Wilder Girls || gory and creepy

Title: Wilder Girls
Author: Rory Power
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Category: Young Adult
Series info: Standalone


When this book was released, it became a huge hit in the Bookstagram community. Everywhere I saw, people were reading or talking about this book. This cover was shown to me so many times that I didn’t even have to add it to my TBR, it was just imprinted in my head.

It took me a while to pick it up since I wasn’t in the mood for YA. But the second I wanted to, I read this one. And it’s safe to say that I went in with HUGE expectations.


The book is set on Raxter Island, which has been taken over by a disease called “The Tox”. It has affected the entire island including the trees, the animals, and even the people. Ever since it hit, the island has been put on quarantine.

The girls in Raxter School, a boarding school which has now turned into a weird hell, have scales on their body, bones sticking out, and other weird body parts which have developed because of the Tox. They were told that a solution will be found, and to just hold on, but it’s been 18 months. They stay locked up in the school, only a few wandering out for supplies.

Hetty, Byatt and Reese are a tight knit group. When Byatt goes missing, Hetty vows that she will find her. In the process, she discovers so much more that she was looking for.


Let’s do this in parts.


This book is unique. I have never come across a story like this in YA, and it was very interesting to read. The Tox is an unknown thing, and no one knows what it is, how it actually came to Raxter, or how to get rid of it. They’re just hanging on and living with it.

Reading the book will put you in that world. The writing is highly detailed and eerie. Sometimes, I could barely handle it because I was so grossed out with the descriptions. The author hold back from exactly detailing everything related to the Tox. I was slightly nauseous a couple times as well*. The writing also sets the creepy vibe well. This is not a happy book. It’s one meant to creep you out.

The characters and the relationships were nice. We focus more on Hetty, Byatt and Reese. The complex relationships between these three was nice to see. They’re super close and will always have each other’s backs.

*note: don’t read when eating, or right after eating.


I feel like the characters were sometimes underdeveloped. Since we read through Hetty, we know a lot about her and she’s a full-fledged character. I can’t say the same for Byatt and Reese, and we barely think about others if not Tox-related. The characters could have been worked on much more. Byatt especially confused me. I always felt like I’m reading a surface-level version of her. There was no clear depth.

The plot, overall, was quite unimpressive. The book spends so long describing the Tox and it’s effects on everyone, and how daily life has become since the quarantine. But it never pays off. It’s as if the author thought of this situation and somehow constructed a plot around it, but the plot was never the main focus. It didn’t feel like there was a point to it.


I’m someone who is ALWAYS up for romance, no matter the genre. So when I saw the hints of romance in this book, I was ecstatic at first. But a while later, I wish it didn’t exist.

The romance felt like a needless addition to the plot, and at times it took attention completely away from the main plot*. The timing of the romance scenes was very inconvenient as well. I just could not go with it. I wish there was no romance at all.

*if there’s actually a main plot.

The book got pretty boring about halfway. By that point, all the Tox descriptions and intrigue was waning. I needed some actual plot, but none was forthcoming. I actually had to pause reading it, read another book, and then get back to it. By the 80% point, I was speed-reading so I could be done with the book faster.

But the book’s ending was NOT satisfying. I really hated the way the book rushed through to provide some form of an ending. But it doesn’t actually end as well.. It was an open ending! There’s still so much mystery around the Tox and what happens to the three girls. We still barely know anything. It’s like the author gave us clues and told “figure it out yourself.” To have sat through an entire book, that was highly underwhelming.


I was highly disappointed. For the amount of hype going around, this book is not worth it. Sure, the concept of the Tox, and the descriptions and vibe were cool. It was very different than the usual YA books we get. But I still would have liked a proper plot and some form of definitive ending.

Considering that the book was about the Tox, the least it could have done was leave me with no questions about it. But I still don’t exactly know what the Tox is.

Would recommend: if you’re looking for a unique YA with creepy vibes.

Would not recommend: if you can’t handle descriptive gore, and like proper endings.

I rate this book..

2.5/5 stars

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Top 10 Romance Reads of 2019

2019 was my year of romance reading.

Over the last few years, the number of romance books I read has been slowly increasing. This year, my favourite genre changed from Fantasy to Romance. Or maybe it changed late last year but I only came to terms with it in 2019.

