Songs on Repeat // November ’18 edition

Happy December everyone! I didn’t get a lot of blogging done in November but I did listen to a lot of songs. I admit, almost of them are Korean. Now that I’ve discovered them and started to love them, I’m just venturing more into that world. 

Don’t Cry by SEVENTEEN

First up is this really nice song by SEVENTEEN. A friend of mine made me watch the dance practice video (which is really nice) and this popped up in my YouTube recommendations. I listened to it and I can’t seem to go back to the original version. I love the acoustics.

Shine by Pentagon

missemmareadsalot posted a story on Instagram about being obsessed with this choreography and I checked it out immediately, only to become obsessed myself. I love that song is kinda funny and the coordination of the group is brilliant.

I didn’t like the song immediately but after watching the video a bunch of times, the song grew on me. I also made many of my friends watch this video and they loved it as well. One of them said that the first steps look like bharatnatyam (an Indian dance style) and I can’t un-see it now XD

Runaway by Pentagon

While I liked Shine, I didn’t purposefully look for more songs but Runaway played on auto play one day and I was HOOKED. This sounds more like their style. I don’t like the dance practice video that much though. My favourite part of the song is Yuto’s rap which comes near the end. And it’s only about 30 seconds, which is sad because I WANT MORE. I do agree it’s not easy getting a bigger part with 12 other members in the group.

Right after I got into Pentagon I found out that E’Dawn, one of the members whom I like because he raps well, left. This was due to some personal issues but oh well.

everythinggoes by RM (BTS)

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention songs from RM’s mixtape “mono” in the last songs on repeat. But I did carry the love for the playlist well into this month. My favourite has to be everythinggoes because.. I just love the vibe.

seoul by RM (BTS)

Another favourite from the mixtape is seoul which is SO NICE. I love every single song from the mixtape but these two stand on top of the rest for me.

Crystal Snow by BTS

The last song, and one that I’m still obsessed with, is Crystal Snow by BTS. The vocal and rap line KILLED IT in this song. It’s in Japanese and all 4 of the vocal line sound like angels. I especially love that Jin got a big part in this song, and he sang beautifully. (Jin is my bias)

What songs did you listen to on repeat last month?

The Heirs // Kdrama review

Hey everyone! I feel like I’m blogging after so long. I did not blog for about two weeks recently and I just could not get myself to do it. I guess I was in a blogging slump. And when I got back, this new block editor was on WordPress? I quite like it but it’s also hindering in some ways. I’m still figuring things out on how to use it.

Anyway! Welcome to another Kdrama review! I watched this AGES ago but I’ve been crawling through these reviews so this is pretty late.

I had heard a lot about this drama but wasn’t really interested in watching it. Finally a friend of mine watched it and loved it so much that she made me watch it too.

What is the drama about?

We mainly follow three characters—Cha Eun-sang, Kim Tan and Choi Young-do, three high school students at Jejuk High School which is a wealthy school for “the heirs” or the rich kids.

Che Eun-sang is the daughter of the maid who works at Kim Tan’s home, and she got in through a scholarship because of her grades.

We see a love triangle involving the main three characters, struggles of Eun-sang being a poor kid amongst rich and spoilt brats and associated dynamics. A major part of the show is also about the lives of “the heirs” and how their lives are not as flowery and easy as it may seem.

My thoughts on the drama

the main focus

  • I honestly do not know how I lasted through 20 episodes.
  • Divz, my friend, liked it but I found the show average right from the start. I also don’t understand why the show is widely loved, other than having a good main cast.
  • The main actors were really good. Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin took over their roles very well.
  • I’m very partial to Kim Woo-bin’s character, Choi Young-do. I had major second-lead syndrome during this drama.
  • OR maybe I just did NOT like Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang.
  • I contemplated discontinuing the show but Divz told that it gets better. And it did, but only in Choi Young-do.
  • Honestly, if Tan and Eun-sang disappeared half through the show, I wouldn’t have cared.
  • The one thing I kinda liked was the portrayal about how if you want the throne, you should give up something for it. That’s true, a person cannot have everything. This was very realistic.

The one who wants to wear the crown, must bear the weight.

  • The show’s main focus was on the rich families, particularly “the heirs”, and it got     E X H A U S T I N G. All most of them did was bully the poorer kids and people. It depicts real life but was extremely boring as the main plot.
  • There was so much useless drama.

the romance

  • The show is a HUGE cliche, with the rich guy + poor girl romance. In high school.
  • Both Tan and Eun-sang were kinda spineless where it mattered for a large part of the show. I hated that.
  • I HATED the “I like you but oh I’m poor and I’m not supposed to be with you” consistent monologue of Eun-sang. It was exhausting to watch.
  • On the other hand, Kim Tan did not care about her situation or worries and just wants to date her. Could he get more cliched?

I like you so you should date me.

  • Wow, no consideration of her feelings whatsoever. If I was Eun-sang, I’d put it into mild harassment category. But then she was in like with him too so.. he can do no wrong.
  • I’m sure there were good parts in the romance but I couldn’t get in on the train.

the love triangle

  • I hate love triangles anywhere and I especially hated it in this drama. I legit shipped Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang just because I thought Choi Young-do was too pure and deserved better, even though that would mean him getting his heart broken.
  • The territorial contest between Tan and Young-do over Eun-sang was annoying. Tan wanted her to himself but also disregarded her position and pride, could not gather the courage to tell his parents that he liked her and Y E T, he said he deserves her more than Young-do. Boy, at least Young-do does what he says and has a backbone.
the main three


  • I would have loved the show more if the main focus was Tan and Young-do’s complicated relationship. They were best friends turned sworn enemies who ended up falling for the same girl. It was also way more than that, which we saw as the show went on.
  • I loved finding out their past, why they fought, and just all the feels and everything related to their frenemies dynamic. More friendship focus, please. I couldn’t care less about the romance here.
  • Oh and! I can’t believe I forgot about this until now.
  • Kim Tam’s biological mother and Eun-sang’s mother where a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. They were one of the best parts of the show. They start out as mistress and maid but their relationship progresses to unlikely friendship and I was ALL FOR IT.
  • It also gave us some funny parts so that was nice.
Tan's mother and Eun-sang's mother after a pillow fight.
They even had PILLOW FIGHTS lol.
  • I liked the “gang” that Young-do along with a few others were and the subtle show of progression—from how they used to be to how they are and also speculations of the future. We saw them together and individually, with their struggles and achievements and dreams.


  • The one thing I truly enjoyed seeing was the infrastructure of their school. I mean, LOOK AT IT.

The Characters

Cha Eun-sang, played by Park Shin-hye, studied a lot, had two part-time jobs and worked hard at everything she does. But I didn’t find her to have an actual personality, besides being weak and slightly stubborn. She was just a “damsel in distress”. I also didn’t find her having a dream. She just worked hard for now, with no thoughts of what she wants to become.

Kim Tan
Source: The Problematic of the Unproblematic

Kim Tan, acted by Lee Min-ho, struggles with being a bastard son and cares a lot about his biological mother who can’t be his mum in public. He does not care about the inheritance he has a chance to receive, but spends lavishly and takes money for granted.

Tan also does not have a dream. He doesn’t care about the future. He does not even try in school, bagging the last position in his batch which is an achievement in itself considering most of the students are dumb, rich and spoilt kids.

