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BTS Love Yourself Book Tag

Happy October y’all! To some of you it’s Halloween month, for me it’s Dussehra month, and for some bloggers it’s Blogtober month. All-in-all, a happening month.

I’m currently quite liking BTS. Not an ARMY yet but I’m growing to like more and more songs by them. So I thought doing a BTS Book Tag would be appropriate at this point.

This tag was created by Jess @ beaucoupbooks and I saw the tag over at boomarkyourthoughts.

Let’s go!

The Rules

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  2. Feel free to use the graphics on Jess’s page.
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I don’t know if y’all will know them but I loved the Chacha Chaudhary comic books that I mum always got for me when she went to Delhi. here was another as well who’s name I can’t recall at the moment. After a library opened up nearby only did I move on to proper novels.



the hating game

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne! Definitely deserved the hype. I loved it ❤

It’s a hate-to-love romance that will entertain you, make you laugh and also make you swoon. Click here to read my review.



My choice book is Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I LOVED the series befor and now it’s just cringey and lame. I hate the characters, the romance, the stupid-idh vibe, the storyline.. everything.



a darker shade of magic picture

Shades of Magic trilogy by VE Schwab! We are now getting more books in the world, without the same main characters, so I’m quite glad.



Usually I go for books that make me cry so this is a little hard..

ps i like u

Okay got it! P.S. I Like You by Kasie West! Always makes me happy and gives me feels. I love it.



Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Take me back to the simpler times in middle grade where I just worried about books..



Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read it during a time when I needed it and it helped me a lot. I’m not nostalgic to want to go back, but I do treasure the experience of reading it.

It made me fall into the book with the writing style. I just felt the vibe and the emotions. I was impacted by it a LOT. I also bawled like a baby.

I can’t recommend it enough.



I.. honestly don’t know!

Maybe minor things but I don’t think anything major? No clue at all. Nothing comes to mind.

Tag, you’re it!

I don’t really know who would like to do this tag or who are BTS fans so I tag everyone who wants to do this.

Are you a fan of BTS? Has there been any book that has changed you? Let me know in the comments!


The Sunday Post // what a busy week

Hi everyone! Hope y’all had a good week!

I had a VERY busy week. I’m currently writing this post on Friday night because I KNOW that I will not get even a second to blog after now. I even considered not posting this Sunday but decided to post a short one.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Hackathon updates

I mentioned last week about a 24 hour Hackathon “HACK-IT-ON 2.0” that we’re hosting at our college campus this weekend and it has taken over my days. I have done nothing else productive. I gave up on updating my bullet journal and just downloaded a trusty tasks app that I turn to whenever I need.

I haven’t progressed in my online course or two projects. I don’t even know where I found the time to blog. I posted less on Instagram.

I’m super excited for the event but I’m also lowkey looking forward to finish it so I can rest again and maybe watch/read something.

Reading updates

I read like 20 pages during the little bit of time in college when I had time between Hackathon things. I read Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake and I’m finally kinda getting into it!

I’m about half-way through and while it’s not picked up yet, it’s not as boring as the beginning of the book.

Smol rant

I honestly have nothing else to talk about. I’ve been so damn busy oof.

You know I actually considered getting a Netflix subscription. I was going to share with three other people but backed out almost at the last minute because looking at the way my days are going, I won’t use Netflix and it wouldn’t be worth the money I’m paying.

It’ll be something I use just because I paid for it and I’ll also get too distracted from my work i.e. online course and projects.

Honestly the only reason my workspace isn’t very messy is because I work on the floor and have to clean up every time I’m done.

Tip: try working on the floor. Do your assignments, send emails, blog while sitting Indian style on the floor. This works best for me, probably because for anything I need to get up and I’m too lazy for that. I decide to finish and then get up for whatever.

To-do list for next week

picture of cluttered workspace

  1. Set up bullet journal for October. No way can I do it before. I’m even planning on bunking a full day of classes on Monday because I’ll be damn tired.
  2. 4 hours of online course. I really need someone to keep me accountable. Comment down below if you want to volunteer.
  3. Complete database for mini project #1. I started it, just need to do some more. Maybe an hour of work.
  4. Watch 4 tutorial videos for Django. I need to learn this as well for one of my mini projects and I haven’t even started it.
  5. Be organized. Please don’t be a mess, self.


Okay that’s it for today! I need to go and work on my script. I’m MCing for the event as well and my stage fright will be a nightmare unless I prepare well.

How was your week? Did you read/watch anything? Let me know below!

Songs On Repeat #3

Hi y’all! Wow this month is already coming to an end. I honestly was so busy this month, I have no clue how I’ve managed until now.

I’m currently writing this post hours after my usual publishing time. I didn’t even think that I would be able to write and post it because my last week has been VERY busy. Today has been the busiest so far, with me reaching home only half an hour back. Which was 7:30pm, way later than I usually reach home. Tomorrow will be even more busy.

Anyway, on to the songs! There will be a lot of BTS in this post, I’m warning you in advance. I’m not ARMY yet but I’m really getting into more of their songs. There are other songs, I promise.

[1] Breathe by Lauv

OKAY GUYS LISTEN UP. I’M IN LOVE. After loving I Like Me Better by Lauv, a friend recommended all of his songs. I listened to this one and I’m already a fan. What a good song. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

[2] Euphoria by BTS

I told you there’ll be a lot of BTS songs. Brace for ’em. But in all honesty, once you’re over the “BTS is a trend” and “Kpop sucks” or “not my thing, too flashy”, you’ll realize that BTS have songs for all music tastes. It took me a while to properly get into them instead of liking just one or two songs, but now I have a BTS song for every mood.

Euphoria is a slow song which is super comforting.

[3] Sample Of My Pasta by Bad Lip Reading

I don’t care who you are or what music you like, you have to listen to this.

It’s a bad lip reading of Idol by BTS and IT. IS. LIFE. I honestly love this song more than Idol. I made multiple people listen to it, including my mum, and all of them bloody loved it. It’s very catchy as well. And it’s SO HILARIOUS.

It’s also damn perfect. It matches the video so perfectly, including the beat, that if I had seen this before Idol, this would have been the “original” in my head.

[4] Spring Day by BTS

I started playing the game app Superstar BTS after my ARMY friend got me into it, and it’s the reason I’ve grown to like other BTS songs. Spring Day is one of them. In the beginning it was just okay but once I played it when I was in the right mood for it, and I fell in love.

Also I totally recommend playing the game because it’s damn fun and good for competitive people like me.

[5] Dimple by BTS

Also got into this song through Superstar BTS and I’m currently obsessed with it.

[6] Good day by BTS

I was watching some random clips of Jin from BTS and saw a clip from a concert I really wanted to check out. While watching that part of the fan meeting in repeat, I fell in love with the song as well. I love how subtly happy it is.

