked me not to introduce anymore. I told her that I know she’ll hardy remember anyone’s names, and that it was the same for me. I told her, “If you see them somewhere then just smile and say hi. If any of them smile at you or wave, just respond, even if you only vaguely remember their faces. They might not remember your name, and you might not remember their’s but no one cares. You’re all friends now. Learn their names slowly later.” And she just laughed at me, as anyone would.

She actually has her own friends group from her class who she hangs out with. But whenever someone is introduced fully, they automatically become a part of our group and a few of my friends (who met her for the first time that day) asked about her the next day. I replied that she has her own group and they replied, “why’d you introduce her like that then?” I replied, “because she’s my bestie?” They accepted that. So yeah, they all just assumed she’s part of us. On the way back home that day I told her that they asked about her and to come up once in a while to say hi. She laughed again.

Also, since we’re such a big group, someone or the other is free when you are and you’ve always got company. That’s why I don’t mind waiting until 4pm, because I’ve got my friends and I’m never alone.

Sure, other than this group I’ve got friends too. Somehow, none of the girls from my group are in my class so I have other friends. Then there are mutual friends and it just goes on.

I love this in college. The knowing-so-many-people. I meet a new person and we have mutual friends! My friends talk about someone and I’m like I know them too! I don’t know everyone, obviously, but I know enough.

Me in college

Wow, I’ve changed. This section, is in need of bullet points.

  • Let’s start small. I got a haircut! I’ve never sported this short look before and I’m loving it! What’s freedom? SHORT HAIR.  Here’s a picture I posted on instagram a while back showing it.

short hair passenger me.jpg

Today has been a great day! I received Passenger from Amazon, got a chic new haircut and watched a movie! How was your day? | @iridescence_y

  • I realised I’m now ambivert. I was actually INTJ. But recently, I started re-evaluating and realised that I’m becoming an extrovert! All because of you guys! There’s also a lot to say under this and other stuff, so you might be seeing another post all about me soon.
  • College sucks up my life so I don’t have much else to say about improvements and changes (except one, which deserves to be a whole section, as per me).
  • I still keep up with my bestie squad and friends. I actually meet up with Hema (my very bestie) a lot. I also talk about her so much that everyone I speak to often in college knows about her through stories. Once, Aneesha actually asked, “who is this Hema girl?!/” and Swapna, the girl I sit with in class replied, “I know right, she talks about her A LOT.” I just smiled, because I do talk about her a lot. Hema is a part of me in a different body. She a part of my heart. And I’m going to stop here before I become way more cheesy.
  • And now, to the next point which is a MAJOR thing. An announcement, more like.

I am in a relationship**

When I initially told this to my bestie squad, this was the reaction I got:

*blank face*

*finally registers after a minute*

*realises I’m not joking*

Whut? What? When? How?





*more shock expressions*

*hanging open mouths*

I want to know everything. NOW.




And so on. You get the gist.

Remember when I published a post saying Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one? “From someone who has never been in one”. Not anymore people, not anymore.

I honestly don’t know how this happened. And I’m still pretty dumbfounded that someone actually likes me enough to put up with my craziness. This was me every time I remembered that I actually have a boyfriend during then: Whut. 

So, yeah.

Let me tell you the reaction of a close friend from school:

Me: Oh maybe I should tell you this.. since you’ll kill me if I tell you any later. I told a guy I like him.

Her: *abruptly stops walking*

Me: *realises I left her behind a few feet later* *turns back*

Her: *open mouth* *shouts* CHUME! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY

Me: *starts laughing because I’ve already received such reaction before and it never stops being hilarious*

—some more shocked reactions and blah blah—


Me: Yep.

Her: What’d he say?!

Me: *expecting a huge reaction so slowly says* he likes me too…

Her: *squeals so loud everyone on the street stares at us*

Me: *shushing her and laughing hard*

She took an hour to get over it. And you know what she said in the end? That she can finally talk to me about boys because I’ve been least interested before and wouldn’t get it at all. Well. Of course, she also yelled at me for telling her a whole week later, but we’ll skip that.