Since I was all into Adult Romance, I gobbled up romance books A LOT. My Goodreads challenge has very few books which are not in the Adult Romance genre. As I read so many of them, I thought I’d share my favourites with y’all.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is a freebie, so we’re free to post any top 10 list of ours. And I’m so glad because I can’t join in on any of the Christmas lists haha.

Note: most of these are Adult Romances and contain various degrees of explicit scenes.

[1] Rafe by Rebekan Weatherspoon


I read this book only recently and it has SWOOPED into my favourites easily, destroying the chance for any other book. This book was SO GOOD. I’m still reeling from that reading experience.

  • Awesome chemistry.
  • Cute AF six year old.
  • Being understanding and respectable about boundaries!!!
  • Slow and true relationship growth.

I read that book twice in the span of a month. After my first read, I read two other books, but then this was just too good and nothing else compared so I HAD to reread it.

Click here to read my entire review.

[2] Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

long shot

This is too good to not be one of the top picks. I knew when I was reading the book that it would make into my top reads of 2019. It deserves more talk and more recognition.

  • Will definitely break your heart at least once.
  • Domestic abuse rep.
  • The romance is so worth it, though.
  • Major trigger warnings!!!! (mentioned in my review)

Click here to read my review.


red white and royal blue

Honestly, is there ANY surprise that this is included in my list?

  • Very strong characters.
  • T H E R O M A N C E.
  • It’s suuuuuper gay and chaotic.
  • Cute as heck.
  • The banter between the characters is highly entertaining.

Click here to see my full review.

[4] The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

the flatshare

Yoo this book will NOT get out of my head. It’s been so long since I read it, and it still pops up in my thoughts like ?? What is that effect? The plot is ah-mazing.

  • They share an apartment, and a bed, but have never met.
  • Conversations via sticky notes around the house!!
  • Finding long lost love!!!
  • An adorable meddling 5 year old.
  • Content warnings mentioned in my review.

Click here to read my review.

[5] The Friend Zone by Abby Jiminez

the friend zone book cover

This. Book. It gave me way too many feels, and broke my heart a little too much before saving me. A really really nice romance book with a well thought-out plot.

  • Female lead has uterine fibroids, and we see it affecting her life in detail.
  • Open-minded and understanding male lead.

Click here to read my review.



Alexa Martin is an author whom I discovered this year and am LOVING her work. Fumbled was my first book of hers and I’m sure I’ll read many more.

  • A super cute 10 year old!
  • Perfect for fans of football.
  • Just is a very fun read.

Click here to read my full review.


heartache and hope

Okay so I actually did not write a full review for this because I binge read both the books in this duet in less than two days. After that, I was just reeling from the effects and my heart needed TIME. Then I just couldn’t not form proper sentences for this book.

  • WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. Definitely. For sure.
  • Heartache and Hope. The title says it all. It’ll break you, fix you back, and repeat.
  • A really good plot. And so unique.
  • Honestly, all the representations were brilliant. The female lead’s mum suffers from PTSD after being a PoW. It’s.. a lot to take in.
  • You will need time to heal after this duet.

Advised to read content warnings before picking up the book.


fake it till you break it

This is the only Young Adult book in this list. It’s technically contemporary but it’s pretty much romance so I’m counting it.

  • In a different way, it’s also kind of friends-to-lovers trope.
  • The characters are awesome.
  • It’s a light and very fun read.

Click here to read my review.


the unhoneymooners

Christina Lauren have smoothed into my favourite Romance authors list. So of course one of their books would be in this list.

  • Perfect vacation read.
  • Or just for a chill afternoon.
  • The plot was really nice.
  • Cool characters.


forever right now book cover

When I found and picked up this book, I didn’t have many expectations. I just read it, and it was okay. But by the time I finished the book, it really made an impact on me. I spent days just thinking about it. After a while, I reread it and liked it even more.

This is one of those books which sneaks up on you and you don’t even realise when it becomes one of your favourites.

  • A strong female lead, who I’m honestly inspired by.
  • She’s also very compassionate.
  • The characters in this book were A+.
  • Emotional and sweet.

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And those were my top romance reads of the year! (so far haha)

What were your favourite reads of 2019? Have you read any of these books? If you’ve done today’s Top Ten Tuesday, leave your links below!

How To Consistently Blog Without Tiring Yourself Out (Part 1) // Blogging Tips

One of the main challenges bloggers face is publishing great content regularly without burning out or falling into a blogging slump.