His character was a contradiction. I did not understand how the writers meant him to be. He was confident and then weak, speaks strong and doesn’t act on his words. He cares about many things and wants change but does not actively go for it. Tan is stubborn, wanting what he wants but also not having the guts to fight for it.

Cha Eun-sang
Source: Dramabeans

Choi Young-do, acted by Kim Woo-bin, had depth, character growth and progression. He’s had abuse at home, is reckless and a bully in school. He actually tries to become a person worthy of Eun-sang!!! Good role model right here guys. I loved seeing him throughout the drama

The only character with true depth was Choi Young-do. That’s all. Everyone else was meh.

Choi Young-do

Rachel Yoo was the most shallow character. I disliked her so much that I ended up disliking the actress Kim Ji-won as well which was A SHAME. I only liked the actress later when I saw her in Descendants of the Sun. This character was so annoying.

She’s spoilt and is a petty bully.

Rachel Yoo
Source: Korean Drama Fashion

Now, my two fav supporting characters. Lee Bo-na (Krystal Jung) and Yoon Chan-young(Kang Min-hyuk) were SO ADORABLE. Each were really nice on their own and also as a couple. Good people ❤

They DEALT WITH THEIR UPPER/MIDDLE CLASS DIFFERENCES in a healthy manner and stayed in a relationship together throughout the drama. At least we had one positive representation.

Source: Amino Apps

Kim Won, played by Choi Jin-hyuk, was meant to be important but I couldn’t care less about him. He is Kim Tan’s elder brother and he was also kinda spineless like Tan when it came to his romance. In fact, their romance stories went almost the same, only with different choices in the end.

Kim Won also had a lot of problem with Kim Tan, and I still don’t really know why. Logically, he shouldn’t hate Tan but he did. It’s one of the bigger minor plots. I didn’t think that it was carried out well.

Kim Won
Source: JESH’s corner

Lee Hyo-shin, played by Kang Ha-neul, is the one character who deserved more screen time and plot than he got. He was the calm and collected senior that the other students looked up to. I liked him.

He was also relatable because he had a dream of being a film-maker and his family pressured him into law, following their footsteps. We saw the struggle of choosing between his dream and his family + the lifestyle he’s grown up in. I would have rather seen plotlines like this than the romance where both of them are idiots.

Lee Hyo-shin
Source: Asia Reviewer Maniac


I didn’t like the show. It had a few good parts but not enough for me.

I wouldn’t recommend it. The drama IS pretty popular and widely-liked so maybe it’s just me and you’d like it? Who knows.

Have you seen this drama? What do you think of the themes it portrays?

The Singles Game || all about the journey

Title: The Singles Game
Author: Lauren Weisberger
Genre: Chick Lit
Category: Adult
Series info: Standalone


New from the author of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA: it’s a match made in hell.

When Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Silver makes a pact with the devil, infamously brutal tennis coach Todd Feltner, she finds herself catapulted into a world of stylists, private parties and secret dates with Hollywood royalty.

Under Todd it’s no more good-girl attitude: he wants warrior princess Charlie all the way. After all, no-one ever won by being nice.

Celebrity mags and gossip blogs go wild for Charlie, chasing scandal as she jets around the globe. But as the warrior princess’s star rises, both on and off the court, it comes at a high price. Is the real Charlie Silver still inside?

Sweeping from Wimbledon to the Caribbean, from LA to mega yachts in the Med, The Singles Game is a brilliantly entertaining romp through a world where the stakes are high – and no-one plays by the rules.


I picked this book up in a book fair only because it’s by the author who wrote The Devil Wears Prada. I haven’t read the book but I really liked the movie so I thought I’d give this a try.

The Plot

The book follows Charlotte “Charlie” Silver, a singles tennis player, who injures herself and gets back into the game.

When it becomes apparent that her current coach cannot get her further than number 26 in ranking, she makes a pact with the devil of the tennis games to coach her. Todd Feltner wants to completely revamp her image from the “good girl” it has always been to “warrior princess”.

Soon Charlie gets caught up in the fame, and the success in her rankings, that she starts to forget her roots.

This book is the journey of a tennis player who, in the ambition to win a Grand Slam, starts to slowly lose herself.

My thoughts on the book

I did not know what to expect from this book because the blurb was pretty vague, not telling us what the book is really about. But I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the book is about the journey of Charlie Silver. It’s not romance, it’s just follows the most important time of Charlie’s life.

Charlie was a good main character. She is sweet, caring and is not cut-throat at all, at least as far as others know. She’s still bothered by her mother’s death and loves the sport to bits. Her dream is to win Grand Slam and she can push herself to any limits for it.

The book was most interesting when Charlie was undergoing an image change. I loved her new self in the beginning. She was confident, strong, determined and would not stop at anything to achieve her dreams.

What I did not like as much was the very quick wrap-up at the end. After so much detail and deliberation, the step-by-step following of Charlie’s life, the book ended suddenly with a LOT of changes mentioned in only one chapter.

I really wanted to know how the book ended for Charlie and we got just a chapter that was suddenly after a huge time-jump when a lot of things happened. After getting attached to Charlie, that was not good for me.


It’s a light-hearted chick lit book, perfect for reading when you want a good story but also not have too much feels because of it. It will be good as a vacation book or something to read on a lazy Sunday.

My rating: 3.5/5

What kind of books do you like more—character centered or plot centered?

10 backlist books I want to read

It’s been a long time since I’ve last done a Top Ten Tuesday post. I just haven’t the time to write a detailed TTT post.

I have a LOT of books on my TBR, and since I’ve hauled quite a books this year, I have several unread books on my shelf already. But for the sake of this post, I’m going to talk about 10 backlist books on my Goodreads TBR, which I don’t own yet.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s topic is backlist books I want to read.

i believe in a thing called love[1] I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

I believe found this in a wrap-up post on a blog I don’t remember recently. Or it was a book recommendations post. One of them.

The book is about a girl called Desi Lee who believe that anything is possible if you have a plan. She’s accomplished in every department other than love. So one day, armed with all her Kdrama knowledge and her idea of love, she sets out to fall in love. Throughout the book she finds out that real love is more than just drama.

Doesn’t that sound really interesting? I really hope I get to read this soon.

Add it on Goodreads.

books blogs and reality[2] Books, Blogs and Reality by Ryan Ringbloom

I’ll admit, I added this to my TBR immediately after reading the title. It sounds like everything I’d relate to.

This book is about four bloggers and them dealing with life, reality, anxieties, their happily-ever-after dreams and much more.

It just sounds like something where there’s character growth, lessons learned and really nice anecdotes so I really want to read it.

Add it on Goodreads.

extremely loud and incredibly close[3] Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I have no idea about where I found this book online but the second I read the synopsis, I knew I had to have it on my TBR.

The book is about 8 year old Oscar who is a mix of everything like many kids are. When his father dies, Oscar finds a key in his dad’s closet. The book shows him setting out to solve the mysteries of the key which takes him on an epic journey.


the afterlife of holly chase[4] The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

I really like Cynthia Hand’s books so when I saw this, and read the blurb, I knew that I have to keep a lookout for this book.

Holly was visited by three ghosts telling her to mend her ways and she didn’t listen, so she died. She just watches her friends and family move on while she’s stuck at seventeen, but this year something changes.

