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The Sunday Post // short updates

Hey y’all!

We’re onto the last week of the month of February already! How’s everyone holding up? I’m quite tired, to be honest. Mostly mentally and emotionally. One of my main problems is not getting in enough alone time every week to recharge.

All I want is some time to myself haha. But, as this post gets published I’m out with my book club and not alone so.. lol. Maybe next week. Hopefully.

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Reading Update

I was even more garbage at reading this week than last week. I’m going to reduce my Goodreads challenge for sure at the end of this month.

I read two romance books to pass time, and I’m listening to another one on audiobook right now. It’s mindless reading.

The Thing Around Your Neck is still going on as well, as I’m slowly reading it with a group of people on Instagram.

Another book I’m currently reading as an ebook is an ARC who’s review I have to post later this week. It’s quite good so keep an eye out for that review!

What did I watch last week?

I’m just bingeing episodes of Shark Tank on Netflix lol. I’ve seen the first 6 seasons and few of episodes of season 7, so I’m not missing anything as Netflix only has seasons 7, 8 and 9.

It’s so nice to watch it again. I used to love watching the show and it’s keeping me gripped. The show is actually really nice to watch and I learn a lot of things from it. It’s quite informative in the business point-of-view.

Updates on life!

I paid a visit to the doctor yesterday and I’ve been cleared for surgery. In case you’re a new reader or follower here, I have a neck swelling which is a bronchial cyst. I’ve had it for about a year. A few months back, I ended up in the ER ward due to a common cold which infected the cyst as well. The swelling kept increasing and became painful.

That was when we realized that I HAVE to get a surgery to remove the cyst. But my thyroid levels were too low to go for it.

Now my thyroid levels have increased a bit using meds. Not enough to be in normal range, but it should be okay for general anesthesia. My swelling is staying constant in size now, but it might increase again if I fall sick. And I fall sick very easily.

So we need to do the surgery ASAP. I have to figure out dates with my internship and when I can take off for the surgery. Probably won’t be very soon but sometime in the next few months!


I’ve been BARELY active on Instagram recently, and it’s because I just am not in the mood for using the app. I barely even open the app right now. My motivation for Instagram is coming in waves and… I may stop using it soon? Who knows.

But yeah I haven’t posted on my feed for two weeks and Instagram barely crosses my mind. I don’t open it to engage with others as well.

And that’s it for this week! I know this is way shorter than my usual updates but I don’t have much to say. This past week has been pretty uneventful.

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How was your week? Was it more eventful than mine?

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The Sunday Post // all the updates!

Hey y’all!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a life update! I think it’s been about three weeks since my last Sunday post but I didn’t even realize it. The days are going by very fast because all my days are FILLED.

To be honest, I don’t know what exactly to update on but I shall just mention whatever I can think of.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

My classes started up again.

Yes, I’m still doing my internship. But college doesn’t revolve around us students with internships.

For the last semester, we have classes 3 days a week—Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Since I have internship Monday to Friday, I was (fortunately) given permission to skip classes for two days. Attendance on Saturdays is still required, though.

So from now on, I’m officially back on the six day week track.

Yesterday was my first day back in college and also for many of my friends. Most of us are doing internships so it was like a reunion after so long. It was so nice!

Everyone asked each other updates and caught up on lives. Since we’re a big group, we don’t text individually with everyone else. Most interactions and updates happen in groups so it was much needed.

We spent time like old times yesterday. My friend and I, who got into the same company, treated the rest of our friends in Taco Bell since we got our first stipend. And we played card games, which is a classic thing that we do.

So yeah, it was pretty fun.

Reading Update

I was off to a very good start at the beginning of this week. Especially since I got an audiobook subscription a while back.

But my reading just.. slowed down a lot. During the week I barely read. And Loveboat, Taipei which I was listening to as an audiobook was not very enjoyable. It put me off and I just stopped listening to it for a while.

In order to finish it, I picked it up as an ebook in the last few days and skimmed the rest of it. While the ending was good, I just did not have a good time reading it overall.

Other than that, I finished no other books. So yeah, I’m pretty sure I will be reducing my reading goal for the year.

Here’s the reading update on The Thing Around Your Neck:

TV Show & Movie update

I watched so many things recently!

Extraordinarily You

I watching this Kdrama a couple weeks back. Binged it during the weekend, actually. It was actually really nice. I liked the complexity of the concept and it’s very different than the stories I’ve seen around the same concept.

Sky Castle

Watched this Kdrama during the week a couple weeks back. It’s 20 episodes long and I was HOOKED the whole time. It’s a brilliant drama in the Dark Academia genre which talks about a ton of things. Complex characters, complex relationships and a very interesting story.

Miss Americana

Watched this on Netflix last weekend. I’ve been a real fan of Taylor Swift only in the last year or so, when she started speaking out on things and became more than a regular singer. This movie brought many things from her life to light. It was nice to watch and learn more about her as a person.

P.S. I Still Love You

This sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was nice but… I didn’t like it all that much. It wasn’t special. There were a ton of cool plotlines from the book that were scrapped. In fact, almost everything other than the love triangle was scrapped. It made the movie seem to have less substance.

I’m excited to watch the third movie, though. It’s less about new romances and more about life and choices. It should be quite nice.

Spinning Out

I watched this series throughout the past week. It’s actually quite small, with only 10 half-hour episodes.

But it packed SO MUCH in those 5 hours. The show is too good, and I have no idea why Netflix cancelled it WITHIN A MONTH of releasing it. That’s such a disappointment.

It’s honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Random thoughts

I’ve been having small but really good conversations with people recently. Just talking about things and finding out various perspectives. It’s always interesting to see how different people view the same thing.

And I really like conversations where we talk about something in depth, ask each other questions on things and explain perspectives. It helps me understand other people better. I also sometimes learn new things.

So yeah. That’s been the random highlight of last week.

That’s about all I have to say. There have been a ton of small things happening but not interesting enough to share lol.

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How was your week? What did you read or watch?

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The Sunday Post // first week in my internship!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Oh my gosh it’s been SO LONG since I posted a life update. I want to spend my time and make this post long and detailed but honestly I have other things to do as well so I’ll try to keep it short.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Internship update

Technically my internship started on 16th but this was my first FULL week. It was hectic, I’m not going to lie. It didn’t leave me with a lot of time at home because I come around 8pm.

But, I am quite enjoying it. I tried socializing in the beginning but reached my socializing limit pretty soon. I am talking to new people but haven’t made any concrete friendships. It’s great that I have a couple friends from my college with me so I’m not alone most of the time.

The workspace and environment is GREAT. It’s awesome and I’m loving it so far. I’m not unhappy to spend that many hours in the office.

Reading Update

My reading challenge for this year is 150 books, same as last year. But it may appear that I was too optimistic. I’m ALREADY FALLING BEHIND on my challenge.

On the other hand, though, I am reading much more quality books than I did last year. By quality, I mean books about heavy topics and interesting fiction instead of a ton of romance. I still like romance, and have read one romance book, but that’s not my first pick.

The books I’ve been reading are also longer, so that adds to me falling behind on my challenge.

Currently I’m reading Kafka on the Shore by Karuki Murakami. I started it a couple weeks back but I’m CRAWLING through it. It’s not as good as I expected it would be because of the hype. I’m not enjoying it very much.

The pace picked up only at around 40% but until that I was not gripped by it. The fact that I was reading for barely 15 minutes a day also added to me going through it slowly.

I finally made a big dent in the book last night and now have only 100 pages left. I can’t wait to finish it. I think I’ll go for a fluffy YA contemporary or a rom-com next. I require a pick-me-up read now.

TV Show Update

Last Saturday and Sunday saw me binge on a reality TV series on Netflix called The Circle. I’ll be honest, the show is actually pretty trashy and overly fake. But it’s so entertaining! And it’s good as a min-numbing show to binge.

The show did have it’s meaningful moments, though. It’s based on social media so of course we talk about social media issues and things like catfishing and insecurities.

My favourite part of the show was this one contestant called Shubham. He’s Indian-American and the PUREST CUTEST person on the show. I loved him.

Book Club Meetup

Last Sunday, my Bangalore Bookstagram club met up and it was SO FUN. We went to a restaurant for lunch and chilled there for a long time. While I did go to two meetups last year (we have one every month), this meetup included many new people for me. We’ve spoken on the Whatsapp group but it was good to place faces to names and Instagram IDs.

All of us bonded very well and I made a ton of new friends and connections. The best part of the club is that we’re all brought together by books but we’re on totally different paths in life. There was quite a big age gap between the youngest and the oldest in attendance, and I was actually the second-youngest that day.

Book club peeps with our happy faces!

It was great to bond with people I wouldn’t have spoken to without this bringing us together. And it wasn’t awkward at all. We all had so much to talk about, especially on books.

After the lunch we hit a couple bookstores and I’m super happy to say that two people bought books on my recommendation. I can’t wait to see what they think about the books.

Friend’s birthday yesterday

After 5 long days of internship, I spent the whole day out yesterday as well.

One of my friends’ birthday was yesterday and since all of us hadn’t met in a long time, we decided to make a day out of it. The birthday friend invited all of us home and we had lunch there as well.

It was so nice, and I MISSED that. I missed hanging out with these guys so much and I don’t know how it’ll be if we aren’t able to meet for a long time.

The birthday friend is going to Canada around the end of this year, so this will be his last birthday here. That made the day a little emotional as well. It seems like we’re all heading towards different paths and I don’t want us to split so bad.

So yeah. I’m a little emotional now. But let’s move on.