[7] Love Myself by BTS

This is the last song I have today. Not only because I can’t remember more, but I also don’t have more time to spend on this post unfortunately.

So enjoy Love Myself which I think everyone should hear. It’s because of this song that I finally started to like Suga’s rap. His rap is lowkey comforting and it’s so subtle.

What songs did you listen to on repeat this month? Any new favourite artists? Let me know in the comments!

10 books by my favourite authors that I still haven’t read

I have several favourite authors, ranging over different genres. If you ask me who my favourite author is, I’ll ask which genre I should choose from. I just can’t choose between them. And this means I have quite a few favourite authors.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Blog and this week’s topic is Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read.

So let’s get to it!

[1] Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

I LOVE SOPHIE KINSELLA, okay? I read all the Shopaholic books that were available in my library, I sought out a few other books by her as ebooks. My fav book by her is I Got Your Number and I definitely recommend it to romance lovers!

Twenties Girl is one of the very few books by Kinsella that I haven’t read, but I really want to! It sounds really fun.

It’s about Lara, a twenty-something girl, who keeps getting visits from her dead great-aunt Sadie. Sadie has a mission for Lara which will help her to finally rest. It’s supposed to be a hilarious book about a bond between two twenty-something women from different eras and DOESN’T IT SOUND AMAZING?

Note: I thought I haven’t read one book by Colleen Hoover and was looking for it. Found one called Verity. Turns out it’s an upcoming book. I’ve read every book by her, in English XD

[2] Batman by Marie Lu

I LOVE MARIE LU. I took a chance on her Legend trilogy years back and have been a fan since. Her last series Warcross BLEW. ME. AWAY. I haven’t read Wildcard yet but I will ASAP.

I haven’t read Batman, which is book 2 of DC Icons series by various authors. These books feature slightly changed stories of our favourite DC Icons.

Another book by Marie Lu that I haven’t read is The Midnight Star, last of The Young Elites trilogy. While waiting for the book after reading book 2 The Rose Society, I just lost interest in the series. I also forgot most things. I may read the trilogy again someday, and I may not. We’ll have to see.

warcross picture

[3] The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux

I don’t talk much about her and her books but she used to be my #1 fav author a long time back. I read each and every book I could find in my library and was available online in an affordable price. I just couldn’t get enough of her writing.

If I had to pick my favourite book of hers, I would say True Love. It involves ghosts, the past and mysteries wrapped up alongside a really nice love story.

Considering she has written TONS of books, there are actually a lot of her work that I haven’t read. Her books having Montgomery/Taggart characters were really good too. If I do go back to bingeing her books, I will first read the rest of Montgomery/Taggart books.

[4] Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

She is a new favourite author. I adored her books From Lukov, With Love and The Wall of Winipeg and Me. Both were really good romances with proper relationship growths, which is what I mainly look for.

I definitely recommend her books.

I’m not very sure about Under Locke but I will give it a try because I liked four other books by Zapata.

[5] The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is brilliant. My childhood was MADE with his books. I look back at those times fondly.

I LOVED the Heroes of Olympus series. Seven teenage badass characters, with multiple ADORABLE supporting characters, that go on quests and adventures, are hilarious and form long-lasting bonds? YES PLEASE.

But recently I just haven’t been able to enjoy his books. I read The Hidden Oracle and The Sword of Summer and only somewhat enjoyed both. I am sad to announce that I think I’ve grown out of Riordan books. *curls up in a corner in sadness*

[6] The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

lady midnight picture

CASSANDRA CLARE IS QUEEN. I will read any and every book by her. Especially of the Shadowhunter world. I’m constantly surprised by how her writing and plot improves through the books. The standard NEVER goes back down!

My fav is right now tied between Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. Once I read Queen of Air and Darkness I’m sure my heart will be incapable of feeling anything else. I’m fully expecting it to wring my heart out and I CAN’T WAIT.

I sadly haven’t read The Bane Chronicles yet even though I LOVE Magnus. It is on my TBR, though. I’m planning to read it.

[7] Truth of Beard by Penny Reid

I have read only the Knitting in the City series by her and I LOVED THEM. Especially Neanderthal Seeks Human and Dating-ish. Both were so damn adorable and had such good portrayals of friendship and relationship growth. In fact, all of her books are light hearted, funny and perfect to read with a drink.

I’m yet to get to other books by her. The next on my TBR is the Winston Brothers series, of which Truth of Beard is book 1. We’ve already been introduced to the characters before in a Knitting in the City book so I’m a little bit invested in them.

[8] Alone by Lisa Gardner

She’s not an author whos books I binged but I have been wanting to read all of her books for years now.

Ever since I read The Other Daughter, I’m her fan, without a doubt. Every next book I read, it just cemented.

I have The Perfect Husband as a paperback to read now. I’m waiting for when I’ll have some hours of free time so that I can read it in one sitting. I’m sure I will not be able to put it down.

[9] City of Ghosts by V.E. Schwab

a darker shade of magic picture


V.E. Schwab is another queen. I LOVED Shades of Magic trilogy by her. Went on to read Monsters of Verity, which I liked as well.

I was hesitant about adding City of Ghosts to my TBR because I’ve heard it’s a Middle Grade book and I don’t enjoy that category anymore. Will try, though!

I actually have a lot of books by her on my TBR. Another is Vicious, which I’ve heard a lot about as well.

Honestly, I just need to get to the rest of her books.

[10] Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

I’m a Tahereh Mafi fan because of the Shatter Me trilogy, and more specifically Ignite Me. The idea was BRILLIANT. I loved the character growth of the main character that we saw through the books. I loved the romance. I loved the friendships. yada yada I loved everything.

I’m really excited for the upcoming books in the Shatter Me series, and also A Very Large Expanse of Sea!


Okay and that’s the end for today. I need to go and get working on my tasks for today and I have MANY. This week is going to be very hectic for me. Wish me luck!

What are books by your favourite authors that you haven’t read yet? Do we share any favourite authors? Let me know in the comments!

The Sunday Post // random titbits

Wow I’m legit sitting here thinking “what did I do last week that’s worth mentioning.”

Truly. I also procrastinated so I’m writing this right before I have to publish it. I remember one event but other than that I don’t really have things to talk about?

I got my test results

Results of my tests which took place a couple weeks back are out. Well, five subjects’s results are out. I did mostly bad, which is not a surprise considering how less I prepared and the number of classes I missed.

I did bad in 3, well enough in 1 and really good in 1. Only another subject’s results is yet to come, and I’m very sure I did bad in it so.. there goes my gpa.

Friday fun

I, along with two other friends, went to another friend’s home on Friday and spent the day together. And I had so much fun!