The blurb is very intriguing, and this book follows a GHOST. That’s enough for me.


the love letters of abelard and lily[5] The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle

This book is about Lily, who has ADHD, and Abelard, who has Asperger’s. The two teenagers bond over their love for ancient love letters and end up falling for each other.

It’s a basic YA contemporary but with two teenagers who are a little different.

Apparently it’s a heartbreaking story and I’m all up for that.


stranger than fanfiction[6] Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

Imagine that one day you just invite a celebrity you love for a road trip with your friends and THEY ACCEPT.

This book shows Cash Carter who takes up the offer to go on a road trip with four fans. On the road trip, the four fans find out that they don’t know everything about the star they love.

I’ve read other books about celebrities but it was always romance-related and didn’t include platonic relationships. I think this will have platonic relationships forming between Cash and the fans so I’m looking forward to read it.


salt[7] Salt by Nayirrah Waheed

This is a poetry book and one of my favourite YouTubers highly commended it and recommended it so I added it to my TBR.

It does not have any blurb on Goodreads so I can’t say what it’s about. I’ll just read it and let y’all know after.

Add it on Goodreads.

words on bathroom walls[8] Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

I was on a roll, trying to find books that featured characters who struggle with a mental health problem.

This book deals with a teenager called Adam who has schizophrenia. He sees imaginary people.

The book shows him using a new drug that helps him ignore his visions and lead a normal life. He starts crushing on this girl called Maya and does not tell her about his diagnosis. Later the drug starts failing and he tries to Maya from knowing his condition.

Add it on Goodreads. 

beautiful mess.jpg[9] Beautiful Mess by Claire Christian

This was recommended to me by Goodreads because I liked Letters to the Lost, I think?

It’s about two teenagers dealing with grief. The main character is Ava who is in a constant rage mode after losing someone. She meets Gideon, who is also dealing with grief but he deals with it by living in his head. They help each other move on.

Add it on Goodreads.

almost adulting[10] Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get It Together (Sort Of) by Arden Rose

This is a non-fiction that talks about everything I need lol. I cannot describe it better than the blurb, so here is a part of it:

By the end of the book — a mash-up of essays, lists, and artwork — you’ll have learned not only how to dress yourself, how to travel alone, how to talk to strangers online, and how to date strangers (in PERSON!), but also how to pass as a real, functioning, appropriately socialized adult.

It also really hilarious so I can’t wait to read it.


And that’s ten books! Now I really want to get to these books but I’m also currently reading THREE books, somehow? I really need to get my reading in order.

What are some backlist books high up your TBR? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Talk to me in the comments!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon // Kdrama review

This review has been pending for AGES. I have all the notes, I spoke to my friends and gathered their opinions on the show and got all the points ready. All I had left was to actually write the review.

Anyway, hi y’all! I absolutely ADORED Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I can’t wait to completely dive into this review. So let’s get to it.

What is this drama about?

Do Bong-soon comes from a line of really strong women and is SUPER strong herself. She can lift cars and throw people into air with ease. The legend is that if the women use their strength for selfish reasons, they lose their power. They’re supposed to use it for good.

Until now, Bong-soon has only been using her power to the minimum, working mostly on being normal.

This drama is about Bong-soon who is now losing control of her powers, has taken the job to protect a CEO, and is crushing real bad on her high school friend.

While Bong-soon works as a bodyguard or the cute AF CEO of Ainsoft, Ahn Min-hyuk, romance buds between the two and it’s THE CUTEST THING EVER.

But there’s also a thriller element with women being kidnapped & disappearing without a trace. The police team, which includes Bong-soon’s crush In Guk-doo, have a hard time finding clues. Bong-soon gets involved with the case and vows to find the culprit.

What I loved:

  • DO BONG-SOON. What a cutie. Few minutes into the show and I was already laughing to tears. She’s short & cute but when she uses her strength it’s so contradicting that it’s bloody hilarious.


  • Ahn Min-hyuk, CEO & cuteness extraordinaire. He is the PERFECT romantic interest for Bong-soon. It didn’t take long for me to become invested in him. He was equally prominent on screen as Bong-soon.
  • The romance, though. Even though she likes In Guk-doo in the beginning, she starts having feelings for Min-hyuk (who already liked her loads by then) and it was TOO ADORABLE. My heart could not take their relationship. Too good.

bong soon and min hyuk

  • Amongst Strong Woman fans, the two are knows as the “puppy couple”* and it describes it all.
  • In Guk-doo was second to only Min-hyuk. I would have had a major crush on him right from the start if Min-hyuk was less prominent.
  • The kidnapping storyline made the show more than just romance. Guk-doo, Bong-soon and Min-hyuk all follow the serial kidnapping incidents and try to find the culprit.
  • Other than that, there was also a minor storyline of Min-hyuk receiving death threats and being the victim of murder attempts.
  • One thing I really liked was the emotions shown in the drama. They came out well. Specifically, I loved the portrayal of emotional vulnerability. It was done really well, in all of the characters.
  • Every Kdrama I’ve watched so far have had comedy elements, big or small, and Strong Woman was no different. But I do want to mention that the comedy is a HUGE part of the show. It takes up a lot of the time and it’s hilarious.
  • The ending scene in 15th episode, which is THE MOST IMPORTANT scene, was done damn well. I loved all the badassness (yes I’m making new words now).

*point written specifically for my friend Sabby.

What I did not like:

  • While the thriller part was a good addition, the scene & the vibe changes weren’t handled well. There would be dark and creepy vibe and suddenly when the scene changed, we got happy and cutesy vibes. So sudden that it was disconcerting.
  • In fact, the vibe change was a recurring thing. Every time there’s a thriller scene, it suddenly ends and we’re back to cutesy AF things.
  • Bong-soon’s mother. Oh god I HATED this character’s existence. At least the villain is required but WHY HER. She’s very partial towards Bong-soon’s twin brother Bong-ki, only gossips with her “friends”, leaving her husband to manage their store alone and also abuses him. She also talks bad about him.
  • There was some explanation (if you can call it that) about her behaviour at the end to kind of “redeem” her, it wasn’t enough. She is a bitter woman who lost her powers due to selfishness.
  • While Bong-soon liking Min-hyuk was cute and all, we didn’t actually get to see her feeling for him develop. We saw him like her and suddenly at one point she liked him too.
  • The plot line following Bong-ki, Guk-doo and Guk-doo’s girlfriend was VERY UNNECESSARY. I hated it.
  • I also didn’t like how the drama ended for Bong-ki and Guk-doo. Was dissatisfying.
  • There were TWO love triangles overall and BOTH got on my nerves.


  • I’ve noticed that a lot of Kdramas focus at least a little bit on the supporting characters. It makes the story wholesome but is sometimes wasteful. In Strong Woman, almost all focus on supporting characters was boring. And unnecessary. There were RANDOM characters just thrown in. I was completely uninterested.
  • The drama would have been much shorter and to the point without all the unnecessary things.
  • There was one “Indian” character and he was SO NOT ACCURATE to facts at all, starting with his name. I was so annoyed by that. Shows how much research was done.
  • Some parts too damn cheesy. I mean, my bar for extra cheese is low but I do think that they could have been low. The dialogues did not come out well too.
  • The intensive romance parts were weird. I’m assuming they tried for a sexy mood, if I can it that, but it was weird in the middle of all cute vibes.
  • The police team who were investigating were useless. It was supposed to come out as policemen who lazed around but got things done in the end, but I saw nothing get done.
  • Even Guk-doo was like “I’m such a good detective” and felt superior to the lazy ones but couldn’t think straight and get work done.