Getting used to a 5 day week

All my life, I’ve had 6 day weeks. It was either school Monday to Saturday or college Monday to Saturday. All these years I made routines which involved only Sunday being off, and distributing small things throughout the weekday evenings.

But now, the timings are completely different. I get only nights Monday to Friday and whole days on Saturday and Sunday. For the first time ever, I’m experiencing an actual full weekend and I don’t know how to deal with this.

In fact, on Friday, I didn’t feel like the next day was going to be off. All week, I was ready to have a 6 day week. So, to have a Saturday suddenly off was weird.

As I’m not used to these timing, my blogging has fallen behind. In fact, I couldn’t blog all week. I’m just not used to having only the nights free, as opposed to evenings and nights. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog in the coming week as well.

What I need to do ASAP is figure out a routine involving 5 full days and a full weekend off. I have to plan my blogging and hobbies around work hours instead of college hours. This has to be my first priority. Don’t know how long this will take, but I’ll probably update y’all on it soon.

And that’s all the updates I have for this week!

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How has your last week been? Was it as filled and hectic as mine or more relaxed?

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The Sunday Post // 21st birthday, gifts & meetups

It’s the first Sunday of 2020! How are y’all doing?

I’m having the time of my life, just chilling and doing my own things. This past week has been quite eventful and I have much to tell y’all. Let’s get to it!

I turned 21!

My birthday was on 30th December, and it was quite uneventful since we were having exams. I spent most of the day studying. My college friends sent me tiny red velvet cupcakes and coffee through delivery service though, and that made my day!


Our last exam was on 1st of January, and I am so glad it’s finally done. We all felt relieved as heck to be done after so long. Overall, the exams were quite okay. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t really good either. I’m just glad to be done with them.


circe by madeline miller

The first birthday gift I received was a paperback copy of Circe. My bookstagram group has a thing where we buy a book from the person’s wishlist and send it to them for their birthday. Due to good Amazon service, I received this one three days in advance, and was super happy.

As we only met on the exam day, my college friends gave me my gifts after the exam. And.. I was blown, y’all.

The first gift they got me was a TOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PEN SET in pastel colours. I had casually mentioned to a friend that this is so expensive and I wish I could get it. A lot of bullet journallers on Instagram and YouTube swear by it, and I wanted to try.

And these amazing friends got it for me!

six of crows collector's edition

One of my friends found my wishlist on this blog and suggested that they get me the Six of Crows collector’s edition! That book is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY. When they handed it to me, I had 0 thoughts. I was just looking at the book, not believing that they got it for me.

It’s so pretty, I could cry.

1st Jan was a VERY GOOD START to the year because of these gift bombs from my friends. Also 17 of my friends contributed for this and… I feel popular??? Omg?

Secret Santa gifts

I participated in two Secret Santa pools in 2019. Technically, I received half of these gifts a couple weeks back but I’m going to just talk about everything here.

The first Secret Santa pool was with my Bangalore bookstagram club. I gifted my Secret Child/Angel/whatever-you-call-it a paperback copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It’s one of the best books I read last year and I really wanted her to have it.

Frankly in Love by David Yoon

I received Frankly in Love by David Yoon as my gift! Honestly, if I had to buy a book, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this one myself. I’m very frugal in buying paperback/hardback books and only buy books that I’m sure I would love. Hence, this was on my wishlist as a “maybe” buy, and I’m so happy my Santa gifted me this one.

The other Secret Santa pool was with my college friends. We’re a huge group but only 9 of us participated since everyone else was too broke for it. I gifted my Secret Child a scrapbook with 2019 memories. It was basically all the highlights of 2019 in polaroids and comments written next to them. I’m quite proud of it and he really liked it, so that was win!

Coincidentally, my Secret Child was my Secret Santa as well. We basically gifted each other lol. He got me a pop socket for my phone, which I’ve been wanting FOREVER, but never found a good inexpensive one. The pop socket says “OK, BUT FIRST COFFEE” and that’s perfect for me. The other core gift was a BTS bag-tag. Jin is my bias from BTS, and my Santa got a bag-tag of Jin’s BT21 character RJ. It’s so cute and it went on my bag immediately.

the BTS bag-tag and phone pop socket.

Other than these two, I also got a personalized poster with all the things that make up my life—like BTS, Netflix, blog, my best friends etc. My Santa also gave me small snack items like coffee powder and biscuits.

Overall, I got a lot haha.

Hangouts with friends

Right as exams finished, I made plans with friends to go out and chill. Our exams finished on Wednesday, and I went out to a cafe on Thursday with friends. On Friday, I went to one of my best friends’ place and chilled with her there. We spoke about random things and I blogged a little. In fact, I handed her the reins to make the blog post header image for my 2019 lookback post.

There were two plans made for Saturday. My college friends had a wonderful day out planned, and my best friends wanted to have a day out as well. Since I can’t meet one of my best friends for a while as she’s going on vacation, I chose to hang out with them. We had a really good day. I wore a new outfit and felt good in it.

And that’s it for the week! I’m taking today off to blog and chill at home. Tomorrow I have plans again, and tentative plans for Tuesday are on. I’m basically filling up my days with everything I want to do before 16th because that’s when my internship starts.

Make sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter for more updates, since only a few of them make it onto the blog.

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I’m back from my hiatus!

At least, I hope I am. I can’t tell for sure yet.

It’s been exactly two weeks since my last blog post, and I had promised to blog more in that post. Ha. What a joke.

So, what’s been happening? Why am I just disappearing into the void without a peep on Instagram or Twitter as well? It’s because of my health. Two days after my last post, on 29th October, I was rushed to the emergency ward for breathlessness. I couldn’t breathe unless I was lying on my back. Even if I managed the breathlessness for a while, my head started hurting BAD every time I lifted it.

My swelling had increased in the night to the point that it was pushing on my throat, causing the breathing problems. It was also so heavy that it was pulling at my head when I sit up, causing headaches.

We rushed to the hospital where we consulted the ENT doctor before, but after reaching there we found that ALL DOCTORS WERE OFF. What hospital gives a public holiday???? I had to be admitted due to my breathing, and once I was started on antibiotics I couldn’t keep ANY food in me. That sucked too. I was puking everything up within an hour.

I have so much more to say about that 3 day hospital stay, but I’ve complained about it to my friends enough and I’ll spare y’all the details. It was a BAD experience, though.

Fast forward two weeks to today. I’ve been to two other hospitals, and consulted a few other speacialist doctors. We decided that I need to get a surgery ASAP, and it will be under general anesthesia. But for that, my thyroid levels need to be in range. Now, that’s a problem again. Although I don’t have hyperthyroid anymore (new discovery!! my T4 level is back to normal!!), my thyroid stimulating hormone level is still VERY LOW. No doctor is able to figure out why, and I’ve just been taking tests and more tests for it. I just want to get the surgery done at this point. Sigh.

I also have a lot of work to do for college, barring studying. I haven’t attended classes in two weeks, haven’t done any assignments and haven’t worked on my projects. I’m so behind on everything, and I need to get a LOT of work done before I go in for my surgery (which will probably be in a week?).

To be honest, I could have at least done assignments, but one thing was stopping me. When I was in the hospital, they gave me antibiotics through an IV line at my right hand. The large number of injections and the continuous drips caused the back of my right hand to swell up badly. We changed the IV canula to my left hand, but it was pretty late. I couldn’t bend my fingers or grip anything. It took until YESTERDAY for me to make a loose fist. I tried writing yesterday and I barely got through 200 words before my hand was strained. I couldn’t grip the pen properly. And we do all our assignments by hand (yes, I know, what a stupid rule).

I will attempt to write again today. I also have to work on my projects because deadlines are approaching fast, and I have nothing done. And neither have my teammates done anything, don’t ask me why though. I was under the impression that they would do something but apparently not. This is why I hate working in teams 🙂 And this is the one semester I need my teams in place.

So. That was the update on the physical health front. What about my mental health? Well, I’m hanging in there. Barely, but I’m surviving. I’ve been spending all my free time either watching something. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to read much. I haven’t felt like reading either. I’m in a huge reading slump, and I don’t know if I’m even close to getting out of it.

The one thing I’m really unable to do right now, is recharge mentally. I grew up with a lot of time to myself, and an abundance of “space”. Both my parents worked and I would be alone at home for long periods of time. As I grew up, I got used to and I started relying on that alone time. I need time to myself to recharge, without anyone around me to comment or make conversation with. I need time where I don’t have to keep up a positive pretense. And mostly, I require the time to cry if needed. A good cry helps a lot.

But lately, I’ve not had one second to myself. My mum has retired from her job, which means she’s home all the time. She’s even let go of her social activities to take care of me. And while I really appreciate it, the lack of space is getting to me. My mum’s overprotective of me. Even if I itch my leg in front of her, she asks me what happened, what’s wrong. And I also don’t want to burden her with my sadness through all this, because she worries enough herself. I can’t get her more down, so I’ve been the more positive person. And it’s taxing me. I’m at the last straw and I just… want some time alone so I can properly cry or read a book or ANYTHING. But alone.

I doubt it’ll happen, though. Mum’s not leaving me alone unless she has to, and since we’re back to living with my dad, he’s at home a majority of the time as well. He’s of no help to me or has no concern of me, but he’s home which means I still can’t do whatever I want. I usually have to retreat to the bedroom when he’s home, so that makes me feel even more trapped.

Fun times, eh?