(It didn’t last long, btw. We parted friends.)


And that’s it, for now.

I thought this would be way longer, and I’m glad it isn’t because my life isn’t all that scintillating to capture your attention for a long span of time. I’ll go back to crying about not having enough time to read books now. What else would you expect from me? I haven’t changed all that much.


Any new interesting things happen in your life? Are you crying about lack of time to read too? Are you crying in general because school/college takes up all your time? Let me know below and we’ll wail about our woes together 😛



College and Pokemon Go

Written on Wednesday, 20 July.

College and Pokemon go

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I did a personal post, right?

I got into a college! The official semester hasn’t started yet, it will on the 1st of August. Until then, we can go for a type of bridge course where they teach/revise the pre-requisites that we should know to understand engineering concepts well.

We’re about 120 students now from six engineering courses. We have different classes, of course. Later, way more students will join and it’ll be great (I hope)!

I have college from 8am to 3:30pm for now and about 30-40 minutes of travelling to and fro. I’m a day scholar, as will be most of the students. Only a small percentage live in the hostel (dorm). The regular college hours are 8am to 4pm. We have a half an hour break at 10 and an hour break for lunch starting 12:30pm. Other than that, classes classes classes.

From what the teachers have taught in these three days, I like the teaching way better than how it was in school. I am pretty interested and I actually understand as they are explaining from the basic concepts while in school it was all “need to know for exam” type of teaching. This is Indian educational system don’t ask.

The first day was on Monday and the first half went as I thought it would-with me not talking to anyone and being a loner. During the half an hour break I decided I cannot be like this (a quiet loner that some of my friends told I would be like) and said hi to a guy who was sitting next to me, also alone and texting on whatsapp. We both realised we were in the same boat as both of us are not approaching people. After that, a girl introduced herself to me and I became fast friends with her and her friends. (She also loves books!)

Compared to the hardly-anyone-reads crowd I had in school where I had to convert friends into readers, half the people in my temporary class are readers and I somehow feel like I have to be unique again (because even though I’m spotlight-shy, I like being different) so now all I have is blogging (yay!).

It’s been three days and already many of us have formed groups and are sticking to one now. The thing is, in a week or so, way more new students will start coming with the normal semester and we might get shuffled, get new friends and see some old faces too. I like the friends I have right now but I miss the camaraderie I have with guy friends from my squad. Of course the guys in my batch now aren’t the same but I’m feeling the all-girl group thing which I’m not really a fan of anymore. A couple guys from my school are joining my college with the new sem and one of my besties too! Stoked for the actual sem to start!

Also, I finally got Pokemon Go this sunday, about which I even tweeted quite a bit (its a hint for: go follow me on twitter @mebeingquixotic). The official version hasn’t released here yet (which it would have if so many people hadn’t bombarded servers that they’re working on expanding it for those areas more than releasing for us!) so I was hesitant of viruses as a by -product of the unofficial. A few of my friends found a safe version though and I finally got it!

I’m in level five now, and my residential area sucks for catching Pokemon. The only good thing is that I have a Pokestop right next to my building to which I can even go in pyjamas because its that close. In my college I get a lot though! And even on the way to and back since I travel about 14 kilometres (I don’t know it in miles). I’m on level 5 now but haven’t joined a team yet because I’m hesitant about which to join. Around my place all gyms are owned by the Valor (red) team and I want to join blue. Many from my squad are joining red because its prevalent and strong etc but what’s the point? Might as well try to overthrow instead of going with the flow. Right? I think I’ll join Mystic (the blue one) just because I like blue and the name is nice.

What’s up in your life? Anything new and interesting happen? Tell me! Also, do you play Pokemon Go? Which level are you and have you joined any team? Lets talk in the comments about our addiction to the game!