The Characters

Do Bong-soon, played by Park Bo-young, was THE BEST. She cute and small but super strong and has a very out-there personality. She was awesome as the main character.

She’s damn strong, not that smart academically, is bold sometimes and very shy during other times. She’s also SUPER CUTE when she’s crushing. It’s all stars, heavenly backlit crushes and romantic music.

Her dream is to design a game character who’s like her, and that’s the reason she ends up guarding the CEO of Ainsoft, a game company.

Her personality growth throughout the show was really nice as well.

do bongsoon
Source: Dramabeans

Park Hyung-sik acted brilliantly as Ahn Min-hyuk. I cannot imagine any another actor in his place.

Ahn Min-hyuk is the CEO of a game design company called Ainsoft. He has an estranged relationship with his family, who are also rich. His dad is actually head of a string of companies and is powerful but Min-hyuk left and started Ainsoft from scratch. 

I’m sad that Min-hyuk’s determined and resilient personality was not brought out much. It could have added so much to his character.

He’s also damn cute and funny, setting well with the drama’s main theme. For the first time I actually saw a guy head over heels for a girl and act like it. That was refreshing.

ahn min hyuk.jpg

In Guk-doo, played by Ji Soo, was a compelling lead. He wasn’t another cute character. He was more edgy and rude. I actually went on to watch another drama starring Ji Soo because I liked his acting so much.

Ji Soo is a policeman and is transferred to the department that is assigned the serial kidnapping case. He tries to be a good policeman and a good boyfriend. The main reason I like his character is because his vulnerability was brought out well at the right points.

in guk doo.jpg
Source: Noonas over forks

There were SEVERAL supporting characters, and I cannot get into all of them. They were fine enough but as I said before, way too much focus on unnecessary characters.

The Soundtrack

The music SET THE MOOD. The selections were perfect for the show and the scenes. I really like the soundtrack.

Here are my favourites:


If you don’t want to get spoiled, click here to skip to the “overall” concluding section.

Okay FINALLY. I have so much to talk about in this section.

What a stupid ending for Bong-ki and Guk-doo! They just end saying that people like them drift from people to people while really few people find their happily ever after and ?? that’s so negative ??? At least have hope?! What shit.

I did not give a hoot about the goons/construction workers. WHY did we have so much focus on them?! That too they had to make it worse by adding Nizamuddin, an “Indian” monk, and making him throw water on them to cleanse them. Ugh.

I’m disappointed that we saw Bong-soon showing way more feelings for Guk-doo than Min-hyuk. With Guk-doo, she was always melted and crushing hard but that wasn’t much with Min-hyuk. It was mostly Min-hyuk crushing on her and having butterflies. It’s true that she was crushing on Guk-doo for most of the show, but still.

I have mixed feelings about Min-hyuk’s complicated dynamic with his family. The part about his favourite brother and him forgiving him was nice but the rest of the family could go off. Okay maybe the dad can stay but overall it was so-so.

The bomb scene gave SO MUCH EXPECTATIONS and ended very lame. It was also immediately followed by a cute scene, which was a weird and sudden vibe change.

So yeah that.

Now, let’s get to plot holes.

  • It was a BOMB. How did it explode into FIREWORKS when Bong-soon threw it into the sky. It should have been only one explosion.
  • How the hell were there no repercussions? The whole building had to be evacuated due to the threat and it was a huge thing. Yet there was no extra security added the next day or news coverage etc. There wasn’t even concern from Bong-soon’s family.
  • The legend said that the strong women cannot be selfish and hurt innocent people otherwise they’d lose their powers. But in the first episode Bong-soon hurt Min-hyuk’s assistant and BROKE HIS TAILBONE, which caused him to be in the hospital for a long time. How did that not count.

Oh also, the epilogue!

That was damn stretched. We had the epilogue for a WHOLE EPISODE. It was cute and all but it went overboard. I agree that they wanted to give a happy ending but I could have done without a lot of it. It felt very filler.


Despite there bring more negatives than positives, I actually really liked the drama.

You should watch it because it

  • does a real solid on comedy and
  • is super cute.

A friend asked me why the show is so popular if it has many bad points. It’s because even though the direction hadn’t been done well, the main characters themselves and the main plot (on it’s own without the several small supporting characters) were pretty good.

If you’re in the mood for something really cute that’ll give all the happy feels, watch this. It’s kinda similar to the chick lit genre of books.

P.S. shoutout to my friends Divya, Sabby, Shikha and Vignesh for their inputs for this review. Sarangheyo chingu ❤

Have you watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? What did you think of it? What do you think about plots where ultimate cutesy scenes and creepy thriller scenes are mixed up? Have you seen anything that does it well? Discuss with me in the comments!

November Bullet Journal Setup

Happy November, everyone! It’s the month of Diwali and I’m STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite.

I didn’t do a bullet journal setup post last month because

  1. I was too busy to blog regularly in the first place and
  2. I didn’t even find time to take pictures of my journal.

Lately, I’ve been finding lesser time for my hobbies and it also affected my bullet journalling. I completely lost track of my habit trackers last month and I opened the journal only once in two or three days.

I also didn’t find time to do a pretty setup for November. So when I had a small amount of time, I decided to do my setup super fast. I gave myself 15 minutes to do a simple and efficient setup for this month. I limited myself to two pens and just started setting up with no planning whatsoever.

Hence, my setup is subpar this time BUT, it’s enough for my use so I’m not worrying.

november main page

You can see the lack of planning by the last few dates crammed on the right lol. I took the photo before adding all the event so it doesn’t look very cramped.


Since I don’t have time to keep up with habit trackers, I made only a mood tracker this time. This was also really simple. I just kept making circles. It took less than 5 minutes.


The most important spread for me is my expense trackers. I update it very diligently and evaluate at the end of every month.

And that’s it! I’m not happy with my setup this month but I know that throughout the month I won’t be looking at the presentation of it all. In the end, the bullet journal is for my use and not to look pretty.

I will try to take out time and make a better spread next month, though.

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How was October for you? Do you have any big plans for November? Let me know in the comments!

Wildcard // I can’t believe it’s over

wildcard.jpgTitle: Wildcard

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Science Fiction

Category: Young Adult

Series info: book 2 of Warcross series



Emika Chen barely made it out of the Warcross Championships alive. Now that she knows the truth behind Hideo’s new NeuroLink algorithm, she can no longer trust the one person she’s always looked up to, who she once thought was on her side.

Determined to put a stop to Hideo’s grim plans, Emika and the Phoenix Riders band together, only to find a new threat lurking on the neon-lit streets of Tokyo. Someone’s put a bounty on Emika’s head, and her sole chance for survival lies with Zero and the Blackcoats, his ruthless crew. But Emika soon learns that Zero isn’t all that he seems–and his protection comes at a price.

Caught in a web of betrayal, with the future of free will at risk, just how far will Emika go to take down the man she loves?


Note: includes spoilers for Warcross.

Warcross is currently my favourite book. There was no other option with a story so brilliant. So you can guess that I was damn excited for Wildcard. Warcross left us at a steep edge and I NEEDED to know what’s next.