Through the last few harrowing weeks, the one thing I’ve been able to count on is support from my friends. Y’all. I cannot even elaborate on HOW HELPFUL my amazing friends have been. They’re always there with emotional and physical support, always ready to help when I ask, and they’re keeping up to date with my tests and everything. I’ve called upon them several times now, because it’s hard to manage running around in hospitals with just my mum. I was no use physically and mentally, and my mum couldn’t do everything alone. My friends stepped in to help and that made so much difference.

Anyway! On to other things.

I’m trying my best to get back into reading. I remembered only yesterday that I have a blog tour coming up this week and I HAVEN’T EVEN READ THE BOOK YET! Welp. I need to finish it ASAP and write a review for the tour. I’m definitely doing that, so you’ll definitely see me soon.

The hectic two weeks with a bad right hand also meant that I couldn’t bullet journal. My bujo is frozen in time at 27th October. I haven’t been able to set up for November, and I’m unsure if I even will at this point. I’m so not up to spending energy on one more thing, and won’t unless I HAVE to.

On the blogging front, I do have ideas but I don’t have the energy to spend on blog posts. It took me two days of mental preparation to write this blog post. Trust me, I’m tired already. I still haven’t gone back to my normal self who doesn’t need naps every day and can run around all day. So, will I be blogging thrice a week like I was doing last month? I don’t know. My stats are taking a huge hit due to the lack of posts, but it’s not a priority right now. I’ll need to work back to it after my finals, because my finals will start right after I’ve recovered from surgery. It’s going to be a hectic two months.

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The Sunday Post // rambles in shambles

It’s been a wild three weeks, y’all. And by wild I just mean hectic.

I actually took a couple weeks off blogging spontaneously. I didn’t feel like posting and my motivation to blog was at a low. I also had many things happening in real life so I didn’t find much time.

In fact, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t used my bullet journal other than to update trackers once every few days. My dailies stopped after 10th of the month or something.

I am currently sick. Last night saw me with a high fever. I honestly don’t know why I’m trying to blog with an incoming headache but this is apparently how we’re doing things. Apologies for no structured content and possibly sentences that don’t make sense. I might also rant because I’ve been in a ranty mood the last few days.

My health has been really bad in the past week. My doctor and I worked really hard to bring down the swelling on the side of my throat (I’ve spoken about this a lot in my previous life updates or sunday posts). In fact, for a month or so it was barely seen. We just had to work a little harder, and I had to stick to the medicines and it would have gone within a month.


It has increased again, to the highest it ever was before. (At least my new haircut helps in hiding it. Small silver lining.) This happened because I got a really bad throat infection, which affected that area since it is also on my throat. In ONE week, it has increased and become a hard mass again and I’m tired of this body. I’m tired. I have three more pressing health matters, one of which requires me to intentionally reduce my immunity and this SUCKS.

And the reason why I got throat infection and fever, you ask? My mum and I shifted house and moved in with dad. I don’t think I mentioned that we lived separately? Who knows. But yeah, we’ve lived apart for over a year and mum and I decided to give dad another chance and moved in with him. Bad decision.

We shifted last Sunday and in the one week I’ve been here, my body has taken so much. I’ve gotten throat infection thrice, fever twice, and my swelling started increasing like no tomorrow on Monday. This can be attributed to the fact that this house is very cold and my dad only has granite furniture which means I’m always cold, but it’s also because he has 0 consideration for my health and things are shitty.

Anyway. Moving on.

Even though my mum and I moved out of our old home, we still have it until the end of this month. As a last hurrah, I called over two groups of friends from college to chill and hangout there.

The first group, consisting of the people I used to hang out with most back in first year of college, came on Friday. I was disappointed that half of them bailed out last minute, and few of them didn’t even bother letting me know until I called them to ask where they are. And the people who did come were late, which left me to spend 3 hours in that house alone with disappointment. Fun.

Out of the 13 people who had to come, only 6 showed up. I had a good time after they arrived, though. The friends who showed up were damn sweet and considerate about my health. We had fun. It was nice.

The second group, which is the one that I primarily hang out with now, came on Saturday. My current group is actually damn huge. I didn’t realize until I started inviting everyone and made a group chat. There were totally 16 people invited, and 15 showed up! That’s a huge win, especially considering the previous day.

These friends even showed up on time, and let me know where they are and if they’ll be late. I was not disappointed for even a minute. I had a LOT of fun yesterday. We took up the whole living room floor (which I covered up with a mat and three different blankets because it was cold). For the first time, so many of my friends were at my place, and it felt glorious. We ordered food for lunch and played games. It was really fun.

For the last hour before everyone left, we spent time discussing and planning for a trip that we want to go on next week. My mum allowed me for the trip a few weeks back when I had asked, but my health was much better then. Now if I fall sick, it’ll be really bad, so I’m not sure if it’s wise for me to go on the trip. I really want to, though. It’ll take at least three months for the swelling to go down halfway, and a year for it be healed (assuming everything goes okay). I can’t halt my life because of it. I’ve also never been on a trip with my friends, and my mum has never taken me on vacation trips all my life because we kept visiting family. (Let’s not talk about dad)

So yeah, I REALLY want to go. I have to be very careful about my health, especially while travelling because it’s monsoon season and my immunity is bad.

Shifting to this house has also put me quite a distance away from the park where I used to exercise. There’s no other park around as well. The problem is that if it starts raining, I can’t come back very fast. And Bangalore rains are known for spontaneously pouring. Hence, my daily exercise is taking a hit.

Oh I also found out that I lost a bit of weight! My jeans have become pull-on jeans now lol. I’m not sure if I should be happy that I lost weight (I’m a liiitle on the heavy side, but in range for my height), or if I should be worried. Worried because I have hyperthyroid, and weight loss is a symptom of the disease. People with hyperthyroid lose weight a LOT. This is also the first time I’m losing weight after almost 2 years. I was constant before. I don’t know what to think. It also could be because of my gluten free diet and exercise but *shrug*.

Sudden change of topic, but the song I’m currently listening to while blogging is TOO GOOD. I think I may have shared it in one of my songs spotlights but I’m just loving it soo much right now? It’s the exact vibe I need right now.

I think I don’t have anything else to say today. I know for sure that I had a LOT to talk about, but I’m tired right now and I just want to cry to Malibu Nights 🙂

I’ll see y’all soon.

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The Sunday Post // party scenes + I got gifted a book!!!!!

Last week was F U L L of events.

The week before that was super hectic for me and my plan was to take a chiller time to recover from that. I did manage to somewhat recover, but last week was still pretty full. I have UPDATES.

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If you read my last Sunday Post, you would know that I was part of the organizing team for a three-day hackathon. To celebrate the success of the event, and to congratulate ourselves on handling everything well, the team headed out for an after party on Monday night.

celebrate dance gif

We went to Harry’s restro-bar in a mall nearby and enjoyed the heck out of the night. We had a night of food, drinks, and dancing. It was really fun, especially since we were a large group of over 30 people. It was a good ending to the event.

There were some messy scenes, considering that it was a party with drinks and everyone was happily chugging down mugs of beer. It made up for an interesting night that is part of the college experience, though!

I had gone to college on Monday, with barely any sleep from the weekend, because I had lab. Add the exhaustion from the party, and I just needed a LOT of sleep. So I didn’t attend classes on Tuesday because I was really in need of a 10 hour sleep.


And it’s awesome. It’s so much better than my old phone, I could cry. I got the Samsung M30s with the 6GB+128GB set, and it’s so damn good. The battery lasts so long! I used to limit my phone use SO MUCH before because my battery used to drain very quickly, making me charge the phone thrice a day.

But with the M30s? Lol. It has a 6000mAh battery y’all. Even if I use my phone heavily, it lasts me 24 hours. I even used it upto 2 days recently. It’s the best mid-range phone in the market right now, and I’m so glad that it was within my budget.

My main priorities were battery, memory, and camera. This phone is a serious upgrade. I can’t wait to take better pictures with this phone for Instagram haha.

I fell sick with a bad throat infection

I have no clue how but I woke up on Wednesday with a VERY bad throat. It hurts every time I swallow. I’m still sick and it looks like this will take time to heal. My immunity system is very shitty at this point, it’s kinda funny. I’m trying to manage with home remedies and lots of hot water.


A couple months back, I had published a blog post for a Top Ten Tuesday prompt called 10 books I’ve read that I want on my physical shelf. It was basically books that I’ve read as ebooks or from the library and want to own. One of my top books was Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, who’s price I’ve been eyeing for MONTHS. It just never goes down!

Leelyn from Leelyn Reads commented saying that she’d be glad to buy Ignite Me for it and I was OVER THE MOON. I contacted her on twitter, where she took my address and SENT IT TO ME via Book Despository.

The book finally arrived this week. AND I’M IN LOVE. Leelyn sent me a hardcover of the book which has deckled edges! 1) I had only two hardcovers before that because they’re expensive af and 2) I’ve never even SEEN deckled edges????

happy scream gif

Y’all. Leelyn made my year. I was so stocked that I even made a video series on my Instagram stories just gushing over the beautiful book. And I barely ever show my face on there! I. Am. SO. HAPPY. I just look at it on my bookshelf at random times and smile with love :’)

Pictures of the book to come soon!

I started a new theme on Instagram!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I change my Instagram theme VERY frequently. I make sure that every theme has at least 15 photos (enough to fill a phone screen), and only extend if I’m still in the mood for the same theme.

Since I got my new phone, I’ve been excited to try out a theme that I wouldn’t have gone for before. Specifically, an outdoor theme. My last phone’s camera wasn’t good with lighting, and hence I had to get very friendly with the exposure option in editing apps. But with my new phone, I’m diving into an outdoor theme immediately.