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, and it took me a long time to figure out how to manage college and real life with my blog. Once I started really looking at other blogs, and noticing how their content is better than mine and started working more on my posts, I found it hard to blog consistently. Writing and publishing a great blog post involves many steps, and sometimes it is hard to keep up when trying to post often.

After a while of experimenting, reading multiple blogs about advice and tips, I finally managed to blog consistently for a long time. After several months of doing it, I decided to concentrate more on my academics and stopped giving as much priority to blogging consistently. Recently, I’ve been slowly working at getting back to it and I’ve found it easier to get back now that I know what works.

Today, I’m here to share my notes and to-do lists which help me stay on top of my blogging while managing college, hobbies and other facets of life. I’m breaking down these tips into 2 parts in order to keep the post shorter.

Note: this post is part of my blogmas 2019 posts where I publish a blog post every day from 1st to 25th December. Make sure to follow me to not miss any of my posts! You can also catch up on the posts I’ve published so far.

Work aestheitc picture.
Image from Unsplash.


This is the one piece of advice EVERY seasoned blogger will give you. Planning always helps, because you set some goals for yourself and you make a roadmap to achieving it.

And plan as much as possible. Varying degrees of planning works for different people. Experiment and find out what works best for you, with the way you blog.

If you blog a whole post in one sitting, plan a set time for it days beforehand so you don’t make any other plans. Take that time out specifically for blogging. If you blog in iterations or steps, plan out what you’re going to do when. It will be helpful to know when to put little bits of effort such that you get your post published the day you want it to be up.


Ideas come to us all the time, and we don’t have the time to draft blog posts for them immediately. And every idea counts. A small idea can turn into a really great blog post. This is why maintaining an ideas journal/notebook/list helps. You can record every idea, hence they’ll never get lost.

Another plus point to this is always having a bunch of ideas on hand. You may sit down to type up a post, and may not have an idea you like come to you then. You can just pull up your list of ideas and pick one to work on.

workspace picture
Image by Thought Catalogue on Unsplash


Blog posts look much better with graphics, especially if they are color coordinated and match the post’s theme. But the problem with images is finding the time to take them, because we require ample time, good lighting and set-ups.

Hence, taking photos in bulk in advance will be very helpful. If you plan out your upcoming blog posts, you will know what posts you need images for. Take out a day, let’s say every Sunday, and spend an hour or so stocking up on images. A related tip would be to edit them all at the same time, if you want to edit. Doing the same tasks in bulk saves a lot of time.


Blogging consistently requires time spent on blogging regularly. Set aside time at least every few days to do a task related to blogging. Be it planning, finding out ideas, blog hopping, taking pictures, or typing.

Scheduling in time for blogging in your routine effectively inserts the hobby into your days. After a while, your mind will adapt and you will begin to get into “the blogging zone” during those times. The problem with having a creative hobby is getting into the zone and formulating ideas. Incorporating your hobby into your routine, and making sure that you don’t lose touch from it, helps a long way.

girl working on her laptop
Image from Unsplash


This ties in with the points that I mentioned above. Breaking down blog posts into multiple steps helps spreading out a post into multiple days. This means that you can take small amounts of time every day or few days and do small tasks, leading up to a whole blog post.

For example, maintaining a routine like this:

  • Jot down ideas all the time.
  • Plan which blog posts you want to write.
  • Plan when those blog posts should be published.
  • Take images for those posts.
  • Type the blog post.
  • Hit publish (or schedule)!

Doing the blog posts in steps also gives a sense of satisfaction, since you are being productive and getting things done.


Weekends are the only times we have control over our free time. Especially the mornings on weekends. I have noticed that most people are at their best productive levels in the mornings. I call myself a night person, and I do get work done in late nights, but once I started having a morning routine for blogging I noticed my productivity going up.

Wake up early during weekends, make a drink for yourself, and settle down on your laptop or desktop. Even one day every weekend is enough. I used to blog for three hours on Sunday mornings and managed to post thrice a week for several months. If there was time during the week, I would take advantage of that and blog for further ahead. At a point, I was scheduling blog posts a month away. That was my peak consistency level.

Making efficient use of weekends helps a ton, and you will definitely see the difference in your blogging.

mug with hustle written on it.
Image from Unsplash.