The Plot

Hideo controls 99% of the worlds population through his lenses that go with his game, and most popular invention, Warcross. Emika unknowingly helped him, and is now out to stop him.

But all is not what is seems. After she meets Sasuke, also known as Zero, she is thrust into a completely different world that makes her life way more dangerous than she can imagine. Soon she’s juggling secrets and is out to uncover the biggest secret of them all.

My thoughts:

  • Wildcard was like it’s name. It was wild.

I don’t know what I expected exactly, but it definitely was not what I got. And I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

  • Emika and Hideo were brilliant, as always. I loved the roles they played and everything they went through.

But mostly Emika. She was still hung up over Hideo, started to find solace in her friendship with her Phoenix Riders team, treaded dangerous waters with Zero and crew, and much more.

I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment and lean my head against the wall, then pull down my mask so I can take in some deep gasps of air. A sheen of cold sweat covers my entire body.

In m next life, I’m going to be an accountant.

(^Emika being RELATABLE, and some Emika fanart below because why not)

  • The best part was the amount of plot. I LOVED THE PLOT.

We had so much going on and while there was no real build-up, I could feel it because of the anticipation to see how things will play out.

  • There were some really nice lines talking about life, about moving on and I just love them so much, so I’m going to quote them here.

Every problem has a solution. But after every solution, there’s a new problem to tackle, some new challenge to take on.

It was really fitting, especially for me, where these lines were in the book. I needed them lol.

You accomplish something, and then you shift, read to accomplish the next.

And now for my most favourite line of the book..

You keep solving one problem after another until you change the world.

  • Another really nice addition was friendship focus and the gratitude for having good friends.

It was brought out through Emika and her team of the Phoenix Riders, who were always there for each other. Emika was a lone ranger but became a team player because of them and is damn grateful for having them. I RELATE, OKAY. This friend love is important ❤

  • One thing I’m disappointed about is the execution.

There were MULTIPLE brilliant bombs in the story. The twists made me gasp in the bus, got me to clutch my head between classes and just blew my mind. But all that was because of what the twists were, not how they were executed.

I think the scenes associating the twists could have been written better and in a way that would emphasize on the new information. Instead, the writing was normal. It took me a second the first time to realize that a huge bomb had been dropped.

  • There were also a couple cliche lines that I could not jump onboard with.

We only get one shot to play the game of our lives.

  • While the plot was brilliant, it was stretched.

I found that book 2 went in a completely different direction than what anyone expected, and to do that, some parts of it was really stretched. I did not like that.


I really liked it but I definitely prefer Warcross over Wildcard.

I’m also really attached to the world so saying goodbye was really hard. You can ask my friends because they were there when I was near the end and all I was saying was “I cannot believe it’s over, I don’t want to finish it.”


Have you read Wildcard yet? What did you think?

P.S. here’s a really nice Warcross aesthetic 🙂

Songs On Repeat // October ’18 edition

Hey everyone! It’s been a whole week since I’ve blogged and I did not even realize until yesterday. Wow I was right about probably being able to blog only once a week. This will probably go on until the end of November, when my classes for the semester end. Sigh.

Anyway, I have quite a few songs for y’all today so let’s go!

There’s No Way by Lauv ft. Julia Michaels

At first listen, it was just okay but later when it came up on shuffle, I loved it so much. Their voices together are really comforting and melodious.

Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille

I just heard this yesterday and I know that I will be listening to it on repeat for the next few days. I love the song but I love the video even more. Y’all should definitely watch that video.

Waste It On Me by Steve Aoki ft. BTS

This was suddenly dropped on us BTS stans and while I don’t love it as much as I like their other songs, it’s pretty good. It’s the first song with BTS where they’ve sang completely in English.

All We Know by The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

I suddenly felt like listening to this one day and I proceeded to listen to it on repeat for a few days. It’s comforting, talks about not knowing where to go and I really like the music.

Seesaw by BTS


Okay so this song just came up by YouTube autoplay and I LOVED IT. I listened to it on repeat for over a week. I love Suga’s rap. It’s comforting and for the first time I heard him sing a little, which is lowkey comforting as well.

I’ve listened to it enough that I know the lyrics byheart even though I don’t understand them word by word. I like the meaning of the lyrics though.

The Truth Untold By BTS ft. Steve Aoki

This was the first song they did with Steve Aoki and only because of this did I listen to Waste It On Me and had high expectations. I LOVE THIS SONG. I know all the lyrics of this as well.

Just One Day by BTS

My friend made me listen to this because she was listening to it on repeat, and it transferred to me. I listened to it on repeat after that. At the same time I got her hooked on to Seesaw hehe.

Young Forever by BTS

Okay so I LOVE THIS SONG. I like the vibe of the rap and the vibe of the vocals, the shift, each person’s voice, how they all sing together in the end, EVERYTHING. To me, it gives the mood of trying to be young and alive and happy in a negative world.

And that’s all for this month! I really need to go do my project now. See y’all next time, which is hopefully soon.

What are the songs that you listened to on repeat this month? Let me know in the comments!

The Sunday Post // book fair!

Happy Sunday everyone! It is the last day of my long weekend and I’m sad. I don’t want holidays to be over.

I had holidays from Thursday and my plan was to sleep and do my projects during these four days. But I ended up making last minute plans for every day?! Who am I. I’m meeting people, I’m going out, I’m not holed up at home. It’s weird.

But I did manage to blog on both Thursday and Friday! So this will make three posts this week, for the first time this month.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

My tests are done!

I spoke about tests that I really need to study for in last week’s Sunday Post. I had them Monday through Wednesday with two tests a day. Since I was so done with the tests, I skipped the last one and started my long weekend early. Heh.

I can say that the other 5 tests went pretty well, so that’s good!

McD and chill

I met up with four of my close friends from high school. We’re actually a group of six and one person was missing. Ever since college started, it’s been very hard to get all six of us in one place at one time. It’s happened only twice in over two years.

So we had lots of fun! We just ate some burgers and fries and spoke a lot. We also showed each other people we stalk on Instagram, complained about our struggles in college etc. It was a really nice evening.

Bangalore Book Festival

Picture of me taking a picture of all the books.

I found out on Tuesday that there’s a week-long Book Fest/Book Fair in my city and I really wanted to go. A friend of mine got passes and I tagged along with him and his friend on Thursday.

Am I getting better or what! I went with one person I mostly spoke to only online and another person I never spoke to. I’m not so introverted anymore yayy XD Look at me bragging about going out with new people. It’s a rare thing guys.

Anyway the book fair was really nice. We found a lot of second-hand book stores selling books for less prices. The three of us got 21 books in total!

We were so happy and full of accomplishment at buying so many books. We took pictures of all the books to post on Instagram.