My idea was not just outdoor, though. It’s to have a more casual, daily-life theme where there aren’t elaborate setups and a ton of props. I’m also going to try for a less “happening” theme. Basically, which doesn’t have too much happening in the photo. A little more minimalistic.

I found a VSCO filter recipe picture on Pinterest which is the main source of inspiration for my new theme. You can check it out here.

My issues with this theme were apparent right from the beginning, as I thought about what would trouble me.

  1. We’re currently having monsoon season. It rains every evening. This means that by the time I get home from college, the sunlight is gone and it’s most likely already pouring. I can’t take photos near home.
  2. I spend most of my days in college, and I have absolutely no clue how to take enough photos in college to match my theme. I roped in a friend of mine yesterday to help me see if my idea is viable by going around college and trying out some pictures. She’s also an Instagrammer, with an art journal page @artdrenalyn (which you should DEFINITELY check out), so I knew that she’s the best person to bounce off ideas with.
  3. I need help with outdoor pictures. I suck at them. I tried a theme like this once before, but I made all the pictures black and white since I couldn’t keep consistent lighting, and I kinda hated that theme. It just didn’t come out well. So yeah, my biggest challenge will be taking pictures or having others take my pictures.

I started the theme yesterday, though! I quite like how the first picture turned out. It’s actually my friend sitting with the book while I was trying out angles and stuff. I’m stoked to see what I can do with this theme, and my friends have offered to help out so that’s awesome.

And that’s it for this week’s Sunday Post updates!

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How was your week? Was it filled with events or a chill one? Tell me in the comments!

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The Sunday Post // exercises and League of Legends

It’s Sunday again!

It’s also almost over, for me. I meant to blog yesterday or this morning but I just didn’t feel like. Instead I spent my time doing other things, which I’ll talk about below!

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer where we update everyone about our last week.

what I did

I lost my exercising routine at the beginning of this month. I didn’t go for a whole week! It took me a couple days to get back into the groove but I’ve been working on it last week and I’m back to my exercise routine. I’m also exercising just a little harder everyday to make up for my cheat week.

Maintaining a healthy exercise routine is the one thing that I easily lose. I tried for years but I never tried hard enough. After finding out that my health is in a bad state this year, which lead to me cutting off 70% of the foods I eat and taking meds, I was finally determined to keep fit. As of now, I’ve been exercising almost daily for 7 months and I still find it hard to get back into the routine after just a few days of break.

The other notable thing from last week is that I went out with two of my closest friends from college. We had a day off on Tuesday due to a festival and spontaneously decided to meet up in a random cafe. It was really nice to just hang out and talk for a while. Having college six days a week zaps out the energy from all of us that we don’t try to meet up outside and chill. But it was much needed.

The week ended with tests which I had yesterday. I had tests for two subjects, one went really bad and the other went pretty good. Fingers crossed the ones I have this week go well!

what I played

This is a completely new section because I usually DON’T play anything. A lot of my friends in college are gamers and I’ve been hearing gaming talk for two years now. It was mostly about Dota, though. I tried Dota once but gave up after only a couple bot games. I just wasn’t interested. I think the amount of talk on Dota going on around me all day put me off the game. Contradictory, but true.

Recently, my friends have shifted from Dota to League of Legends. I decided to try it as well. A couple things together got me interested in trying. 1) I found out that my bias from BTS also plays League of Legends and likes it, and 2) the MUSIC IS AWESOME. I’ve heard quite a few songs from the game’s long list of soundtracks and it’s so cool. While watching the music videos, I became interested in the characters as well.

So yeah, I started playing League of Legends in the last week. I haven’t played it much, but I think I’m warming up to it. After the couple games, I took 5 days to muster up the enthusiasm to play again. When I did, I played alone with strangers online, without my friends teaching me things over Discord, and it was so much better! I could concentrate and truly give a shot. Since then, I’ve played a lot of games and I’m starting to get the hang of it.

what I read

It’s high time I tried to read more non-fiction books and improve my knowledge. I started reading Educated by Tara Westover, a memoir so it’s easier to get into non-fiction. I’m not liking it a lot and it’s pretty slow, so I’m crawling through it. But I’m determined to finish it.

I’m also reading The Silva Mind Control Method by José Silva, which my friend lent me saying that I would really take to it and benefit from it. This book will take me months to truly finish because it instructs on using your mind to improve your life. The author recommends reading the book first and then trying every chapter’s methods one by one, so that’s what I’m doing.

Since I just cannot read only non-fiction without losing my mind, I’ve been reading a few short romance books in between. While looking for books to read, I found out that several authors joined and wrote a book each set in Aurora Rose Reynolds’s Until series’ world, so of course I HAD to try some of them. These books have the same vibes and also have cameos of characters from the Until series.

I read Until Mani by Rochelle Paige which was actually really nice! I quite liked it. Then Until I Make You Mine by Jenika Snow, which I did NOT like. I tried a couple more books as well but I stopped reading them only a few chapters in because they were NOT GOOD. Not sure if I’ll try anymore.

what I watched

I didn’t watch anything during the week. I simply did not have the enthusiasm to watch. I didn’t open Netflix at all.

But I did start something this afternoon! I started watching Love Alarm on Netflix. It’s a Kdrama starring Kim So-hyun (whom I’ve seen in a few other Kdramas and whom I really like). I was initially hesitant to watch it because 1) it has a love triangle, which I hate, and 2) I just wasn’t interested in the story line. But I felt like starting something new and decided, why not. It’s short.

What about Regin and Queer Eye, which I was watching earlier, you ask? Well, looks like I get bored with shows if they’re too long. I miss the shortness of Kdramas. I can binge them in a day or two and be done. I will watch Queer Eye and Reign, but later. Hopefully soon.

How was your week? What did you do? Did you read anything or watch anything?

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The Sunday Post // books and so much Netflix

Happy Sunday y’all!

It’s been a hot minute since I did a Sunday Post. It’s one of my favourite kind of posts to do because 1) it’s easy to write about my life and 2) it’s almost like free writing. My words just flow most of the time.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update the internet on what we’ve been up to in the last week.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine the first half of the week. I really liked it. I loved the writing, the character, and especially Eleanor’s journey. My heart was full of emotion by the time I read the last line of the book.

I’m really glad that I picked up this book on impulse in the bookstore. It deserves so much more love than I’ve been seeing for it. I wrote a review on it as well. Click here to read my review.

The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang

I’m currently reading The Poppy War, which I started right after I finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I’m participating in the Autumn is for Asia read-a-long on Instagram which is a themed read-a-long. The hosts have picked books written by Asian authors which we plan to read this Autumn.

I even made a whole bullet journal page dedicated to the read-a-long because I’m really forward to reading all the books. I’m adding in my Instagram post below, which also has the hosts tagged in the caption so you can visit their accounts to check out the read-a-long book list!

Shameless self-plug: follow me on Instagram while you’re there!

I’m really enjoying The Poppy War! It’s pretty brutal about war and how the bloodshed and killings are. The author has also managed to bring in the emotions well in the book. I’m 79% into the book right now. Since the book is huge (it’s a tome, lol), I’m glad I’m reading it in my Kindle so I’m not intimidated by the size.

I’m really unsure how I’ll write a review for this book because SO MUCH happens, and there are several things that I want to talk about.



Earlier this week, I saw a clip on YouTube of Once Upon A Time which has Adelaide Kane in it. I was so surprised to see her! I stopped watching Once Upon A Time a long time back, I guess at season 3, but I really want to start it again. It looks like it’s still going good.

After I saw that, I searched for a video compilation of Francis and Mary from Reign (because I LOVED Adelaide Kane in Reign, and I really liked that show). I watched the show only until season 2 but I shipped Mary and Francis. I didn’t care about spoilers, so I just watched the video. And I was so surprised by a few things! It sparked my interest in watching Reign again, and hence I started watching it again from the beginning.

I only watched 3 episodes so far but I’m enjoying it a lot, just like the first time I saw it.

If you don’t know Reign: it’s a show based on the true story of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. It’s very engaging and entertaining to watch.

Queer Eye

I started watching Queer Eye a few weeks back, and I LOVE IT. A lot of bookstagrammers whom I follow recommend this show and I’m glad I listened to them. I finished season 1 pretty quick, but I’m crawling through season 2. Probably because I’m not in the mood to cry.

Queer Eye has, without fail, made me cry every single episode. It’s so emotional. I’m tearing up now just thinking about some scenes.

If you don’t know Queer Eye: 5 gay men make-over people who are stuck in their lives or require a little push to achieve their dreams. They make so much difference in the lives that they touch.

Falling Inn Love

Netflix recommended this movie to me. It sounded really good so I watched it, and I LOVED IT. This is such a good movie! I especially really liked the main character Gabriela. She’s stubborn, headstrong and so charming. Her romantic interest Jake perfectly complemented her. The chemistry was ON POINT.

The movie is a really nice rom-com to watch and chill. The amazing Australian accent helps too. I loved the accent lol.

If you don’t know Falling Inn Love: it follows Gabriela, who won an inn in New Zealand after she loses her job. She’s an architect and believes that this inn will be her dream project. While working on the inn, she ropes in the local carpenter Jake Taylor to help her. Between making plans and renovating the inn, romance sparks.

The movie also has EVERY CHEESY TROPE and I LOVE IT. It’s so cliche but I’m obsessed and want to rewatch it already.