We spent time watching videos and trailers on YouTube (I now really want to watch the movie Left Behind, partly because it stars Chad Michael Murray who was my heartthrob a few years back), playing an old fashioned, very fun, and very long game that can go on for HOURS and just chilled.

It was nice ❤

Reading updates

open book with tabs

While reviewing The Hating Game last week, I really felt like rereading it so I am! Currently half way through it and I’m having all the feels like the first time. Click here to read my review on it.

I also started Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake, latest of the Three Dark Crowns trilogy, over a week back. I’m having very less time to read books, somehow, so I’ve been crawling through the book. I’m only 20% into the book and it’s still boring. Lets hope things pick up soon.

Kdrama updates

I started watching Lawless Lawyer, which has had quite a bit of hype, after my friend watched a little and said it’s more thrilling than comedy. I became interested immediately, of course.

I’ve finished three episodes and I haven’t watched after that because I don’t have the time?

Honestly I don’t know where I spend my time because I’m not reading, watching, studying or being productive by doing my online course and projects. I’m being a disaster at time management. I seem to be spending all my time sleeping but I’m also very sleepy all the time and feel like I’m short on sleep? Oof.

beautiful picture of the sky and horizon
My friends went trekking last Sunday and they took amazing pictures of the sky, like this one. I just had to share because LOOK AT IT. I didn’t go because I’m very clumsy and I’ll more likely fall and get hurt than have fun. Plus my body takes 4x the time to heal so better safe than sorry.

I started playing Superstar BTS

If you don’t know, it’s a game app kind of like piano tiles but it goes according to the best of BTS songs. There are various albums and stuff like cards etc. I like it because the songs play in the background which makes things 3x more fun.

I’ve been playing it whenever I’m bored and because I’m competitive, I can’t stop playing it until I master at least some of it XD

My ARMY friend got me into it and I can’t seem to stop. To be fair, it’s pretty difficult, which makes me want to master it more.

The easy level is very easy but the normal level is pretty hard unless you spend a lot of time practicing. I haven’t even touched the hard level because I’m sure I need wayyyy more practice.

Hack-It-On 2.0 is next weekend!

Last semester, some friends and I organized a small hackathon in our college and it went okay. This time we’re making it bigger and it’s definitely looking more promising, so I’m looking forward to it!

It’s a 24 hour event starting 29th evening and ending 30th evening (so if you don’t see a post from me then, you know why) for programmers.

It’s going to be fun.

Follow us on social media! We’re on twitter (which I manage btw), Instagram and Facebook.

How was your week?

Honestly I don’t have much to say today and I really need to get to doing my online course.

Tell me in the comments about your week! Any big events? What did you read/watch?


Radio Silence || damn.

radio silenceTitle: Radio Silence

Author: Alice Osman

Genre: Contemporary

Category: Young Adult

Status: Standalone



What if everything you set yourself up to be was wrong?

Frances is been a study machine with one goal. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she is on the inside. Then Frances meets Aled, and for the first time she’s unafraid to be herself.

So when the fragile trust between them is broken, Frances is caught between who she was and who she longs to be. Now Frances knows that she has to confront her past. To confess why Carys disappeared…

Frances is going to need every bit of courage she has.

Engaging with themes of identity, diversity and the freedom to choose, Radio Silence is a tor de force by the most exciting writer of her generation.


I can not believe I waited this long to read this book. While I’ve seen a lot of people praise the book, I only got it after seeing Kat @ paperbackdreams rave about it. If you let her talk, she will somehow talk about Radio Silence. For a period that was all she spoke about on her Instagram. That convinced me to get the book.

I did take a while to start reading it after buying but once I started, I COULD NOT STOP.

The Plot

Hello. I hope somebody’s listening..

Frances is a good student. She studies, doesn’t have distractions, and pushes forward. She’s also obsessed with Universe City, a podcast. No one knows who the person, Radio Silence, behind the podcast is.

Universe City was a show about a suit-wearing student detective looking for a way to escape a sci-fi, monster-infested university.

One day, Frances somehow makes friends with her neighbour Aled and suddenly, they’re inseparable. We see how they bond and how close they are.

But suddenly, a huge irrecoverable event occurs and everything is shattered. The book is about high school, friendship, college, and more friendship.

My thoughts on the book:

  • Hi here’s book for you that DOESN’T USE DIVERSITY AS A PLOT LINE. It’s just there!
  • Very relatable tbh. High school friendships, insecurities, the feeling when you find someone who understands you, finding someone who is as obsessed with the same thing you’re obsessed with and just having finding a really good friend.
  • I really liked the descriptions and concept of Universe City and what it meant for Frances.

..it has a kind of softness. It makes you want to fall asleep. In the least weird way possible, it’s a bit like someone stroking your hair.

  • The book is based on friendship. Not romance. Plain, and special, platonic relationship between a girl and a boy. I loved that. While the romantic part of me went get together! fall in love!, the rest of me wanted them to stay friends. It’s very refreshing to read a such a book.

You probably think that Aled Last are I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl.

I just wanted to say —

We don’t.

That’s all.

  • I also loved the vibe of the book. I don’t know how to exactly describe it so I might botch this explanation. It’s a hazy, dark and surreal vibe throughout the book and I liked that because for me high school was like that. My four years of high school had that weird vibe and it was just perfectly shown in a book?!
  • Honestly, what good writing. To bring in the vibe subtly without explicitly manipulating the story for that requires a lot of talent.
  • I really related to Frances. I wasn’t head girl or someone who studied a lot but I related to her on a high school student level. She pretends to be someone in high school but the actual Frances is someone else completely.

She asked me, “Remind me why you wanted to be head girl?” And I said, “Because I’m great at it,” but I was thinking, universities love it.

  • The book was so damn relatable, in general. We see teenage relationships, uncertainties about the future, worries that we’re not doing things right, being confused about what to do and the eventual disappointment when you realize the this isn’t what you want to be doing. We saw multiple characters who were all relatable, in their own ways.
  • “.. I thought I was the smartest person in the world.” He shook his head. “But now … I’m just … when you get to this age, you realise that you’re not anyone special after all.”E
  • It also deals with identities. The usual who am I, who do I want to be, why am I doing this etc. and also queer identities.
  • Not only that, it also deals with internet identities. We deal with Radio Silence and their popularity, Frances and her popularity as an artist in the internet. There’s also focus on how internet can take you high up but also bring you crashing down very fast.
  • One thing I was grateful for immediately when I read it was the demisexual representation. If you don’t know what demisexual means,

demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form an emotional connection. It’s more commonly seen in, but by no means confined, to romantic relationships. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being “halfway between” sexual and asexual.

  • A demisexual is someone on the asexuality sprectrum. I’ve never seen demisexual rep in books before. In fact, on the internet many people are still debating and arguing that demisexual people are NOT queer and that they don’t belong in the lgbt+ community. That’s a whole different thing but what I’m saying is that I’m so happy that an author has included it in their book.