All the points I mentioned above consolidate into one routine. But the simple use of each, even if you’re trying out only one of them, will make a difference themselves.

The above points help in not burning out because it makes sure that you’re working on different parts of blogging every few days. You plan one day, take images another day, and write another day. As you won’t be doing the same thing all the time, or everything at once, you will not be pushing yourself to tire out.

I have a few more tips on this topic, and I will be sharing them on part 2 of this post soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for it!

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Do you already follow any of the points I mentioned in your routine? Are there any tips I missed which are super useful? Let me know in the comments!

Christmas Jars // movie review + GIVEAWAY

Christmas Jars Blog Tour banner

Christmas time means watching tons of Christmas movies.

By now, I’ve watched quite a few Christmas movies and I have to say, they make you feel good. Cozying up in blankets with a hot drink or just watching when it’s all gloomy outside and watching a Christmas movie has a charm of it’s own.

When I got the chance to participate in the blog tour for Christmas Jars, I jumped on the chance. It sounded really nice and cute.

Christmas Jars poster

Based on the New York Times best- selling novel by Jason F. Wright

Hope is an aspiring reporter who has had her fair share of tragedy in life. Abandoned at birth, she’s grieving the recent death of her adopted mother when her apartment is burglarized of all her possessions. While reporting the burglary to the police, Hope discovers a jar full of money, labeled “Christmas Jar.” Shocked and grateful for this act of kindness, Hope discovers that people all over her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, have been receiving Christmas Jars for years during times of need. The jars are always anonymous and always contain different amounts. In this heartwarming Christmas classic, Hope goes undercover to discover the secret behind the Christmas jars, putting into motion a series of events that will change her life, and her community, forever.

Movie Trailer
Buy links: Deseret Book | Amazon.com

Christmas Jars has all the Christmas-movie things down to a T. It’s cozy, cheesy, funny and has a happy ending. What more do you need? The movie is perfect for a Christmas pick.

I watched the movie with a few of my friends because I thought it would be fun to watch as a group, and I was right. While I would have enjoyed the movie alone as well, it was super fun to watch with others. Even though my friends and I are quite critical about plots and don’t like cheesy/cliché things, we enjoyed the movie.

The plot was really nice. Hope, our main character, was anonymously given a Christmas Jar full of money at a bad time in her life. After finding out that many others have been gifted at rough times as well, she vows to find out who these generous gifters are. This search completely changes her life.

As the movie starts with Hope as a newborn, the timeline is pretty straightforward. There’s no jumping in time or confusion as you watch the movie. If you’ve watched a lot of movies, then you can also probably guess what’s going to happen next. To me, the twist was very predictable, but I still enjoyed the movie.* It’s a clean plot, so you can just sit back and enjoy.

*I went a little extra critical and found two plot holes too but it’s a Christmassy feel-good movie and you should not question things.

The best part of the plot was that it all comes full circle. I really liked that. I like when movies can connect things from beginning to end, and that happened here. Personally, that’s a fave so a big plus from me.

The one thing that I really appreciate about the movie is that it leaves you hopeful. By the end of the movie, you’re happy. The story makes you believe that there are good people and restores your faith about kindness and giving. Not only that, it also shows how just a little bit of help from someone, who goes out of their way to help you and believes that you’re worth it, motivates you to fight back harder. The message of the movie was really nice.

As for the romance, since it’s not the main plot, it’s barely there. The romance was nice but it was very cheesy and cliché. It was over the top for me, so I didn’t like it much. But I do think that it’s perfect for Christmas movie lovers.


I quite liked it. Would have watched it on my own even without the blog tour. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a new Christmas movie to watch. It’s also appropriate for all ages, so it’s a good one to watch with family or just with friends.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you like watching Christmas movies? Which one is your favourite?

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Let's Chat // Spotify Wrapper, YouTube Rewind, New Music by Halsey, Taylor Swift

Y’all, it’s been an eventful week online.

I was wondering how to talk about everything, whether to make separate posts or include them in a life update. But then, I just figured I can make a chatty post about them all together.


First of all, twitter has been waiting for Spotify Wrapped for at least a week prior. I’ve seen so many memes about their Wrapped predictions, such as break-up albums and totally wack music tastes. Some tweets were quite funny and relatable. So, I started anticipating my Spotify Wrapped as well.