I got 9 books for myself. I got:


  1. The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark. I really wanted more MHC books so I looked for them in every stall and ended up getting two.
  2. Stillwatch by Marie Higgins Clark.
  3. That Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson. I think the best and worst part of the book fair was me looking at all the new books and new authors. New books and authors for me to discover but also very few books that I recognized. Hence I got random new books that sounded nice and few which I’ve heard of/wanted.
  4. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. The second I saw the book and the cover, I remembered that I have it on my TBR in Goodreads and picked it up. It sounds really nice as well so I’m looking forward to read it.
  5. They Both Die In The End by Adam Silvera. I have been looking for this book for a long time but it’s always out of my budget when I find it. For the first time it was being sold at a lesser price so I got it immediately. I really like the edition I got as well.
  6. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. I love Kinsella’s books. This one is my favourite of them all and I’ve been wanting a paperback copy. I wanted a different edition specifically but I’ve given up that it will be available in India so when I saw this one, I just bought it.
  7. The Lie by C.L. Taylor. Another author I’ve never heard of before. The synopsis sounded nice so I bought it.
  8. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d probably know that this book is one of my all-time favourites. I’ve only ever owned an ebook of this but seeing that it came at a great price, I bought it. I finally have a physical copy!
  9. Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern. I quite like this author’s work, my favourite being Where The Rainbows End which was later renamed Love, Rosie after the movie adaptation. The synopsis sounded nice, and the edition is pretty, so I bought it.

And those are the nine books that I bought! This is my biggest book haul so far.

I finally got my bus pass

So we have this yearly student bus pass thing. The system is pretty screwed up so it took a long time for the cards to be available. I finally went yesterday and got mine. The process included walking around blindly for an hour without proper directions because no one told properly where to go, then standing in the wrong line for half an hour. I had a sense of accomplishment when I finally got the pass.

This week’s to-do list


I think that’s it for this week! I didn’t read much and I didn’t watch anything new. Oh speaking of watching I actually was watching V’s live* while writing this post. I had the left half screen as a browser with the live and right half with this draft open. Multitasking without 100% efficiency but I did both of these things in lesser time together than I would have taken if I had done them separately.

*V from BTS

  • Finish mini project bookrecs at least upto 90%. I actually have to submit it this week, as per my guide, but I have wayyyy too much to do. I planned on almost finishing it this weekend but I had only minimal progress.
  • Finish DBMS mini project completely. This holds more priority to me than the other project.

Huh. Nothing else comes to mind. Oh well, that’s good in a way. I can focus on the two tasks I have.

I’ll see y’all next week with another Sunday Post! Have a great week!

How was your week? Did you go out or meet friends? Tell me in the comments!

What’s In My Bookshelf Tag

I’ve sort of forgotten how to blog. I had a schedule going on until a couple weeks back. Three posts a week—one book review, one Sunday Post about life, and a random post based on what I want to talk about. But life got in the way with over busy schedules and I started to forget to blog.

I finally have a few days so enjoy a few days of posts before I become irregular again haha.

I saw this tag over at The Reading Turtle Duck and it’s interesting so I decided to do it!


  • Link back to me so I can see everyone’s answers! (Naty’s Bookshelf)
  • Also link back to the person who tagged you!
  • Name one book for each category; try not to repeat books to make this more fun!
  • Tag at least 5 people


I’m currently not frequenting any libraries so I got nothing for this.



Airman by Eoin Colfer! It’s the first ever gift I got from my friends, after I properly friends in 9th grade. They saw me reading all the time, even in class and not talking to them, so they got me a book saying “at least now you can read the book we got for you in class.” How cute.


I’ve given off most of the books I had but I believe I still have one in some packed up box. I believe it’s called The Charm Bracelet. I searched on Goodreads and I think it’s the one by Emily Rhodda but I don’t see the edition that I own, which is pick and glittery, in the list? The story seems to be the same, though.


the night circus cover

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. What a brilliant book. Full of magic, mystery, brilliant characters and great concepts.

Click here to read my review.


an arranged love marriage

Okay so I don’t buy romance books as paperbacks. Even if I do, I read and sell them back to the second hand bookstore I frequent.

It’s also hard for me to remember exactly what I have right now. I’m sitting on the floor in front of my bookshelf but it doesn’t help that after we moved all our stuff back into our home after renovation, I didn’t organize my shelf. All of the books don’t face towards me and I don’t know what I have XD

Okay! I went and searched through all the books. I have An Arranged Love Marriage by Safina Khan Soudagar on my shelf.

You can click here to see my review.


A court of mist and fury

Uh.. there are no steamy books on my physical bookshelf because I don’t want to show my mum this stuff that I read, okay? XD It’s awkward.

The only book I have which has steam in it is A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. I can also saw A Court of Wings and Fury but I don’t like that book so.. yeah.



I’m going to consider old as “old copy” so I’m saying The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It’s pretty old and because I’ve lent it so many times, it’s pages have also started to come off. Sad. At least everyone I lent it to liked the book.


koi good news.jpg

Koi Good News by Zarreen Khan! It’s a book I bought recently and it’s really good and humorous.

It’s based on the Indian new couple life, hardships with families etc. It’s pretty funny. I still have to write a review on it.



I’ll have to search through my books again for this. Wait a minute.

Champion by Marie Lu! That book makes me cry every time I read it.


too late

Haha I wrote a whole rant review on Too Late by Colleen Hoover where I went to TOWN about the ending.

Click here to read my review.



The Selection by Kiera Cass. Tbh I love to read it anytime as a comfort read, but especially when it’s raining. I find it cozy.

And that’s the end of this tag!

Tag! You’re it.

Yes, you reading this post. I wasn’t tagged and wanted to do it, so I did. You should too. If you want to do this tag, go ahead! Do link back to me so I can see your answers 🙂

What’s a book in your bookshelf that makes you emotional? Tell me in the comments!

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating || brought me out of my slump

josh and hazel's guide to not dating.jpgTitle: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Author: Christina Lauren

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Category: New Adult

Part of a series?: No.



Hazel Camille Bradford knows she’s a lot to take—and frankly, most men aren’t up to the challenge. If her army of pets and thrill for the absurd don’t send them running, her lack of filter means she’ll say exactly the wrong thing in a delicate moment. Their loss. She’s a good soul in search of honest fun.

Josh Im has known Hazel since college, where her zany playfulness proved completely incompatible with his mellow restraint. From the first night they met—when she gracelessly threw up on his shoes—to when she sent him an unintelligible email while in a post-surgical haze, Josh has always thought of Hazel more as a spectacle than a peer. But now, ten years later, after a cheating girlfriend has turned his life upside down, going out with Hazel is a breath of fresh air.

Not that Josh and Hazel date. At least, not each other. Because setting each other up on progressively terrible double blind dates means there’s nothing between them…right?


I was in a really bad reading slump recently. I spent over a month reading Two Dark Reigns because I just couldn’t get myself to open a book. I was also really busy to even think about it, tbh.

I saw Whitney @ WhittyNovels mention this in a video where she was recommending New Adult books, and I was immediately interested because of the synopsis. Plus, it’s written by Christina Lauren, whose books I really like. And hence, I went ahead and got the book online.

The Plot

Hazel Bradford is weird, quirky, quite hippy and is a little too much of everything. She hasn’t had a successful relationship yet where the guy did not want her to change herself, be a little less loud, a little less embarrassing. Hazel also really looks up to Josh Im from their college days.

One day, Hazel meets Josh at her best friend’s party (turns out he’s her best friend’s brother?!) and decides to be best friends with him. She just knows that they’ll be great best friends.

Josh Im is the perfect, immaculate, handsome guy that every girl wants. He knows how Hazel is. To quote him,

Everyone in college had a Hazel Bradford story.

After dealing with a cheating girlfriend, Hazel and her wild life is the perfect thing to bring his mood up.

They end up double dating, setting up each other’s dates, and start having feelings for each other in the process.

My thoughts on the book:

Here’s a list because lists are awesome.