A very relatable book that deals with the many issues and parallel problems teens have. I loved reading it.

I started reading it during college and couldn’t stop. I read during class, during lunch with friends and on the ride home. I finished it in six hours, and then was in a book hangover.


OMG That Song Book Tag

Annyeonghaseyo! I can now say that I know most basic conversational words and phrases in Korean. I just said hello formally. Informally, it would be annyeong!

I saw this tag over at Bookmark Your Thoughts and thought it’s really so here I am, doing it! This tag combines two things I love the most: books and music. So of course, I have to do it.



Song: I love love love Fall Into You by Night Terrors of 1927. I first heard it YEARS ago and I’m still very in love with it.

Book: The Selection by Kiera Cass. I don’t like it’s sequels much but book 1 always has a special place in my heart. Whenever I don’t have new books to read or I feel like rereading something, I pick it up. And I enjoy it.



Song: Naturally by Selena Gomez and The Scene. 8th grade, what a cringey period.

Book: House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I also had a problem of leaving books and series unfinished so I actually spent years waiting for the sequels and read all 12! Oof. Now that I think back, it was cringey af and it didn’t have much interesting plot to go on for TWELVE BOOKS.



Song: Breathe by Lauv! What a good song. I only found Lauv recently through To All The Boys I’ve Love Before movie. An IRL friend told to check out all of the artists’s songs so I’m doing that one by one!

Book: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne! I finally followed the hype and bought the book. and I LOVED IT. While writing the review for it a couple days back, I really felt like rereading it so I am! It’s just as good the second time round. Click here to read my review!



Song: Right now, it’s Epiphany by BTS! I’m currently falling in love with myself and becoming more confident, so yeah. Epiphany is the first BTS song that I truly love and am obsessed with. I looked for more songs like it by them but didn’t find another, sadly. Jin’s voice is B E A U T I F U L.

Book: Fangirl by Ranbow Rowell! Cath is me and I relate to her so much.



Song: I Wear Speedos by Mikey Bustos! I liked Despacito enough but I LOVE it’s parody by Mikey Bustos. Although I have a feeling that the parody of BTS’s IDOLYou Took A Sample Of My Pasta will be my new fav weird song soon.

Book: The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner! It was my first book by the author and I must have reread it quite a few times. No other book ever gave me the same mystery chills, until I read other books by the same author. It’s still somehow special to me, though.



Song: I have quite a few, actually! Some old ones are Beautiful Now by Zedd and If I Lose Myself by OneRepublic. The newest one is IDOL which has mad beats. It took a while for me to like the song but once I was in the mood for a pump up song and this came up on shuffle and I really liked it.

Book: Warcross by Marie Lu because one day I want to be the creator of such amazing tech things which are in her book.



Song: I have a playlist for chill and relaxing songs, actually. Other than the one below, I’ll choose Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder and You Are Enough by Sleeping At Last.

Book: Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid! I absolutely love that adorable book. Also The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.



Song: I’m not really sure.. I’m not ashamed of my music. I guess I’ll choose Believix for this? I don’t usually say that I love this song but I actually really do. I know all the words and I can sing it perfectly.

Book: There are so many trashy books I love XD A very recent fav is Style by Chelsea M. Cameron.



Song: Breathless by Shankar Mahadevan! Ahhh what a bloody good song! I still really love it. I actually listened to it a LOT and had the lyrics by heart in no time.

Book: I LOVED Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine! When I found it in the library at 11, I fell in love immediately. It’s a really good and adventurous middle grade book.

Tag, you’re it!

Untitled366 | Bookishly RebeccaBetwined Reads

And of course anyone else who wants to do this tag. Do pingback to my post so I can read all your answers!

Name a recent song you’ve been loving and the last book that blew you away in the comments!

The Hating Game || 11/10 recommended!

the hating gameTitle: The Hating Game

Author: Sally Thorne

Genre: Romance

Category: Adult

Status: Standalone



Nemesis (n.)
1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome;
2) A person’s undoing;
3) Joshua Templeman.

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. Hate. And they have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude.

Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when their latest game could cost her her dream job…But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also reached its boiling point, and Lucy is discovering that maybe she doesn’t hate Joshua. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.


I’ve heard a LOT about this book. The last time I went to the second-hand bookstore I frequent, I looked for this book and didn’t find it. I asked for it and the shopkeeper said he can get it to me within an hour. I waited an hour and got it.

The book has had quite some hype, and it deserves it.

The Plot

Bexley & Gamin were two separate publishing companies that were about to fold and joined efforts in hopes of saving their companies.

The worst part of the join is how different the employees are. As Lucy says,

One year on, you can still tell at a glance which company someone came from by his or her physical appearance. The Bexleys are hard geometrics, the Gamins are soft scribbles.

It’s also evidenced by Lucinda Hutton, a Gamin, and Joshua Templeton, a Bexley.

They’re arch enemies.

On day one Lucy smiled at Josh, and he never smiled back. It’s cemented their hate relationship.

I’m twenty-eight years old and it seems I’ve fallen through the cracks of heaven and hell and into purgatory. A kindergarten classroom. An asylum.

I type my password: IHATEJOSHUA4EV@

My thoughts on the book

  • I love it. 
  • It’s a lovely and refreshing hate-to-love romance that subtly sweeped my feet off the ground.
  • I really liked the tine details of Lucy and Josh’s work life.
  • I really enjoyed them playing various games—the staring game, the mirror game and others. They’re alone on the top floor, with their bosses in their own rooms, and they spend time competing with each other.
  • The ultimate goal for Lucy is to make Josh smile because she feels like he’s one up above her because of her smile on day 1.
  • I really liked how the two came together. It’s slow and entertaining.
  • Honestly, what a hoot.

Books were, and always would be, something a little magic and something to respect.

  • I absolutely loved Lucy. She grew up in a strawberry farm named after her, loves books, is obsessed with Smurfs and imagines strangling Josh regularly.
  • I absolutely loved Josh too. He’s disciplined and clean. He likes order, as evidenced by his clothes and routine.

He wears an identical business shirt everyday, in a different color. White, off-white stripe, cream, pale yellow, mustard, baby blue, robin’s-egg blue, dove-gray, navy, and black. They’re worn in their unchanging sequence.

  • Just the journey of the book is adorable and funny and entertaining. I wish the book lasted longer because I didn’t want it to end, even as I read it very fast because I couldn’t put it down.


11/10 recommend this book to anyone who likes romances, especially those who like hate-to-love romances. 

I read it a month back and I’m itching to reread it at the moment. In fact I took too long to write this review because I’ve been reading snippets of the book.


School 2013 // Kdrama review

At this point, I was totally into Kdramas. It’s a new world where the shows end after a certain number of episodes, without having upcoming seasons or spin-offs. It’s a good thing, but also a bad thing when the shows are too damn good.