Radio Rebel

I recommended this movie (which I’ve seem multiple times) to a friend two years back. He STILL hasn’t seen it, saying that he can’t find it. I looked it up and found that it’s on Netflix (!!!). LMAO. He was like damn I shall watch right now. Since it’s available, and I felt like it, I watched it as well. It’s been so long since I watched and I truly missed it.

If you don’t know Radio Rebel: Tara is a shy teen in high school who barely speaks to anyone except her friends, but is secretly a popular radio DJ. Her popularity starts to blow up even more once she joins her step dad’s radio channel. And her real life also starts to get real happening. Will she become confident in real life? Will she win over her crush? We’ll see!

Life As We Know It

I was scrolling through Netflix’s rom-coms and saw this one. I only watched this movie once a long time back on TV. I really liked it then, so I watched it again this week. If you can’t tell, I like to stick to movies that I like and don’t try new ones much.

It was super nice and gave me all the feels. I still really like this movie.

If you don’t know Life As We Know It: Holly and Eric hate each other ever since a disastrous first date which was set up by their best friends. As their best friends married and had a baby, they tolerate each other through insults. When their best friends pass away in a car accident, leaving them as the baby’s guardians, they have to step up. While managing a new life, a baby and also their careers, they begin to truly get to know each other.

Letters to Juliet

I felt like rewatching an old favourite again, so I went this one next. I absolutely love Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Egan in the movie.

Watching it again was almost like watching it for the first time because it’s been a long time since I last saw it. The romance, the relationships, and the unending hope warmed my heart.

If you don’t know Letters to Juliet: While on vacation in Verona, Sophie encounters a group of women who call themselves the “Secretaries of Juliet” and respond to the letters written to Juliet by tourists. She helps them one day and discovers a 50 year old letter hidden behind rocks. When she replied to it, the woman from the letter and her grandson show up! The woman, Claire, wants to find her love from 50 years back whom she left behind. Sophie goes along with Clair and her grandson Charlie on an adventure to find Lorenzo Bartolini.

The Age of Adaline

This was recommended to me by Netflix a couple days back. I was intrigued by the synopsis, and it has Blake Lively, so I watched it. It was actually pretty good! I really liked Blake Lively’s acting. The movie leaves you feeling very hopeful in the end, and that’s nice.

If you don’t know The Age of Adaline: The movie follows Adaline Bowman, who stopped aging in her late twenties due to dying and being revived through lightning underwater. She changes identities and location every 10 years to make sure that no one suspects anything. But she’s tired of running, especially after meeting a very charming man. Will she get her happily ever after? Is she strong enough to tell her truth and take a shot at love? Watch to find out.

Wow I spoke so much about movies. This blog post is basically just about the movies I watched lol.


I got through week 2 of college, and it’s boring as heck. It’s nice to see my friends everyday but I’m just not able to become enthusiastic about my subjects yet. I hope I can get motivated to study them soon, though. We started classes a whole month late and will be going really fast.

I don’t have anything else to say. Life is just.. going on.

How was your week? Update me on your life in the comments!

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if we were having tea… // 13-08-19

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted a life update and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I have a lot to tell y’all. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be talking more than usual and will ramble a lot so bear with me.

If we were having tea… the first thing I would tell you about is MY JOB. If you’ve read my last chatty post, you would know that I was heading into job tests and interviews. I was super nervous.

Well, guess what? Ya girl now has a job in line for her to start right after she graduates next year! Yeah, I know, it’s weird to apply for jobs a whole year in advance but India is weird and things work differently here.

The first company that I sat for did not take me. We had totally four founds to get through, which included a test, a group discussion and two interviews. It took place over one day so the day was looong. After each round the number of students narrows down. I stayed until after the last round and got rejected. I was so disappointed and sad. By the time I left for home, I had been at college for 12 hours, and I was hungry and tired.

I took the rest of the night off to wallow in disappointment. I also took the next day off because my cousin came to visit us and we took him around the city. When I finally did have the time to study for the next company, I didn’t feel like it at all. I did not want to be rejected again. I texted an SOS to my friend and asked him to somehow convince me to show up the next day. Thankfully, he managed to convince me. (Thanks smn!)

I showed up the next day much less nervous than I was before. I was ready for disappointment this time around, and hence was calm. I also had some confidence because out of the 150 students who applied last time, I was in the last 15. So I knew that I can do it again. And I did!

The second company had a test and two to three interviews, varying for different people based on the impression we made during the first interview. I’m totally gloating here but I had only two, and I was super confident after the second one that I would get the job. I was right.

7 other students got offers along with me, including two of my friends. The team from the company who came for the recruitment process even took us all out for dinner and drinks! It was 8pm by that point and all of us were starving. It was such a good day. The team looked super chill and fun to be around. I really liked the vibe. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like working with them. I’m super excited.

happy dance gif

If we were having tea… the second thing you’d find out about is my lack of motivation recently. My whole plan for this month was just study and attend tests and interviews. But suddenly, I have my whole month free.

There’s this rule that I can’t apply to any other company through my college-organized drives unless the company offers at least some amount more than my current job offer. And for every company that fulfills that rule, my gpa is too low to be eligible for it. It’s a hard place to be.

I checked the schedule and I’m not eligible or any other company coming this month. I suddenly have my whole month free and I DON’T HAVE PLANS. I usually make plans before or I write down what I need to do. I did not keep any other plan intentionally because I wanted to concentrate on getting a job. And that got done by the 5th of this month.

I spent a coupled days chilling and being happy. By the third day, I was BORED. I’m a productivity-oriented person so I can’t sit doing nothing for long. Even blogging and reading doesn’t feel as productive because I’m used to studying and doing assignments all the time. It’s been a while since I truly got a vacation without having anything to do.

Thankfully, plans for the next BTS movie came up (more on this later) and I had a two-day festival at home so I could keep myself a little busy. But now that both of them are done, I’m again staring at a totally free month without plans yet. And by plans, I mean ones that get me out of the house. I do have things to do, but they can be done at home as well. I can’t stay at home for days together if my mum’s at home as well. I’m not used to it.

I’m considering going to cafes with my laptop and books some days if I’m really desperate to get out. But I’ve never done that before and.. I’m just not an outgoing person. Arghh. Someone volunteer to spend time with me, please.

falling face down onto bed gif

If we were having tea… you would hear me gush about BTS and their latest movie, along with what I did on the day of the movie. BTS’s third movie Bring The Soul started playing in theatres in my city from last Wednesday but I was able to go with my friends only on Sunday.

First, let me tell you about the movie. It was really nice. It followed the band through a part of their Love Yourself tour in the US and UK. It was kind of like their first movie, Burn The Stage. We also saw clips of some performances. But my favourite parts of the movie were when we got to see them interact and have fun. At the end, they added a whole bunch of funny clips which made us all laugh.

Every time a BTS movie plays in theatres, ARMYs all over India host a ton of activities. The Bangalore ARMYs usually have flash mobs, meet-ups, and some ARMYs even sell BTS merchandise. We turn the movie days into event days because we are starved for BTS events.

For the last two movies, my friends and I got a few BTS badges and sold them at the location we went to. They actually sold like hot cakes. We did the same this time as well, but with totally new designs. We made badges of BT21 (cartoon characters that BTS members made up) this time, along with two of BTS. Totally, we made 300 badges containing 11 designs and sold them that day. It was pretty tiring since we ran around all day and sold in three different malls.

the badges that we made this time
the badges that we made this time!

We also made a few freebies with BTS photos, a polaroid marking the date and a quote. Since we had only 51 of them, we had ARMYs play rock paper scissors against other ARMYs whom they’ve never met before in order to win a freebie. It turned out to be quite fun! It also got people socializing more.

I meant to take pictures of the badges on that day for Instagram but totally forgot in the process of selling. It was a good day, though. I’m glad that we got to meet other ARMYs, who are generally really sweet and eager to meet other fans.

picture of BTS on a stage

If we were having tea.. I would tell you that I have a TON of BTS merchandise now! None of it is official merchandise, but still! Honestly, I am not sure what I’ll even do with all of them. Along with some photos that I got printed and some of our badges, there are a ton of things which I got as freebies from other ARMYs over the three BTS movies’ days. One of my friends has made a BTS shrine in her home, with one whole wall dedicated to BTS photos. And she has a LOT of them.

I’m not someone who will put up pictures of celebrities on her wall and make a shrine or anything. I may put up some, but definitely not many. So I’ve decided to give some of my stuff to another ARMY friend of mine, whom I know from school. She mentioned that she doesn’t have any merch and was unable to watch the movies and get freebies, so I’m giving her mine. I’m sure she will love them much more than I will.

all my BTS merch!
all my BTS merch!

If we were having tea… you would find out that I finished listening to my first ever audiobook. I’ve tried audiobook once previously, with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I stopped that very soon but I do think it’s because of the book.

This time, I listened to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid on audiobook, and the experience was so-so. I really liked the book, but I definitely would have finished it faster had I read it. I’m not an audiobook person. I love listening to music when doing things so it took me around 3 weeks to finish the book.

I read The Poet X on my Kindle but people told me to try the audiobook since it’s really good. I did try, but I found that I liked my own voice when reading the book and stopped listening pretty soon. Audiobooks are nice for some situations but I don’t think I’ll continue my subscription after this month. I’d much rather read and listen to music or podcasts.

This post has become really looong. I did warn you beforehand, though. Thanks for sticking with me until the end! I’m tired after writing so much and don’t have the energy to proof-read through this. I’m sorry for any typos that exist!

What would you tell me if we were having tea right now?