Since Spotify released only this year in India, there’s not much data for my account. Truthfully, I used Spotify a little bit using fake VPNs but it never lasted long. I was tired of the fake VPNs haha. It’s not much data, though.

I have to say, Spotify doesn’t have every song so during the last two months I’ve switched to using YouTube for music. Especially since I listen to a lot of songs from Kdrama OSTs, and Spanish TV shows, which aren’t available on Spotify.


Everyone got their Spotify Wrapped stories and playlists a few days back, and it’s HYPED. I see so many people sharing their stats online, and showing off their music tastes.

My Top Artist was BTS. With my favourite BTS song being Dionysus. Is there any surprise? I think not. Ever since I became an ARMY, I somehow always am listening to BTS songs. Be it old or new, there is always a BTS song to fit my current mood.

spotify wrapped 2019 top 5 artists

After BTS, my top artists were Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, Diplo and Sia. I am surprised Diplo came into the list, though. I didn’t listen to much of his music this year.

music that defined my decade

Even though there isn’t much data on my account from 2017 and 2018, this is pretty accurate of my music tastes back then. 2017 was the year I discovered Oh Wonder, and I was OBSESSED with their music. In 2018, I was all into music from the Shadowhunters TV show, which led me to Fleurie‘s music. Until today, Hurricane is my favourite song by her.

There were some solid great songs that I listened to in 2019, and I’m sure I’ll love that they’re all in one playlist for me to listen again later.

I have to give props to Spotify. I loved the presentation. I saw my Wrapped on both the app and on the desktop website. I loved the web version even more. The presentation style, UI, music, and everything was put together in a really good sequence. The calls to action to tweet artists and share your stories was put in very appropriate places as well.

YouTube Rewind 2019

Yo.. YouTube didn’t even try this time.

We know that Rewind 2017 was bad. Rewind 2018 was cringey as heck, didn’t include people we actually liked, and was a mashup of weird and random things. It became the most disliked video on YouTube.

I don’t think I was alone when I forgot about YouTube Rewind completely. There was no one who actually looked forward to this year’s rewind. We didn’t care, and we didn’t have expectations. But, it is possible to be disappointed even when you didn’t expect anything.

This year’s rewind was basically statistics. It felt very impersonal, looked like it was made in a rush in the last 2 days, and as if the rewind team had no budget for production at all. I understand having no budget, because they sucked last year and YouTube probably doesn’t want to shell out cash for another failure. But. Some effort wouldn’t have killed them.

shaking head gif

The video mostly consisted of top 10s, which is stupid. We don’t watch Rewinds for that. That was never the purpose of it. Another stupid part was adding in random videos in increasing order of likes, which included what they thought were the “trends” of 2019. Highly inaccurate, if you ask me.

To try and “make the video better”, they added in some highly liked music as tracks. Newsflash: a video isn’t made great just by playing popular music in the background.

I was confused through it all. Okay, some videos were most liked, and I may not be very active in the trends, but there were random ass videos and people. They don’t define YouTube 2019, even if they got a ton of likes. It’s like YouTube has completely forgotten what Rewind was even for.*

can we ask why gif

This year’s Rewind screams lazy lazy LAZY. Even the intro and outro screams zero effort. I was so bored through it all, I kept skipping forward to see if anything was worth it. Spoiler: nope. I honestly won’t be surprised if YouTube Rewind gets cancelled next year. I’d prefer it. I’m sure many would forget about the existence of Rewind soon enough, including myself. The new decade could start by leaving YouTube Rewind behind.

*Or, my theory is that they fired all the good team members after and now Rewind has gone to shit. Or maybe those members quit YouTube one by one because they hate working there. And now the team left has no vision.

The very small pros of Rewind 2019, but only because I’m comparing it to the absolute disaster called Rewind 2018:

  • They acknowledged the disaster called Rewind 2018.
  • They mentioned that we know better (but also clearly did not care to TALK to some viewers and find out what to do)
  • They acknowledged PewDiePie’s existence. I mean, it’s stats of top 10s so it’s hard not to, but still.
  • They acknowledged BTS. Again, kinda hard since it’s stats. But since we know that they deleted tons of views from BTS’s music videos, ARMYs need much more than this to forgive YouTube.

Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift

I pop in online after a long and great day with friends, to see that Taylor just dropped a new song? Halsey dropped two songs as well, but more on that later. What a day!