School 2013 was one of the mediocre dramas that I’ve watched. I watched it because it stars Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin, and it was said to be the drama due to which they became best friends.

What is the drama about?

Continuing the series of dramas which portray high school difficulties and teenagers’ lives, School 2013 is considered to have shown the worst of cases.

Although we follow several characters throughout the drama, it all revolves around Go Nam-soon. Go Nam-soon attends the lowest-ranked school is Seoul.

To rectify the school’s image, the authorities hire a very popular teacher in hopes of him bringing the school’s rankings up. Kang Se-chan, the genius teacher, and Jung In-jae become co-homeroom teachers of Nam-soon’s class and struggle to manage the class.

In the midst of this, a new student appears, and Go Nam-soon weirdly goes around doing everything that students wants. There has to be history between them Park Heung-soo starts taking over the spotlight from the previous bully.

All in all, the drama involves everything that is important in a teenager’s life—grades, love, friendship, family and just getting through these few years in high school.

My thoughts on the drama

  • I watched the show ONLY for the famous bromance between Go Nam-soon and Park Heung-soo. But it hardly constituted 10% of the story. Whatever I saw about them was brilliant but there were too few.
  • There was a rotating focus on characters. We follow 12 characters in total—10 students and 2 teachers, and it makes the show not have an overall point. The journey matters more than the ending.

school 2013 teachers

  • While there was quite a bit of focus on the two teachers including their lives, ideals and opinions, I has zero interest in them. I could not bring myself to care.
  • We looked at the situations and lives of other students as well. I specifically liked the story line of the bully Oh Jung-ho. If I had to pick one thing I liked in the show other than Nam-soon and Heung-soo bromance, it would be this.
  • There was also a little extra focus on Song Ha-kyung who studies and studies and studies. Her family expects a lot from her and since she’s in a school where she can’t really get much help, she works extra hard. To me, she always looked sleepy and dull and as if she might drop asleep any second. I guess it’s warranted when she studies every minute.
  • If I had to pick a minor-ish character that I liked, it would be Kim Min-ki. I really liked the relatable story of his. Kim Min-ki’s mother drives him extra hard to study so that he’ll be successful. She’s also the head of the parents board (or whatever it’s called) and she makes sure that he gets every advantage possible. But there’s also an underlying past. I liked how Min-ki dealt with things in the end.

nam soon tells heung soo to hold up his ramen bowl

  • The adorable moments between Nam-soon and Heung-soo were my favs. They’re my BROTP (OTP but of brothers).

nam soon and heung soo pose for selfie with ramen bowl

  • Honestly, you just need to know that Nam-soon and Heung-soo were the only things really worth it in this drama.

The Characters

Since I know enough to talk about only 4 characters individually, I’m not going to talk about the rest. Maybe I can if I try but I don’t care about 10/12 characters in this drama anyway.

school 2013 kang se chan
Source: top of the kpops

Kang Se-chan is a very popular teacher who taught in coaching centers and has taken up the job to teach in school for a year. He believes in making the students study very hard without caring about their overall life and situation. His intention is to bring the school’s ranking up by first dealing with Nam-soon’s class, which is the worst.

He is practical and logical. He is lazy and does not care about people’s feelings or situations, he cares only about the results. He’s also pretty arrogant.

We see character development in him through the drama but I just didn’t care about him, you know? I tried but I couldn’t.

school 2013 jung in jae
Source: dryedmangoez

Jung In-jae is the sweet teacher who cares about her students’ well-being more than their academic scores. She’s the complete opposite of Jung In-jae.

She tries very hard to actually reach the students and talk to them. If any of them come to her with a problem, she helps them to the best of her ability. She isn’t partial to anyone and is honestly the best teacher-counselor personality.

go nam soon

Now to Go Nam-soon. Go Nam-soon is the perfect example of a student who has given up and is just going through the daily motions. He works all night for his part-time job and sleeps during class.

He finds studying very hard and hence has given up, accepting the lowest marks every time.

While there’s nothing very special about Go Nam-soon, pair him with Heung-soo and you’re now caught into the story.

park heung soo

Park Heung-soo is the new and “troubled” student who has transferred in-and-out of multiple schools. He has a reputation of being a bully. Heung-soo has been transferred to this school as the last chance. If he gets expelled from this school as well, he’s not graduating ever.

There is more depth to Heung-soo on his own than Nam-soon on his own. Together, they’re a whole new story but I found Heung-soo more likable, compared to Nam-soon only.


The only bright points of the drama were Nam-soon and Heung-soo’s bromance but it’s not enough to completely save the show. It doesn’t take up enough screen time for that. I wish their friendship was the focal point alone because then I would have really liked the drama.

I wouldn’t recommend it. If you really want to see Lee Jong-suk and Kin Woo-bin on screen together with amazing chemistry, go for it. Otherwise better skip it.

Have you seen any profound show, drama or movie based on high school? What do you think is one thing that will be a constant in teenagers’ lives no matter the changes in the world? Tell me in the comments!

Crazy Rich Asians || just rich people politics

crazy rich asians coverTitle: Crazy Rich Asians

Author: Kevin Kwan

Genre: Contemporary

Category: Adult

Status: Book 1 of Crazy Rich Asians trilogy



Crazy Rich Asians is the outrageously funny debut novel about three super-rich, pedigreed Chinese families and the gossip, backbiting, and scheming that occurs when the heir to one of the most massive fortunes in Asia brings home his ABC (American-born Chinese) girlfriend to the wedding of the season.
When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long drives to explore the island, and quality time with the man she might one day marry. What she doesn’t know is that Nick’s family home happens to look like a palace, that she’ll ride in more private planes than cars, and that with one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors on her arm, Rachel might as well have a target on her back. Initiated into a world of dynastic splendor beyond imagination, Rachel meets Astrid, the It Girl of Singapore society; Eddie, whose family practically lives in the pages of the Hong Kong socialite magazines; and Eleanor, Nick’s formidable mother, a woman who has very strong feelings about who her son should–and should not–marry. Uproarious, addictive, and filled with jaw-dropping opulence, Crazy Rich Asians is an insider’s look at the Asian JetSet; a perfect depiction of the clash between old money and new money; between Overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese; and a fabulous novel about what it means to be young, in love, and gloriously, crazily rich.


With the movie’s release, everyone’s been talking about this book. I finally got to it recently and I didn’t like it.

The Plot

While we go through SEVERAL points of views and follow a lot of characters in the book, at the center are Nicholas and Rachel.

Nicholas is from the uber rich Young family in Singapore but he works as a professor in New York, not telling anyone who his family is. Even Rachel, whom he’s been dating for two years. Then one day, for his best friend’s wedding, he invites Rachel. To the wedding, to Singapore and to meet his family. He doesn’t realize what he’ll set off bringing a “poor” girl who has no clue about his family.