  • I LOVED HAZEL CAMILLE BRADFORD. I enjoyed her days, which were always wild and fun. Her house was a mess, with her flower vases kept in the oven, but everything makes sense. She has four pets and loves all of them.
  • Hazel has a really good relationship with her mum, who is also like her in personality. Hazel has learnt from her mum to not change herself for a man, and I love that.
  • She’s a third grade teacher and it’s perfect for her. She really likes teaching. The second graders are too young and still require help in the toilet sometimes and the fourth/fifth graders are old enough to realize that Hazel, with her messy ways, isn’t the perfect teacher. But eight year olds are her jam because even if she wears her clothes inside out by mistake, they roll with it and have fun.
  • I really liked Hazel and Josh becoming best friends. It was really cool. I loved their chemistry, the way they took care of each other and simply hung out. You can see right from the beginning that they’re perfect for each other even though they don’t have romantic feelings for each other.
  • Important fact—Josh and his sister Emily are Korean. Their parents came to America when they were young. Josh’s Korean name is Im Jimin. Considering that this was the first book I properly got into after the slump during which I completely fell in love with BTS songs, this was funny. I can’t get away from BTS wherever I go.*
  • The book is a fun, entertaining read which game me lots of feels.loved watching Josh and Hazel fall in love. I loved their chemistry. I loved them as individuals.
  • I especially loved the ending before the epilogue, which I will not talk more about ‘cuz spoilers but just know that the book is worth it.

*if you don’t know, BTS is a Korean boy band who are, right now, the biggest boy band in the world with a bloody huge following. One of the members is named Jimin.


I absolutely loved the book. Will definitely reread it at random times, when I’m sad or just when I want a comfort book. Absolutely recommend it for any romance lovers, and people looking for good New Adult books.


The Sunday Post // what am I doing.

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s the day to sleep in, rest, read and have tea. Or if you’re not like me, it’s the day to go out and have adventures.

Now, if you ask me the question in the title of this post, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. It’s been a long week of work and procrastination. I haven’t found a balance.

Posting three times a week on the blog feels too much now. I have way too many things to be doing. I’ve decided today to just go with the flow. No set schedule. Just blog when I can, but hopefully at least once a week.

Last week’s to-do list

  1. Take care of self. I did kinda manage this! I’m almost all good.
  2. Finish databases and front end for both mini projects! I managed to do this JUST IN TIME. I actually did front end of project #2 on the way and at college the day of submission. It was CLOSE.
  3. Learn Django! I did do it! Yass!
  4. 2 hours of online course. Ha. Right after Wednesday and submitting my projects I stopped doing anything productive. Four days straight of intense work got me tired.
  5. Study for tests! I did a bit. Little bit. Definitely not enough.

I decreased my reading goal of the year

My original goal was 150 books. But last week when I was in the pit of my slump, plus I didn’t even have time to blog, I decided that my goal isn’t a priority.

I reduced my goal to 125 books, which was easy to reach since I only needed to finish one more book to reach that XD

Reading updates

I actually have reading updates for y’all this week! And proper ones!

I managed to get totally back into reading with Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren. I should have known that Christina Lauren can easily bring me out of my slump. It was really nice.

About 15 pages into the book, I found out that the male lead’s Korean name is Im Jimin and.. I can’t get away from BTS wherever I go. They’re everywhere.

I also read two other books by Christina Lauren. Sweet Filthy Boy and Dark Wild Night, books 1 and 3 of Wild Seasons series. I didn’t read book 2 lol. Not interested in it’s female lead.

I should have reduced my reading goal sooner. My reading picked up immediately after I reduced it. Smh.

I’m currently reading Wildcard by Marie Lu. I gave in to the temptation and stopped waiting to go to the bookstore for the paperback. I’ll just buy that as well later. I’m reading the book slowly to savour it.

In another case of I can’t get away from BTS, Marie Lu LITERALLY mentioned BTS. Park Jimin of South Korea. Not a character we see, but a blatant mention. My friends literally started laughing when I told this to them.

Impromptu sleepover!

My best friend surprised me yesterday evening by just dropping in. It takes quite some time to go back to her college so she decided to sleep over. A friend of mine from college also stayed over so we could study late in the night.

There was another friend with us as well, who left at around 10pm. The four of us ended up playing games, having dinner while joking and laughing, and talking Harry Potter. It was really fun yesterday.

We ended up falling asleep after doing only two topics but we did wake up early and finish the rest of the subject.

I decided to take a break and properly get energized before starting to study for tomorrow’s tests. I have Management & Entrepreneurship and Computer Networks. I haven’t started yet.

I actually sat down to study ME but then I remembered that the blog will go without another post this week, so here I am quickly writing something.

Since I really need to go study now..

I’m ending the post here. I apologize for this post which is just paragraphs without breaks. I might come back during a study break and add pictures. Have a great week!

How was your week? Did you have a sleepover too?

Two Dark Reigns || lackluster tbh

two dark reignsTitle: Two Dark Reigns

Author: Kendare Blake

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Young Adult

Status: Book 3 of Three Dark Crowns series



Katharine sits on the throne, Mirabella and Arsinoe are in hiding, and an unexpected renegade is about to wage a war of her own. The crown has been won, but these queens are far from done.


Note: there are spoilers for books 1 and 2 in this review.

I didn’t expect much going into the book. I thought the series was supposed to be a duology (which was why I picked it up when One Dark Throne released) but it got extended to four. I found the ending of book 2 very messy as well. Honestly, I do not remember the second half of book 2 at all.

The Plot

The title symbolizes the two reigns of two queens. Katharine, who sits on the throne as the rightful Goddess-blooded queen, and Jules, a war-gifted naturalist who is now a rebel. Both of them try to conquer from their positions and are going against each other.

Meanwhile Arsinoe and Mirabella are staying in Billy’s home in the mainland. They find out that the outside world is very different and they are not welcomed. In the midst of trying to make it in the mainland, Arsinoe gets strange dreams where she’s looking through the eyes of a girl called Daphne in the era of The Blue Queen, which was MANY reigns ago.

Arsinoe thinks that the dreams are from The Blue Queen, who wants her to go back to the island to do something.

My thoughts on the book:

  • Katharine was okay. She had undead queens inside of her, which was still creepy. But other than that, her being queen in such a situation created a very interesting dynamic, especially when it’s affecting other things.
  • Peter and Katharine are still in love. It was weird. I didn’t know what to make of them.
  • Mirabella was boring in this book. I liked her in the previous books but she literally did nothing in this book except saying that she’s going to protect Arsinoe.
  • Arsinoe was boring as well. Not as much as Mira but enough. She was better than Mire because of the dreams thing.
  • The most interesting part of the book was everything related to The Blue Queen. I LOVED finding out the history and about Queen Illian’s reign. I would LOVE to read an entire book, or maybe two or three, about Queen Illian. She was the last of a quartet, instead of the usual triplet, and therefore she was pronounced as the queen right from the start. Ask me to talk about The Blue Queen’s story and I will tell you everything in excitement. I loved the story.
  • In comparison, the current triplet seemed meh.


I didn’t like the book except for The Blue Queen storyline.

I took about a month to read this book. Maybe it was because I was in a slump, or because I was busy. But I think I also didn’t want to pick it up because it was boring.