First of all, Taylor has been doing really well this year. Especially with everything thrown in her her. She’s coming out the winner and is an absolute queen. I used to only listen to some of her music, and wasn’t a huge fan. But this year has made me a Swiftie.

Christmas Tree Farm is such a nice song! I absolutely love the vibes. The video was really cool, there’s jingle bells and Christmas cheer in the background of her song. The song also doesn’t sound like her recent music, but I love it. It’s a happy song, and spreads happy vibes. It’s perfect for Christmas.

Halsey’s New Music

Halsey shared her next album’s tracklist on her Instagram recently, and it hyped us all up for it. All the ARMYs, including myself, became super excited to hear SUGA’s Interlude, which is a collab between Halsey and SUGA from BTS. SUGA does awesome collaborations, so I was looking forward to it.

And then, Halsey just dropped two songs yesterday! One was SUGA’s Interlude (heck yes!!!!) and another was Finally // beautiful stranger.

SUGA’s Interlude

The opening chords are signature SUGA. The sounds, the vibes, is totally SUGA’s style. We can hear it right from the beginning. I have to say, I don’t think Halsey’s voice is perfect for this song. I can imagine it better with a softer voice, because Halsey has a pretty strong voice.

Also, the song is really short. It’s over in no time. There aren’t much lyrics to it anyway. Halsey’s lines are just repeats. I liked the lyrics, though. The meaning is nice.

Overall, it’s okay. I really like the instrumentals, and will probably listen to the instrumental version a lot. But the song isn’t something that I would listen to on repeat. The tones are perfect for SUGA’s rap, but not Halsey’s voice.

Finally // beautiful stranger


The vibe is PERFECT for Halsey’s voice. I really like the sound of it. The tones, and the guitar is so good with her voice. Her singing style could not be better for it. I think she did wonderful with this song. I really like the lyrics as well.

I can totally see myself listening to this on repeat. The vibes are perfect for evening bus rides, chill blogging time when it’s raining outside, or just to listen to with a coffee while looking out the window.

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That’s it for what I thought of all the updates this week. What about you? What are your thoughts on you Wrapped? And on Rewind 2019? Any new music which you love?

Let's Talk Bookish // Content Warnings for Books

If you’ve been quite involved in the online bookish community for a while, especial book twitter, you would at least know about the talk around content warnings.

For the last year or so, I’ve seen a rise in the mentioning of content warnings for books. Be it in book reviews, synopses, or just tweets talking about the books. Content warnings are being increasingly included.

In all honesty, I was confused about the whole debate in the beginning. Why was it something that needed to be said? Isn’t it easier to inherently better to specify content warnings so that readers will know what they’re getting themselves into? Personally, I need to be in the right head-space to read about heavy topics.

I was even more confused when people were advocating AGAINST content warnings. The main reasoning was that it would giveaway some of the content, and be somewhat of a spoiler. That the “experience” of the plot will be ruined. And I guess, to some extent, I can agree. But what if the topic can seriously trigger a reader, and emotionally harm them? Isn’t that an even worse experience? How is it justifiable to choose not spoil a part of the book in return for potentially harming the well-being of the reader?

Not sure about you, but I was shocked by the debate and just how strongly many opposed content warnings. I wasn’t vocal about it online, but I did appreciate and retweet everyone who spoke for content warnings.

But I am glad to have seen the talk online, because it made me realize that while I appreciated content and trigger warnings, I wasn’t including them myself. You cannot believe just how ashamed I was for not mentioning it in my reviews specifically. I would mention them in sentences in my reviews normally, but I wouldn’t highlight them so they’re not missed.

After realizing, I started putting in content warnings for books. While I haven’t made time to update all of my previous reviews with warnings, I make sure to add them when writing new reviews. I admit, I don’t know just about everything which requires content warnings. There seems to be varying degrees of seriousness to content warnings online. Some people put up warnings for a lot of things, while others put a highlight on heavy topics only.

So, I started going with my gut. Whatever I felt like needs content warnings, I put it in. But I’m glad that I consciously realize and put in content warnings for things. And every time I come across content warnings by others, I am appreciative. Even though I’m okay with reading just about every thing, I’d rather know what I’m walking into and if I’m in the right head-space for it.

I’m disappointed that while reviewers and bloggers have begun mentioning content warnings, authors and publishers RARELY do it. It’s saddening to see that, in the marketing perspective, they’d rather everyone pick up the book and don’t bother to consider the readers’ well-being.