But the spark becomes fire very soon. Within no time every one knows Rachel Chu and she is gossiped about.

My thoughts on the book:

  • I don’t know what I was expecting but it was not a book full of rich Asians gossiping about every one else. I hated it.
  • Rich. People. Politics. Almost every page.
  • I thought we’d get way more of Nicholas and Rachel but honestly they constituted maybe 5% of the book.
  • There were so many characters and so much name dropping and then back stories of all of them that my mind was muddled within no time. Honestly I only know Nicholas, Rachel, Nicholas’s cousin Astrid and her husband Michael.
  • Looooooong paragraphs jumping from one topic to the other while giving back stories on characters. I found myself skimming the book not even four chapters in.
  • The book shows the lives of rich people and also how the not-so-rich feel when brought into the foray. It would have been nice if we also didn’t see multiple chapters about characters I can’t care less about.
  • Rachel was endearing.
  • Nicholas was so damn clueless.
  • Astrid was awesome.
  • Michael was nice.
  • Everyone else can disappear. They’re not important.


It’s as the title says, the book is about crazy rich Asians. I’ve heard the movie is better so I think I’ll give it a try. Maybe when I’m bored and open to it. The book was just okay to me, but mostly I didn’t like it. Wouldn’t recommend.


The Sunday Post // tests + Sierra Burgess

It’s already been another week?! I feel like I wrote last week’s Sunday post just a couple days back. Just like this week, the next two years will go by and before I know it I’ll be out of college. Scary just thinking about going into the real adulting world.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

As I write this, it’s Saturday evening and I’ve just got back from college. You will be seeing this only Sunday afternoon but I’m writing it in advance because I don’t need any more excuses to procrastinate studying.

I’m blogging while playing my playlist on shuffle and trying to chill for the first time since last Sunday.

Updates from last sunday

I went out with a friend and I had a really good time! We went to a small book fair and then went to a mall where we sat talking over burgers and Fanta Floats for a LONG time. It was a good day, although it did tire me out and I didn’t get to studying that day. Worth it, though.

I also bought a book from the book fair called The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger. The only reason I actually ended up buying it is because the author wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which I really like.

Follow up on last week’s to-do list

I don’t do to-do lists in my bullet journal because it never worked for me. Surprisingly, though, the to-do list I’ve been posting here last two Sundays is actually on my mind throughout the week! Maybe because I only talk about the most important things or maybe posting online is keeping me responsible.

  1. Don’t watch any Kdramas or read any books!! Although I did end up reading a book early in the week because I reallllly felt like it, I’m still marking this green. I didn’t watch or read anything else, which has actually freed up a LOT of my time to study.
  2. Blog for Friday in advance. I blogged for Friday on Tuesday itself along with that day’s post!
  3. Two hours of online course minimum. So much for doing my course no matter what. Since I missed a LOT of classes, I needed to study a lot and catch up to write my tests well.
  4. Study!!!!! I did haha.

Section 377 in India has been repealed!

pride flag.jpg

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code states that homosexual sex between two consenting adults is a crime. India has a long history of hating on queer people and not welcoming them.

In 2009, the section was repealed but in 2013 it was brought back. I was oblivious to all this.

But a couple days back, the Supreme Court panel of five judges unanimously voted to repeal Section 377 and I CAN’T BE HAPPIER.

The internet BLEW UP with the news and there was celebration everywhere. Twitter had multiple hashtags about it that trended. The news kept showing people going around giving sweets and celebrating and honestly, what a good day.

I’m so thankful for this step forward. And in the center of it all, the judges are the people to thank. Not only did they take this decision, they also gave such good statements which should be quotes.

“LGBT community has the same rights as other members of society. Criminalising carnal sex is irrational, arbitrary.” CJI Dipak Misra

Gay marriage is not legal, though. I’m sure the next step is to pursue it but there has already been opposition to the idea by the Govt, which I read in the news. It’s a work-in-progress. I hope for the best.

4/6 tests done!

My tests started Friday and I have two a day. And since my weekdays run until Saturday, I had two days of two tests.

I’m actually glad that we have two tests a day because they get over really fast. It’s four days of binge-studying and done. It’s a good schedule. During finals when my exams stretches over several days, I hate it.

I have two more tests on Monday and I’m done, yay!

Reading updates

I read only one book this week as I said above and that is Accidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd. I read through it pretty quickly. I quite liked it in the beginning but the last quarter just did not do it for me.

It was a little messy the way it ended and I also didn’t like the last sequence of events.

3/5 stars.

What I watched

I actually haven’t watched yet but I’m about to watch Sierra Burgess Is A Loser now! I have a day to study for my next two tests so I’m allowing myself to enjoying for a little bit.

I have my cup of tea and some biscuits, all ready. I’ll come back once the movie’s over and complete this post so until then, see ya!

two hours later

Y’all.. I didn’t like it..

I didn’t like the movie. Less than halfway through I found myself fast-forwarding. I.. I did not expect this.

I just really expected to like it, you know? I even spoke about it to my friends, I was so excited to watch it!

  • Starting with the small things, sometimes the music choices were way off for the scenes.
  • We did not even get to see Sierra and Jamey connect.
  • I loved Sierra’s confidence on not caring about her looks and while, deep down, I know that it’s still high school and that it will affect her, I did not like the way it came out.
  • The unlikely friendship between Veronica and Sierra was my most anticipated thing because I wanted friendship and.. I don’t know. It just was not it. The movie was not it.
  • It’s transphobic. A friend replied saying that in reply to my Instagram story, about watching the movie, as well. It’s… no. No.
  • It’s also fatphobic and lesbophobic.
  • This tweet thread by clockworkreads says it all.

  • I’m just sitting here making faces of frustration because I don’t know how to say what I didn’t like because overall I just didn’t.
  • It felt like just another story about a fat girl in high school. I did not see anything new and unique and nice.
  • Also I did not relate at all. I was the fat one too but I did not relate at all. Is that how American high school is? Just snide comments and outward insults without any underhand things? Because from what I remember, the small things hurt more than being outwardly insulted.
  • The best friend relationship Sierra had with Dan was not nice. I mean, throughout the movie everything that happened, I didn’t like it. But right from the start I didn’t like Dan because he kept pushing Sierra and sometimes didn’t consider her feelings. But then on the other hand (spoiler ahead, will type it in white so if you want to see it, select the text) she did kinda forget about him because of a boy and because a new friend and that is SAD. He was with her the whole time! And she didn’t even think about it. Felt like just another teenage movie that I do not get.
  • I hated the peak point. You know, the part of every story where things go wrong and the MC is sad and realizes how stupid she’s been and stuff. Very awkwardly done. Did not like it.