Life Update // it’s finals time

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged freely. It’s been only reviews been review and properly structured posts for a while. Back in 2016, I used to make random posts and just blabber, and it felt so freeing!

Ever since I started thinking about polishing up my blog posts and putting up only good content, I’ve started blogging less since I’m putting more effort into every post. I’ve also stopped posting rambles, which is kinda sad because this is one of my favourite things about blogging.

The whole reason why I refused to highly niche my blog is because I loved the aspect of just posting whatever I want. Whether it is books, bullet journalling, kdramas or even life updates. And I’ll be honest, life updates are very cathartic* to write. I don’t mind the thousand words I sometimes write because it flows effortlessly, and it’s the only type of blog posts which I don’t always structure.

By not writing these posts, I also miss out on cataloguing so much of my life. I sometimes go back and read these personal posts and become nostalgic because I’m pretty much writing down the important things. I want to keep writing so that I can come back and read about these days again.

This post is going to be completely non-structured (meaning, I’m just gonna type and not rearrange later) and I’m just going to talk about what I want to, even if I digress.

*If you haven’t ever written a personal blog post where you’ve just typed without worrying about how it looks etc., I highly suggest you try it at least once. You don’t have to publish it, but just write it.

Random thing #1

First of all, I’m so glad that I’ve FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to properly format using HTML on the Gutenberg WordPress editor. I’ve tried before but I never took out the time to experiment and try a bunch of things that I may want to use.

I sat down to write a review on An Ember in the Ashes the other day and I wanted to try a new reviewing format/structure because I’d been using the same format for a long time. I also wanted to format and play around with colours. I spent almost an hour just playing around and experimenting. It took a long time to write the review but it looks really good and I’m super happy with the result

literally me after I figured out everything I wanted to.

Random thing #2

My favourite colour has officially changed from blue to pink. Blue has been my favourite colour for over three years now. At some point, my wardrobe was 3/4th blue. Everyone around me teased me about it. But for the last few months, I’ve been gradually picking pink over blue. Right now, I’m blindly just going for pinks even if blue is available. I’m especially loving pastel pink, light pink and blush pink.

It’s been a while since I had a change of favourite colour so I think I’ll enjoy this! I got this really cute light pink hat recently and I just want to wear it ALL. THE. TIME. I love it.

Random thing #3

My finals are here! Well, almost. My first exam is on 14th June and even though I have only 6 exams, my uni has stretched the dates so that my last exam is on 3rd July. That’s three weeks of JUST STUDYING. I will be feeling guilty if I do anything else for three weeks. It’s gonna be fun.

shaking head gif

I will most likely be super tired and stressed by the end of it. I also may not be able to blog much, and that’s sad because I just got back to blogging semi-regularly. Sigh.

Random thing #4

My body is giving me SO MANY PROBLEMS. Can it stop already?! At this point, I don’t want to do any tests because with every test, I find out there’s something more wrong with my body. And I’ve done a lot of tests so far.

Let’s put it in a list to make it easier:

  1. Last I checked in Oct 2018, I had mild hyperthyroid. I went for an ultrasound scan for my neck last week for something else and they told me I should probably test again because it looks more. I was taking mild medication so far but guess I’ll have to go on proper meds now. I’ll also have to test again. Argh.
  2. I did a test for immunity and we found out that I have Hashimoto’s disease which is an autoimmune disease/disorder. My result was so comical. The normal range for something was 0-156 and my result was 1.7k. My result was over 10 times the highest normal result. I could not believe my eyes. So yeah, I’ve gone on a strict gluten-free diet* and I’m taking meds for it too.
  3. Recently, a swelling has formed on the side of neck and after doing a bunch of tests**, we’ve found that it’s a cyst. It cannot be cured with medicines and I have to do a surgery. But, because it doesn’t give me pain, it’s purely cosmetic but if I don’t do a surgery then it might keep growing and also could get infected. Infection is bad, obviously. It’s apparently due to a birth defect and the swelling doesn’t appear normally, so I’m one of the lucky few for whom it does! Since I have finals now, we can’t do the surgery but maybe after finals.

*considering I’m not allergic to gluten but that I have to abstain by CHOICE is making this SO HARD. This diet cuts down 70% of foods that I eat. Because I’m Tamilian, it’s slightly easier to bear with at home since our foods are mostly rice items. But I really notice the difference when I’m out with my friends. I just watch them eat. It’s sad. I’m sad. I’m most sad about BHATURA and puri (Indian foods).

**I did an ultrasound scan for the swelling and they told me my thryroid increased. I want to focus at one problem at a time! And take fewer meds! LEAVE ME ALONE *cries*

Those were the three main things. Other than that, I have a bunch of allergies, PCOD and severe eczema which comes and goes. So yeah, I’d like another body please.

(Yes this was a rant session. At this point, I can rant for HOURS about my health issues. I needed to rant though.)

Random thing #4

I’m slightly stressed about next semester already. For Indian engineering students, year 4 is CRUCIAL. We get jobs then. We have to write a lot of tests, sit through interviews, and also attend classes, study and write exams. I’ve got to start studying for my exams for the jobs (we have aptitude and technical tests to show how smart we are and… I’m not smart). Aah. I want to scream.

The grind has to start right after exams because interviews start right in the beginning of August. And by beginning, I mean day 1. I’m preparing for the stress by stressing already so I can get used to it. (I’m trying out a new coping method, let me be.)

Random thing #5

I’m finally exercising regularly! I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I can feel the difference. I’ve been taking it slow, though, with small milestones but I’m doing it regularly and that’s all that matters.

Getting a workout in every evening after college was hard in the beginning because I would be super tired from the long day and travel. I also kept evenings as my “chill time” so I would read blogs or watch YouTube while drinking something. But I managed to make it routine and it’s easy now.

At this point, if I don’t go exercising in the evening, I feel off for the rest of the night. It’s weirdly energizing and refreshing too! I’m also glad that I somehow got rid of my self-consciousness which held me back from running in front of people before.

Random thing #6

I’m LOVING Jay Shetty’s podcast called On Purpose with Jay Shetty. I started listening to it on a recommendation from a friend and I immediately liked it. I haven’t been able to take out time regularly to listen to it but the episodes I have listened to, I’ve learned from.

There are always multiple things to learn or take from every single one of his podcast episodes. Even though it’s just audio, I find myself completely engaged in listening and absorbing.

I was dutch braiding my hair and listening to an episode last night as “self-care time” and I LOVED IT. I listened to the podcast at midnight and after that I was so energized and motivated to change my life immediately. To change for the better using what I’ve learnt in just half an hour. I couldn’t sleep so I ended up studying more for my upcoming final.

If you want to become motivated or energized, I definitely suggest listening to his podcast. Especially, listen to an episode which is not an interview because those episodes are solely focused on giving you advice and things to take away and apply immediately.

Okay that’s it.

I just checked the word count for the first time and I’ve written over 1.5k words. Wow. When I stop thinking twice about what I write—whether it’s easily readable, whether it’s attractive and engages the reader—words flow so freely. This is a form for self-care, for me. I needed this.

If you’ve read so far, THANK YOU. You’re the best ❤

Okay now YOU tell me. What’s going on in your life? And don’t hold back from rambling in the comments 🙂

the sunday post header

The Sunday Post // Kdrama binges and busy schedules

Hey everyone!

It’s been SO LONG since I last posted a Sunday Post. I feel like I’ve got so much to say but also I don’t know how to even write it all anymore. It’s weird being back.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update our followers about our last week—be it about books, life or anything else.

Okay let’s start with..

My Internship

I got an internship in January through a friend of mine from school. It’s at a start-up called Open My Book. It’s a mobile-based lending library where we rent out books to people! We’re now on Google Play Store so you should definitely check it out.

Anyway, I’ve been really enjoying my internship. It’s a little time-consuming, with me doing something or meeting people from the team around thrice a week, but it’s rewarding. I’m learning things and I’m getting advice so it’s pretty cool.

It’s also really filled up my schedule. I’m quite busy nowadays, what with internship, this blog, my Instagram handles, twitter etc. along with college. But I like it! For the first time, I’m this busy doing productive things while also enjoying with friends, so it’s really nice.

My Reading

Hah more like my non-existent reading.

I get into a book slump every year at least once where I just don’t end up reading. This year it came pretty early. It’s all because I got a Netflix subscription and I’m bingeing on Kdramas like crazy.

Goodreads says I’m still somehow 2 books ahead on schedule for 150 books this year so.. I got time!

I also started reading On The Come Up by Angie Thomas yesterday at the bookstore while I was killing time before a meeting. I bought it because I trust Angie Thomas and I already like the book 32 pages in. Let’s hope it brings me out of my reading slump!

Kdrama updates

Yeah so I’VE GOT A LOT.

I watched My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, which I hadn’t planned on watching because I felt it’s controversial and doesn’t send the right message. Quite a few people told me to try it because they liked it so I did, and I actually liked it! It talks about a lot of issues such as body image, plastic surgery and the stigma that comes with it, pretty people privilege, beauty on the inside etc. I totally recommend it if you can handle the above topics.

I also watched The Girl Who Sees Scents. My mum was the one who showed me the trailer, actually! It came on her feed on Facebook and she called me over because I’m into Kdramas. It turned out to be quite good! I loved the beginning but I was disappointed in the last few episodes. The climaxes and reveals could have been executed in a much better way, in my opinion. I have mixed feelings about this drama.