The only genre where I’ve seen content warnings mentioned officially is romance. There are tons of romance authors out there who specifically mention content warnings, and I’ve seen it highlighted in Goodreads pages. Once I realized that not everyone does it, I’ve become grateful of the authors and officials who took the time to consider and and put in those warnings.

Seeing it from the other perspective, yes, some readers may choose not to pick up the book after seeing the content warnings. In fact, after I strongly mentioned the trigger warnings in my review of Long Shot, there were multiple comments saying that they will make sure to not pick it up because they can’t handle it. But that’s also a GOOD thing. From the marketing perspective, if those readers read the book and had a bad experience, they would rate and review it negatively.

In fact, I’ve seen several negative reviews of books which are solely because there were no content warnings, which lead the readers to have a bad experience. And that, in turn, hurts sales and warns others from picking up the book.

It can also work the other way, though. For example, when I read Kat’s review of Long Shot, I didn’t pick it up immediately. I waited until I was sure that I’m in the right head-space for it, and would be able to deal with the emotions the book would give me, before picking it up. And I was able to enjoy the book more knowing what will be thrown at me. I’m sure that if there were no warnings, my experience wouldn’t have been the same.

In conclusion, I’m totally for content and trigger warnings to mentioned whenever a book is reviewed/recommended. They make a huge impact in the reader’s perception of the book, before and while reading the book. And no matter what, people’s mental health is much more important. Everyone should be more considerate of the effects some topics could have on other readers.

Several readers find solace in books. Myself included. We read to get away from reality to a different world. One with adventure, an interesting life, and possibly happy endings. Content warnings help with choosing which books to read according to what the reader can handle.

The reason I got into romance in the first place was because almost all of them have happy endings, and I could really use the hope. But going in for a happy ending, and coming across heavy topics, would totally ruin my reading experience.

Books I’ve enjoyed after reading the content warnings:

This post was written in response to this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish prompt, a weekly bookish meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books.

What are your thoughts on content warnings? Not just for books, but other content as well?

Heads You Win || highly captivating read

heads you win cover page

Title: Heads You Win
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction
Series info: Standalone book


I’m a HUGE fan of Jeffrey Archer’s books. Back when I frequented the library near me, I took the opportunity to gorge on every Archer novel that they had. (Except short stories, because I don’t like short stories haha) And I loved every single one of them. My favourite Archer book is Kane and Abel, which was brilliant.

When I saw Heads You Win on sale on Flipkart recently, with an unbelievable discount, I grabbed it immediately. The synopsis didn’t matter to me, but it did make me more excited to read the book.


Heads You Win starts in Leningrad, Russia with our main character Alex Karpenko. Alex is a young boy in school with high ambitions. When his father is murdered by the KGB for forming a worker’s union, Alex and his mother flee Russia in a ship with the help of Alex’s uncle. When they are about to flee, they’re given the option of hiding in the ship to USA or Britain. Alex flips a coin, which makes the decision for them.

As the reader, we don’t know what the coin chose. From the time Alex flips the coin, we follow both paths. We get to see what Alex’s life would be like if they went to Britain, and if they went to USA. And in each path, Alex and his mother wonder multiple times what would have happened if they chose to go into the other ship’s crate.

The book spans thirty years, and follows both lives of Alex. But which is the real one? Is there a winner?


The book was very captivating. Once I started the book, I oblivious to my surroundings. Even my mum laughed at just how out of it was while reading. Right from the first sentence, the book caught me in it’s world and didn’t let go. After a very long, I finished a general fiction book very fast. I read it in two sittings.

Jeffrey Archer’s writing has always made his books great for me. No matter the characters or the plot, he manages to grab my attention. This book was a little extra special because we get almost two different stories, and both are good enough to have a book of their own. Archer weaves two very interesting lives with politics, family, intrigue and plot twists.

The book showed the USA life as “Alex” and the Britain life as “Sasha”, just so the readers can understand which alternate life we’re reading about. Both Alex and Sasha’s lives were thrilling to read. It was interesting to read how the same person’s life turns out when they’re given different opportunities. The most interesting part was the end. After thirty years, how different are their lives? And is Alex’s biggest ambition the same no matter what life he leads?