Side note: The song Sunflower by Shannon Purser is pretty good. I don’t like the lyrics because I’m done with the plot line but her voice is really good and I like the tone. Will definitely have any other song by her on repeat. Not this one though.

Conclusion: I did not like it. Some people did, though. So if you want to watch it, go for it, I guess?

I hit 900 followers on Instagram

Moving on to better topics! I hit another milestone on my Instagram account! I know that Instagram follower count will keep fluctuating and changing, so right after this the number might go down. (Is it bots that cause this problem or is it actually people who follow unfollow several times because I’ve been facing this for a long time and so have many others.)

I’m so close to 1k! Woohoo!

Speaking of, follow me on Instagram!

Next week’s to-do list

Okay last thing. I need to end this post so I can get to studying because my mum has been telling me to get off the laptop and study for the past hour.

picture of my bujo

  • Do well on the last two tests! Get studying ASAP.
  • Design review. Gotta show the design plan for my mini project to my guide on Monday.
  • DBMS project review. Better start get working on this project and review the plans with my guide.
  • Four hours of online course. Need to catch up!
  • Write another Kdrama review. I have tons of Kdramas left to be reviewed! So much backlog oof.

And I think that’s enough for a week? I’m making faces just looking at this list.

(Okay my mum’s making pulao again and it smells SO GOOD I WANT TO EAT IT NOW. Thank goodness it’ll be dinner time soon.)

How was your week? Anything monumental happen? Tell me in the comments!

September Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet journalling has changed my daily life. I cannot say otherwise.

Last month, since the notebook I was using had only a few pages left, I decided to not really set up for August. I just did a monthly page with the month’s calendar and an expense tracker, leaving the rest of the empty pages for daily journalling.

Guess what. My August was SO CLUTTERED. I didn’t really even pick up my bullet journal except to note down my expenses and plan blog posts. The month was a disaster, to be honest. I was so disorganized, I couldn’t wait to start bullet journalling properly again.

First, let me introduce you to my new notebook.

I started a new notebook this month. Its from personal-planner.com, a website where you can customize your notebook and have it shipped to yourself for free.

Here is my notebook:



  • Spiral notebook of size “Classic A5”, dimensions 147x205mm and 160 pages.
  • I contemplated a lot about what image I want in the front. In the end, I decided to put a simple picture for the front that I took on Snapchat with a filter and added a small quote below. It says “I begin with an idea and it becomes something else” said by Pablo Picasso.
  • On the back, I have a coordinating coloured background and the names of several books I really love. The names go vertically so you have to start at the top and read downwards and from left to right columns. The spaces are added to separate book names. So each book title has no spaces between it’s words. Some of the books I’ve mentioned are Where Rainbows End, Before We Were Strangers, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.
  • The pages inside are tinted blue. When I saw the option, I had to have it. Blue is my favourite colour.
  • The book is divided into four quarters. I chose the first and last quarters to have dotted pages and the middle two quarters to have plain pages. Although honestly even the dotted pages look plain unless you look VERY close, even in real life.
  • The notebook also comes with a matching scale which is removable for convenience. I can put it for whichever page I want it.
  • It also comes with a transparent removable folder which, like the scale, can be removed and put in whichever place as convenient.

removable folder and scale

  • I also chose to get a sheet of small stickers and a pen along with the notebook.

So, that’s my notebook. Isn’t it pretty awesome? Especially with the tinted pages?

Now, onto the setup for this month.

I’ve been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for my previous notebook to finish so I can get to this one. It’s almost the end of 2018, sadly, for me to start using a notebook with 2018 written on the front.

Anyway, the major challenges I had with this book were coordinating with the background blue tint (I needed to choose colour pens that matched the colour or complemented it) and getting used to the size (which I’ve never had before.) It took a few tries, and multiple pages getting ripped out, but I managed it in the end.

I wanted the first page to have my favorite poem, so I wrote it.

millenials page

It was after this point that I discovered the ghosting and very slight bleeding my brush pens caused on the paper. So then I had to tread lightly.


cover page

events and goals

I didn’t want to start the trackers immediately after the events so I just made up a goals page. Not sure if I’ll stick to it, but we’ll see.

mood and expense trackers

Since the pages are pretty small, and I liked drawing borders on the pages, I had to make these two small and “cute”.

I intentionally left out habit trackers this month because I didn’t think I’d have enough mental energy to bother with trackers except the commenting challenge.

sept bujo blog schedule spread

As usual, I have my monthly blog post schedule in the back for any planning so I can do multiple months at once (if required).

Now that I see, the pages look white lol. I promise, they’re tinted blue. The blueness idn’t seen after I increased the brightness of the photos.

And that’s it! It’s going to take a while for me to get used to this book. Until then, I’m just going to experiment and try things.

Have you started anything new this month? Maybe school, exercise, sport, journalling? Let me know in the comments! Also do tell me your opinions on my notebook and spreads.

Poison Study || finally knocking it off my TBR

poison studyTitle: Poison Study

Author: Maria V. Snyder

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Young Adult

Status: Book 1 of the Study series



A quick death
Or slow poison…

Yelena has a choice – be executed for murder, or become food taster to the Commander of Ixia. She leaps at the chance for survival, but her relief may be short-lived.

Life in the palace is full of hazards and secrets. Wily and smart, Yelena must learn to identify poisons before they kill her, recognise whom she can trust and how to spy on those she can’t. And who is the mysterious Southern sorceress who can reach into her head?

When Yelena realises she has extraordinary powers of her own, she faces a whole new problem, for using magic in Ixia is punishable by death…


This book has been on my TBR for AGES. It’s one of the earliest books in my TBR on Goodreads. I was at the bookstore the other day and found a used copy of this book for a low price so I bought it, solely to knock it off my TBR. I really wasn’t sure if I still was interested in it.

The Plot

We follow Yelena, who is given the choice to be the food taster for the commander of Ixia or be executed for her crime. After living for a year in the dungeons, she jumps on the chance of being alive a little longer.

But her life isn’t easy. She has to build up her stamina, study poisons and avoid the father of the person she killed. Oh and she has some mysterious power that comes in the form of buzzing.

My thoughts on the book:

  • I wasn’t very interested in Yelena. Honestly, I was just barely interested in her. She was just surviving one day at a time and wanted to live. She also has a traumatic past, which lead to her killing her master’s son.
  • The romance was very quick. Once the confessions came out, the “I love you” came very soon after and it threw me for a loop. Especially since the romance was not a focus point for most of the book but in the end it suddenly has so much.. intensity? Did not make sense.
  • Plot-wise, it was just okay. It’s a little interesting idea with the world and workings but there wasn’t enough to add an oomph factor. We follow more of Yelena’s self-growth than see the fantasy world. And in fantasy books, the world is everything so that got me bummed.
  • As for the love interest, he was the only thing I mildly liked and that was only until half the book. Also some things about him were just stated and not explained at all so that was annoying.
  • There was transgender rep so that was nice to stumble upon.
  • I took about a week to finish the book. I carried it around with me everywhere and I’m pretty sure the only reason I finished it was because, out in public, it was the only book I had in hand to read. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have read it.