I Am Not A Robot was the last drama that I completed. I finished it a couple days back. I absolutely loved it. While it has plot holes and some unbelievable things—more about human perception than the technology, I still really liked it. I loved the main characters and the plot was quite good. I recommend it if you want a funny and new drama to watch. It’s currently trending on Netflix.

Romance Is A Bonus Book is the ongoing drama that I’m watching. The drama’s last episode will be releasing tonight, in my time. I’m absolutely loving it because Lee Jong-suk is brilliant in it. He’s charming, adorable, and really attractive. I love his character in the drama. I also like the plot, which isn’t all that special, but it brings out feelings in me. At some parts the drama was quite slow but it’s not bad. I love that it’s mostly based in a book publishing company.

Mandarin drama

Netflix recommended Accidentally In Love and I thought it’s a Kdrama so I gave it a go. Turned out that it’s in Mandarin. The story looked pretty nice, though, so I continued watching.

It was really good until a little over halfway through the show. The last few episodes got really draggy. Overall, it wasn’t that great. The one thing I had a hard time with was connecting their speaking tone to the emotion that they’re trying to convey. The cast always spoke fast and, frequently, in high tones no matter what the situation was. I found it weird that they spoke the same way even when the emotions are different.

It was something new that I tried and it was okay. I probably won’t see another Mandarin show any time soon.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say this week? Honestly there must be more but my mind is full of the things I have to do today so I’ll end this post here.

How was your week? Any highlights? Tell me in the comments!

Life Update // I’m 20!

Happy New Year everyone! I think it’s been about a week since I last posted. (NOT gonna make any “a year back jokes”) I feel like so much has happened but maybe it’s not much. We’ll see as this post goes on.

I turned 20 years old!

I’m not a teen anymore! I’m going to find it so hard to not consider myself as a teen.

It’s kinda sad to have my birthday during finals but oh well, what can I do.

I celebrated my 20th birthday on 30th Dec, a day before one of my finals, but my best friends made it perfect. They surprised me at 12am at home with a cake (with BTS written on it along with the official symbol!) and a bunch of balloons.

(Side note: BTS member V’s birthday and mine is the same lol)

We had a sleepover the previous night as well, at one of their houses, which was our first sleepover and was at a wrong time when all of us had finals but hey, hallelujah.

On my birthday, after having some of the cake, we studied until about 2am and fell asleep. Trust me, we couldn’t believe we were studying during a sleepover but we had to. We studied a little the next morning as well before they both took off.

My college friends group also surprised me the next day by gifting me a pair of headphones before the exam. I was totally caught off-guard since I didn’t expect anything. It was the perfect gift since my earphones stopped working and headphones is a definite upgrade.

Surprisingly, more people wished me than I expected. I was honestly surprised and overjoyed. It was a good welcome into my twenties 🙂

I’m done with 3 of my finals.

Out of 6. Which is sad, considering it’s been years since my exams started.

My university is weird with different schemes and back papers and too many streams, subjects etc so basically, my exams last VERY long. Once they lasted 5 weeks. And I had a week of break before the next semester’s classes began.

This time my finals end on the 14th of this month and I’ve got college from 24th again. I believe it’s pre-placement training and not regular classes for 10 days but who knows. Honestly I’m just keeping track of when I should show up at college at this point.

It’s my 3rd year out of 4 years. I wonder how much more I can stop caring in the next three semesters, especially when they’re the most crucial. MOST.


I got food poisoning.

This was sad experience.

I don’t know what caused it exactly. I had dinner out in a NYE party, but the food in that place is pretty good usually and I’ve never had a problem in the past several years. I had a slice of my leftover birthday cake on 1st so I guess it could be that? I usually eat leftover cakes and pastries and it never happened before so.. who knows.

Anyway gory details ahead. Feel free to skip.

I puked from 2am to 8am that night. Eventually I just couldn’t hold myself up or process anything other than trying not to choke to death. I puked up all the medicines I took as well, within minutes. I puked any water too. It got really bad.

I went to the hospital in the morning (2nd Jan) as soon as I could stand and walk, which ended up being around 8:30.

I was given a couple injections and IV drips for a few hours. I just rested there. It worked well.

I got back home around 3pm and just crashed because I had next to no sleep. Considering I had my exam today, 3rd, I started panicking the second I woke up later in the evening. Kinda a good sign that I finally started worrying?

I just studied as much as I can until 11:30 and crashed again.

Thankfully my final was at 2pm (to 5pm) so I had the time to revise in the morning. I usually revise with my friends, which I find very helpful, and it literally saved my exam today.

The exam went pretty well! Considering how much I studied, and what my state was (still tired and not yet back to eating full meals), I did really well.

I came back home and took a nap after having some tea. I’m feeling much better now. Figured I might as well blog since I have three days until the next exam.

Reading Updates

I finished my 2018 Goodreads challenge at 158 books! I got onto a romance kick at the end of the year, which I gobbled up in all my study breaks. My original goal was 150 so that’s really good.

I set my 2019 reading goal to 150. Considering this year will be super hectic as well, I might lower it later. Let’s see.

(I tried putting the Goodreads challenge widget in this post but it looked ugly so I removed it lol.)

Anyway, speaking of the 2019 challenge, I quite like the colour this year! We’ve had bright colours for the past three years so I like the change of having a dark colour. It’s a really dark purple, I think?

2019 resolutions?

I’ve set nothing. I haven’t had the time to even think about it and consider properly but I think I’m just freestyling it.

I find that I do better with short-term goals, if it’s personal. I also had most of my best times in 2018 through spontaneous decisions. I’ll see as I go on.

Honestly, 2018 was a good year. I cannot really come up with regrets but I can name a lot of happy times and things I’m grateful for. I had bad times but no regrets as such. That’s how I want to remember 2018, that the good times were good enough and that I did my best.

What’s up with you?

Now that I just ranted about my last few days, I want to hear about you. How was the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 for you? Have you set any resolutions or goals—for lifestyle, reading or anything else? Any bucket list? Tell me in the comments!

the sunday post header

The Sunday Post // so tired + bookstore!! + readathon

The question of the week: is my hand healing or not? If you haven’t read my last week’s post, I got hurt in my hand it looks pretty bad. Plus my health condition isn’t mint so things usually turn for the worse. I’ve been taking care and doing what my doctor told to but *shrug*. As long as it doesn’t get worse, I’m not going to panic for a while.

Anyway HI GUYS! I didn’t think I would do a Sunday Post this week but things ended up piling and I decided to talk about them. The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update the readers on our week.

Also I’ve decided to use a generic header image for all the Sunday posts like this one. I’m running out of the free space I’m given plus I don’t feel like making new headers every time.


This readathon was hosted by @ecstatic_yet_chaotic on Instagram and the goal was to read any 7 books in 7 days 16th through 22nd July.

I marked the date in my bullet journal and was anticipating it. But I hurt my hand and since I couldn’t write, I didn’t pick up my bullet journal and forgot about it. I only remembered later when I saw updates for the readathon from others participating as well.

I don’t have much time to read everyday, let alone read one book per day. So I wasn’t joining in and I was disappointed. But by Wednesday (day 3 of the readathon), I had read two books this week. So I decided to join in and catch up.

I did catch up on Friday by finishing 5 books. But I’m now behind because I read very little yesterday as I went out (more on that later) so I need to read two books today to catch up. Let’s see if this works out because I also need to blog for the coming week!

I’ll update y’all on my readathon and how much/what I’ve read next week!

I hit 800 followers on Instagram!

My bookstagram/blogstagram @thewordyhabitat hit 800 followers this week and I’m so happy!! It’s been a while since I hit a rounded off milestone so I’m glad. I’m also sad that I haven’t been active on my Instagram this week at all but I’ve been very tired to post. I did post stories though.

I went to the bookstore!

So this was my Saturday plan. Usually if I’m going out, I already have plans of who to go with. But this time I did not have anyone (whom I’m close to) to go with. So I posted on my Instagram story asking if anyone wants to go with me. One friend from college replied saying she’s like that so we set plans!

I usually don’t randomly ask like this but I’m climbing mountains nowadays by becoming more outgoing and talking so I’m really glad! Ya girl is coming out of her shell y’all!

So we met up and went to the bookstore. We roamed a bit, looked for books and debated on what to buy. I saw way too many books I wanted but I could not afford to buy too many so I was VERY picky. I did note down books I want to buy the next time I go to the bookstore, though.

Since I knew I’d want to buy more books, I took three books from home to sell back. The books I sold back were:

  1. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I wrote a review for it yesterday morning and it’ll be up on Tuesday.
  2. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli which I was VERY SAD to let go. But I couldn’t help it and I hope it gets love from other readers.
  3. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. I was sad to let go of this book as well but I bought it with Simon vs. and it seemed fitting to let go of them together as well.

My friend and I roamed for a bit, going to other bookstores. Then we came back to the first one because I’d requested a book that they didn’t have and (FORTUNATELY!) the person said he can get it to me in an hour. So we went back, got that for me and headed for a drink.

A new place opened up there and we decided to give it a go. I loved the ambiance of the place, even though it’s a little small! We sat there talking for a while and then headed home.

On the way I met another friend (who was with me in school and is now with me in college as well and also lives very near to my place). We stood outside my building talking for a while and then I headed home.

T’was a good day!

Books I bought:

I bought FOUR books this time! This is probably the most number of books I’ve bought at once. I did have to sell three books and pay extra as well but it’s okay. I got four.

the perfect husbandThe Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

I’ve read two books by Lisa Gardner—The Other Daughter and Crash and Burn. I’ve been wanting to read more so I asked for Lisa Gardner books in the store. Since I already bought two books and was to buy another, I didn’t want to spend more today. But I saw this book which was for only 100 rupees (old used book) so I HAD to get it.


my not so perfect lifeMy Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Romance

I used to LOVE Sophie Kinsella’s books! I read too many of them and maybe there are one or two that I haven’t read. And that’ll only be because they weren’t in the library I used to frequent.