The Sunday Post // all random things

Happy Sunday everyone! Last week’s Sunday Post was short because I was short on time and energy. Now I’m short on energy and not so much on time so I thought I’d just talk about everything that comes to mind.

The Sunday Post is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I’m really glad I started doing this meme because it’s brought back my love for writing posts about life and just random things.

Okay on to my list of things to talk about! First, let me recap what happened last weekend.

Hack-It-On 2.0 summary

GUYS. The last time I helped organize a hackathon, it was pretty small. It was our first time arranging one. We expected an increase in number of teams but we didn’t expect SO MANY. We got 41 teams in total this time!

It was pretty hectic for us organizers until late night of day 1 but it was so worth it. I didn’t initially plan on staying overnight, but I ended up doing that! This was my first time, EVER, that I stayed out. I’ve never even been on sleepovers.

Strangely, as the night went on, my energy kept increasing. While people started taking naps and falling asleep, I was roaming around and jamming to music.

I did end up coming home early morning of day 2 for a couple hours to bathe and freshen up. My energy was still up but my mum forced me to get a nap. I slept for 45 minutes. That was all of my sleep from Saturday evening to Sunday night.

It was also really nice to watch people come up with ideas and bringing them to life. We saw some IOT projects as well, which were cool.

Conclusion, it went pretty well and it was a great experience that I’m glad to be a part of.

I didn’t attend classes on Monday, of course. I crashed as soon as I got home Sunday night and didn’t wake up for over 12 hours.

Last week’s to-do list

  1. Set up bullet journal for October. I ended up doing it on October 2nd.
  2. 4 hours of online course. Nooo. I did about 2 hours.
  3. Complete database for mini project #1. Haha what a joke.
  4. Watch 4 tutorial videos for Django. Another joke.
  5. Be organized. I was organized! Sort of.

Met up with my best friends!

We’re a tight unit of three people. One of us is in college about two hours away. Since Tuesday was a holiday for Gandhi Jayanti, two of us decided to surprise her.

Of course, we ended up being idiots and taking the longer route via bus. Later when we realized, we laughed so much at ourselves.

Anyway, she was very surprised! We had a really good time ❤ Here are a few pictures* of the food we had XD


We tried chili ice cream with lemon zest which actually wasn’t bad! In every bite, I was hit with sweet ice cream, spicy chili and tangy lemon, in that order. The ice cream rolls were simply brilliant. I fell in love.

*shameless self promo time. Follow me on Instagram for book pictures on feed and IRL pictures on stories!

Unplanned hangouts!

We had class only until 12:20 pm on Wednesday so my two friends and I decided to go for ice cream because we felt like it. Another friend of ours didn’t attend college that day hence we decided to drop in at her place and get her out for ice cream as well.

We also ended up having lunch at her place before picking up ice cream and heading to another friend’s home XD

Basically I finally visited two friends’ houses, we ate ice cream and I got a little drenched in rain on the way home.

Good day!

I’m currently sick

I’ve got a really bad throat infection, which I got due to the rain on Wednesday. On Thursday, I woke with a sore throat. In the afternoon I wanted hot tea but on the way to canteen, I got wet in the rain again. Plus my friends took ice cream and I went YOLO and had some of theirs as well. (yes I had ice cream three days in a row)

I also got soaked in the rain for the next two days. Four straight days of getting wet in the rain.

So yeah I’m sitting here with a bad throat and a cold. I’m having tons of fun, obviously.

Deadlines rant

So I have the 2nd review for BOTH my projects on 10th. It’s the last date. And I’m supposed to have 60-70% done for BOTH OF THEM. I just started one and haven’t even started the other.



Although I missed it, there was a rainbow near my college yesterday!

I was halfway to the bus stop when it started pouring so I ran to the bus stop (also getting soaked). The people who stayed back at college until the rain stopped witnessed this BEAUTIFUL rainbow. Here’s a picture one of my friends took:


I’m so tired

Considering I’m sick, haven’t gotten a peaceful day to rest without my body aching or classes, I’m damn tired. I also had a lab test yesterday! Despite the less prep I did, it went well so that was nice.

Since 10th is the deadline, I need to work for that as well. Then I’ve got theory tests from 15th so have to start studying for that.

I can name, off the top of my head, deadlines I have until the end of this month.

I didn’t post on Friday because I completely forgot I needed to write a blog post and when I did remember, it was too late and I had to study for the test.

This week’s to-do list


  1. Take care of self. I better not go YOLO again and have ice cream or something.
  2. Finish databases and front end for both mini projects! The deadline is Wednesday so.. I need to get on this.
  3. Learn Django! Considering I need this for one of my projects, I really need to learn it asap. Argh I’m such a mess.
  4. 2 hours of online course. I think I’ll be able to do this once my projects are done.
  5. Study for tests! They start next week and I’M PROBABLY FAILING considering I hardly know anything.

And that’s it for this week!

Also I noticed that I wrote my classes ended at 12:20pm on Sunday. I corrected that but there may be more of such mistakes. If there are any inconsitencies, grammer errors, things that don’t make sense or rambles, excuse them. I’m sick and kinda out of my mind.

How was your week? Did you have ice cream? Did you hangout with friends? Let me know in the comments!

BTS Love Yourself Book Tag

Happy October y’all! To some of you it’s Halloween month, for me it’s Dussehra month, and for some bloggers it’s Blogtober month. All-in-all, a happening month.

I’m currently quite liking BTS. Not an ARMY yet but I’m growing to like more and more songs by them. So I thought doing a BTS Book Tag would be appropriate at this point.

This tag was created by Jess @ beaucoupbooks and I saw the tag over at boomarkyourthoughts.

Let’s go!

The Rules

  1. Tag/pingback @beaucoupbooks in your post.
  2. Feel free to use the graphics on Jess’s page.
  3. Tag at least one other person to do this tag but really, you don’t need to be tagged to do this post, anyone can.
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I don’t know if y’all will know them but I loved the Chacha Chaudhary comic books that I mum always got for me when she went to Delhi. here was another as well who’s name I can’t recall at the moment. After a library opened up nearby only did I move on to proper novels.



the hating game

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne! Definitely deserved the hype. I loved it ❤

It’s a hate-to-love romance that will entertain you, make you laugh and also make you swoon. Click here to read my review.



My choice book is Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I LOVED the series befor and now it’s just cringey and lame. I hate the characters, the romance, the stupid-idh vibe, the storyline.. everything.



a darker shade of magic picture

Shades of Magic trilogy by VE Schwab! We are now getting more books in the world, without the same main characters, so I’m quite glad.



Usually I go for books that make me cry so this is a little hard..

ps i like u

Okay got it! P.S. I Like You by Kasie West! Always makes me happy and gives me feels. I love it.



Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Take me back to the simpler times in middle grade where I just worried about books..



Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read it during a time when I needed it and it helped me a lot. I’m not nostalgic to want to go back, but I do treasure the experience of reading it.

It made me fall into the book with the writing style. I just felt the vibe and the emotions. I was impacted by it a LOT. I also bawled like a baby.

I can’t recommend it enough.



I.. honestly don’t know!

Maybe minor things but I don’t think anything major? No clue at all. Nothing comes to mind.

Tag, you’re it!

I don’t really know who would like to do this tag or who are BTS fans so I tag everyone who wants to do this.

Are you a fan of BTS? Has there been any book that has changed you? Let me know in the comments!