It was simply okay. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either. I will not be reading further books in the series. I’m glad I managed to knock off an old TBR title, that’s all.

If you really think you’d like it, only then go for it. Otherwise, I would recommend skipping it.


The Sunday Post // Kdrama watching + tons of work

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m currently sneaking in a bit of blogging before I have to get ready and go out, so this post may not be very long. In fact, I think I might write half of it and complete it later in the evening when I’m home. I want this post to be a little long and include everything I want to talk about.

So, let’s just get to it!

Updates from last Sunday

So last week, in my Sunday Post, I had written and published it on Sunday morning. That didn’t include my Sunday activities so I just want to say a little about it.

As I had said, I went out with my friends. 7 of us went to a place in my city popular for buying and selling books. I sold back a bunch of books and bought two textbooks (one for me, one for my best friend). After that, we went to a popular eating place in another part of the city and I tried new food!

Honestly, I can’t even properly describe what was so good about the day. It’s probably just that I went out with this group for the first time and I had a lot of fun. One of my friends said thrice, I believe, that I was so cute. It was funny the way she said it, all awe and realization, but I felt nice. Compliments are very good to hear.

Here are some images from the day!

Follow up on last week’s to-do list:

  1. Download and install software for mini project. I tried four times. It kept going wrong. Eventually decided I’ll take it from one of my friends and try.
  2. Buy textbooks! Done!
  3. Do two hours of online course minimum. I did just two hours lol.
  4. Set up bullet journal for September.Done! Now I just need to make a blog post about it.
  5. Shift back home. Done!

All-in-all, good enough week.

College is kicking my ass

It’s been a month since college started, with about three more months of classes to go, and I’m already stressed af. Two mini projects, assignments, online course and classes all together are taking up my time. I have no clue how I’m blogging and I’m not sure how I’ll manage the time to keep blogging through the semester.

Things will surely become more hectic, starting from this week because we have our first internal tests. I seriously need to get studying because I barely know anything since I missed a lot of classes due to internship.

Kdramas I watched

The only way I deal with stress is procrastination and only that explains why I finished TWO Kdramas last week.

1. Kill Me, Heal Me

My friend and I started watching it together and while we planned on going on the same pace, I ended up finishing early. In fact, she was ahead of me because I was watching Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. But once I started Kill Me, Heal Me, I finished it in 4 days. That’s roughly 4 hours a day.

2. She Was Pretty

My friend was stalking the actors in Kill Me, Heal Me and told me that two of the leads are protagonists in She Was Pretty. Considering I really like the male lead, I decided to go for it.

Another friend recommended She Was Pretty a long time back but i started watching it only now. I finished it in 4 days, so about 4 hours a day again lol.

I’m going to stop watching and reading for the next week until my tests finish because I really need to pass.

Reading updates

I was born for this cover

I read only one book and that was I Was Born For This by Alice Osman and I can see that Radio Silence wasn’t a one-hit wonder. It was really good, included diversity as well and had a similar vibe to Radio Silence. Let’s hope I get the time to write a review soon.

New theme in Instagram!


My bookstagram is known for changing themes very frequently and I’m glad to be moving on to the next theme after a couple months. It’s similar to a theme I did before but with different colours. I’m glad I’m back to complete colour now because my last theme was based on white background.

If you still haven’t, follow me on Instagram! I post pretty pictures and talk about books or my daily life. I also post stories on various book, Kdrama and life updates.

I got featured on the August Creator Showcase!


while you were sleeping hong joo

In July, I shared my While You Were Sleeping review post on twitter in reply to the host’s tweet, nominating that post for the Showcase. There were tons of other people who shared their posts so I’m super surprised and happy that I was picked and featured for the Showcase!

For August, it was hosted by Rastilin0903, who did a great job. Click here to see the post where he features 20 blog posts!

This week’s to-do list

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


  1. Don’t watch any Kdramas or read any books!! Need to concentrate on studying now.
  2. Blog for Friday in advance. I have my first test on Friday so I definitely can’t do it on Thursday or Friday.
  3. Two hours of online course minimum. No matter what else, I still have 40 hours of my course left and I need to finish it THIS SEMESTER.
  4. Study!!!!! Goes without saying.

And that’s it for this week! Surprisingly I wrote this in one sitting and that means I need to run NOW to get ready. Okay bye!

How was your week? Hectic? Chill? Tell me things in the comments!

All Your Perfects || I couldn’t put it down

all your perfects coverTitle: All Your Perfects

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance

Category: Adult

Status: Standalone



Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?


Even if I’m not interested in a plotline, you can bet that I’ll still read and like it if it’s by Colleen Hoover.

This book is based on the struggles of a married couple and their journey through it. Now, I don’t usually pick up books which deal with marriage and post-marriage things. I’m still in the YA and NA section. But it’s by CoHo so I read it and, no surprise, I loved it.

The Plot

We follow Graham and Quinn in two timelines named as Then and Now.

In “Then”, we see them meeting and dating and how they fall in love. The vibe of it was very happy, bright and fun.

In “Now”, we see the couple struggling to get pregnant and how it’s brought them to a dark and sad place. This is the sad, depressed and worrying part.

My thoughts on the book:

  • Firstly, I’m so glad I got to read another Colleen Hoover book. No matter whether I like the plot or not, I ended up devouring her books in one sitting because her writing is so good that it just sucks me in.
  • I loved that the vibes of these two parts were so distinctly different. I didn’t even have to look at the chapter headings. I knew immediately which part I was in. No doubts.
  • Quinn faces depression (wasn’t mentioned so but I think she did) and the struggles were brought out really well. I actually related quite a bit from my depression.

Sadness is like a spiderweb. You don’t see it until you’re caught up in it, and then you have to claw at yourself to try to break free.

  • I really liked Quinn and Graham, but Graham a little more. In Then, I saw how happy and bright with hope they were, and “Now” has them in a hard place. I was attached to the characters within two chapters. 
  • I felt the chemistry between the main couple. It was so good.

Graham has said so many sweet things to me, but this wasn’t sweet. This was pure poetry.

  • I think what I liked most was that CoHo gave us another thoughtful, heartbreaking book and made it concrete that she’s one of my favorite Romance authors.
  • The book made me cry TWICE and that is a very rare thing!! It deserves my praise.


Loved loved LOVED the book. Absolutely recommended if you want to get lost in a book that makes you feel a lot.