So when I saw this NEW book of hers, I had to get it. I was torn between this and Nyxia but I decided to go with an author I love first.

This sounds really good, too! It’s about a person whose life seems perfect to her Instagram following but her life is actually not so.


poison studyPoison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Genre: Fantasy

Okay so this has been on my TBR for what seems like forever. The actual date I added it to Goodreads was Jan 11, 2017 but I’m sure I wanted to read it from before. I found the book and it was pretty cheap so I immediately took it.

I’m glad to be making a very tiny dent in my old TBR!


the hating gameThe Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Genre: Romance

Okay so I’ve been hearing SO MANY good things about this book! I had this on my mind while going to the bookstore. I didn’t find it myself so I asked for it and the person I asked said they don’t have it. But after a moment he said he can get it for me in a couple hours. He called someone (who, I think, went to pick up some other books from somewhere?) and told to get the book. I got it in an hour! I’m so glad!

And you might be thinking, am I really going to trust the hype after Children of Blood and Bone. But this was loved by people with whom I share romance favourites. So I’m going to trust them.


Other smol things

I think I’m done with my Kdrama phase. I’m kinda sad but I’m glad I got my reading mojo back because I was in a reading slump for over two months during which I watched Kdramas. And I have time only for one hobby. I still have a TON of Kdrama reviews pending though. I’ll be tackling them slowly.

I completely forgot to publish a blog post on Friday. I’m trying to set a schedule to post in days instead of every three days. I decided on Sunday (so I can post The Sunday Post if I want to), Tuesday (for Top Ten Tuesday lists, if I want to do them) and Fridays (no reason).

I started a draft to review The Night Circus and my electricity went off, taking my wifi as well. I completed the review and saved it as a file on my laptop, thinking to schedule it later. But that later never came! It was in my head that I finished the review. I only noticed it yesterday.

So that day went empty. But it’s okay. I’ve started treating my blog like something I want to do instead of have to do again, getting away from the “have to” mindset that I developed after seeing amazing blogs. So I’m not regretting. I’m not worried. I’m not seeing stats AT ALL nowadays, too, so that’s good.

My mum’s so cute and awesome. I just wanted to say that.

I’m really in need of me-time. (huge rant ahead) I haven’t had time to myself at home since last Wednesday when I started my internship and I’m struggling. I usually have at least an hour every week. But since I have the internship in my mum’s office, we go and come together. The rest of the time we’re home together. That means no alone time.

I’m very used to having time to myself without anyone around me ever since I was a kid. It comes with being an only child with both parents working. Soon I started to depend on the alone time to do what I have, have thoughts, maybe cry etc. Going too long without alone time makes me anxious and unsettled. I really hope, at least for one hour, my mum goes out during the weekends. I need my space and since my mum doesn’t really understand space and leaving someone alone, it’s becoming hard.

It’s nice that she keeps checking in on me if I’m in my room or keeps talking something once in a while but considering just how much I crave space, I’d even take no communication for an hour now.

It really bugged me yesterday morning. I was playing music out loud while blogging and it was Korean and English songs. Stuff that I like. I usually don’t play loudly because I know that my parents don’t like my music but I wanted to today and I thought (or hoped) she wouldn’t mind. Ten-to-fifteen minutes after I started, she asked me to switch it off because “that music is so bad. I’ll play bhajans on TV wait.” And the thing is, I HATE HATE HATE bhajans (God music? I don’t know what to call it in English?) especially because I don’t pray. I got up and shut off the TV after two minutes, telling her I’d rather work in silence.

So yeah from things as small as music to big as just having a quiet time, I’m interrupted. That’s all. Very big rant. Sorry about this but I had to get it out of my system.

In summation..

It’s been a long week and I spent Monday through Friday waiting for the weekend. Saturday was nice. Let’s see about today because it’s still only the morning.

And apparently somehow these posts of mine always exceed a thousand words! Whew.

How was your week? Are you tired and glad it’s the weekend now? Or was it amazing? Tell me in the comments!

the sunday post header

The Sunday Post // internship update! + I hurt my hand??

Hey everyone! Oh what a hectic week it’s been. Honestly it feels like two weeks have passed, not one. I have so much to update y’all on.

I posted a poll on twitter whether I should do another Sunday post like last week to update y’all on my week in life and everyone voted yes so here it is! The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and I’m so glad to be joining in again so soon!

My internship started!

So I started on Wednesday and honestly I’m so glad that I didn’t have to start on Monday. It’s only been three days and I’m already super tired, in need of a weekend.

First, some backstory about my health.

I have a problem where if there’s too much light around me, my eyes get strained hence becoming red. Tubelights on during the day or too many tubelights switched on at a time cause strain. I’ve had this since I was a kid. After going to multiple doctors, who said everything is fine and that I just shouldn’t watch TV too much, my mum and I still weren’t convinced. Because I hardly watched TV.

Finally we found a reputed doctor and consulted him. He told it’s actually a problem and it’s not common so many people don’t know about it. He only knows it because he researched it since he has it. He pointed at the bulb, which illuminates his office lesser, saying that’s why he has low light. He told to get glasses, which will help, but still it’s better not to be around too much light. I wear glasses whenever I go out and when I’m using the laptop/computer at home.

The first day it was new and I was very awkward but it was okay. Except my eyes were red and burning by the end of the day. In all the rooms, there were multiple lights on. True, they are big rooms, but the brightness was too much for my eyes.

Day 2, my eyes were only moderately red but I had a pounding headache.

Day 3 it was both red eyes and pounding headache. Not only did I spend most of the day learning on computers, there were also the tubelights. I was so done by the end of the day! I just wanted to sleep for two days straight.

tired GIF

I’m glad I’m doing an internship because I’m learning new things which I’ll be applying immediately and I’m seeing the office life. But my eyes are NOT used to this and by the end of the day, I keep covering my eyes for a few minutes to give them a break.

Better get used to this as well since this will be my life later.

My college friends came over for a day!

This is the highlight of my week.

Immediately after exams ended, I texted my friends from college inviting them over. I knew that they had plans afterwards and wouldn’t all be able to come. We decided on Saturday which was yesterday.

I had a really good time, and I think they did too! They loved the place I live in and the weather was PERFECT today.

I treated them to lunch in a nearby place, which they also really liked. Then I showed them around my area. After that we came home and played a few semi-intense games of jenga, which was pretty funny.

We also went out to a badminton court to play. I haven’t played the sport in SO LONG. I used to play it pretty regularly but I don’t anymore.

So yeah we were playing in turns and guess what? I fell down and hurt my hand. It was a windy day so the shuttle kept going off track. Once we were having a nice game and I tried to hit the shuttle but it went to my right because of the wind. I also went to my right following it and ended up tripping and falling, because I’m super clumsy.

sarcastic classy gif

I fell on the side of my face as well but I didn’t get bruised there. My right (and dominant) hand took the brunt and I have a small wound that bled a little. It took a while to stop bleeding and clot, more than usual, because I have a low platelet count (I have many health issues lol).

It’s kinda okay now (I’m typing this on Saturday night) but it’s really red and it hurts every time I scrunch that part of my palm or bend my wrist. I’m actually writing this blog post mainly with my left hand, only using my right hand for the right side of the keyboard and that too only the third and fourth fingers. If there are any typos, please excuse them.

I did realize I can’t write with my right hand (as of now) because I’ll have to scrunch the lower part of my palm. No bullet journalling for a while. The next few days are going to be fun 🙃

My reading updates

I read quite a bit on Monday and Tuesday because I suddenly got the mood and a little on the other days.

I read:

  1. P. S. I Like You by Kasie West. I saw someone on Instagram mention that thet’re going to reread it and I couldn’t help myself from rereading it as well. It gave me all the feels like the first time I read it.
  2. Mister Tonight by Kendall Ryan. I was perusing through the New Adult lists on Goodreads because I was really in the mood to read New Adult romance. I’ve read Kendall Ryan’s books before, and they were okay, so I picked this up. I finished it really fast! Small and lighthearted book that I breezed through. I’ll post a review as soon as I can.
  3. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I have a paperback copy of this book which I finally finished after a few days of reading. It was so magical and wonderful! I can’t wait to review it.
  4. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere and I’m so glad I read it! It was so cute and nice and aaaah just so nice. I really liked it. I’ll be reviewing this on the blog as well.

This makes my read count of the year to 94/150.

Currently Reading

Okay so I didn’t mention it last week because I wasn’t really reading it but I started Legendary by Stephanie Garber a LONG time back when I had finals going on. After reading a little, I just never picked it up again sadly. I really neeeed to! My goal is to finish reading it this coming week. Let’s see if that works.

I started reading Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi finally! It sounded right up my sleeve so I thought I’d like it, not considering the hype. Maybe I was wrong? I’ve read 234 pages out of 531 and I’m still meh about it. I don’t like the two female leads and the two male leads are okay but leaning on dislike. The story’s concepts are nice but I don’t feel like it’s been executed well. We’ll see.

I’m currently procrastinating on reading COBAB as well because I really don’t want to not like it.

What’s going on in your life?

Wow I didn’t even realize typing so much with a wounded hand lol.

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How was your week? Did anything out of the blue happen or did something start? Let me know in the comments!