As a reader, you can either simply enjoy the book and it’s thrilling plot, or you can wonder about hidden meanings. Until I finished the book, I simply enjoyed it. But after turning the last page, all I could think about was the hidden meaning. Does your entire fate depend on a single choice? Will it vary very much, or will you flourish the same either way? Will your life end differently based on that one choice?

While the plots were really good, I was intrigued about how the book will end very early. As the book progressed, all I could think about was “which life is the real one?” That was my burning question. I had huge expectations for the end.

But, the ending sorely disappointed me. Until the last two chapters, I kept the two lives straight and wasn’t confused. But the last two chapters threw everything out the window and confused me. It was badly written, and almost as if the intention was to mess with us. I had to read the last part THRICE. And even after that, I’m unclear about what exactly happened.

I’m not alone in the confusion, because I went onto Goodreads and found that everyone is in the same boat as me. The ending ruined the whole book. It was the one thing that I looked forward to and because it messed everything up, it ruined my experience with the book.

And as to my burning question? It wasn’t answered. The book’s title points to the fact that whatever “heads” pointed to, is the real one. But we’re never told which is heads and which is tails.


I’m not sure if I’m glad I read the book, or if I regret it.


  • I love it when a book makes me think and wonder for days after I finish it.
  • The storylines were thrilling and I loved reading them.
  • The ending opens up discussion, even if it was bad. It does have a meaning.


  • The ending was SO BAD!
  • Kinda feels like the author wasn’t sure what to do, and just wrote a random ending.
  • The book leaves you with a bad experience, just because of the last two chapters.

Would recommend: if you want an engaging read which will make you question and wonder things. Also if you won’t be too bothered with a badly written ending.

Would not recommend: if a book’s ending means a lot to you, and your reading experience.

I rate this book..

3/5 stars

If you had to choose: the plot or the ending? Which matters more to you?

if we were having tea header image

if we were having tea… // 04-12-2019

It’s Blogmas day 4!

While I did plan out most of the days for blogmas, I left a few to spontaneous posts, and today is one of them. When I was blogging consistently and putting out three posts a week a long time back, the one thing I missed was spontaneous blog posts. I nailed down the planning and scheduling part, but it meant that every post of mine was written at least a week in advance, leaving me no room for current updates posts.

Lifestyle posts are some of my favourite. I really love just typing casually like I’m having a conversation with y’all. And if we were having tea is perfect because it’s what I would be telling you if we were having tea together in person. I suggest getting a hot tea while reading this, because I’m drinking tea while writing this and it’ll complete the whole vibe haha.

a steaming cup of tea gif

If we were having tea… you would see me bundled up in multiple layers and struggling to breathe because I’m sick. The last time I fell sick, I ended up in the ER because my throat infection triggered my swelling to grow in a very fast rate. Doctors specifically told me to NOT. FALL. SICK. until my surgery is done. But, my immunity system is horrible so I’m sick again.

I went to the doctor ASAP and got meds, and I’m being very careful about exposing myself to the cold now. It’s been about a week now, and while I’m better than before, my cold shows no sign of reducing. Sigh. The tea we’re having definitely helps. Hot drinks are saviours for my nose and throat.

Now, every time I go out, I wear a full sleeved thick top, a wool sweater above it, a wool scarf, and a beanie. All of it to keep myself very warm. But hey, I’m using this to constantly wear my Ravenclaw beanie haha.

If we were having tea… I’d complain about the weather being SO COLD. It’s freezing in the mornings! I live in Bangalore, and we’re known for having consistently gloomy weather and light showers throughout the year. But this year, the summer was actually hot and there was no rain. The trade off is that the winter is colder than ever, which is not good for all of us because we’re used to pleasantly cold winters. Not freezing cold winters.

To properly understand how our weather is throughout the year, you should notice our wardrobes. We have normal clothes, and a few jackets. Light ones for summer and spring, thicker ones for the winter. But our thick ones are nowhere near to the actual thick jackets people in other areas wear. We don’t have summer and winter clothes! It’s all the same! Which is why I’m struggling with this winter. I have a total of 1 woolen sweater, and its not even that thick.

"tis the season to be a walking marshmallow" gif

If we were having tea… I’d tell you that my final exams started. I finished one of my lab finals yesterday, and it was the hardest lab I’ve ever had. I’m so glad it’s done. I have the next one on 10th (yeah we have HUGE gaps, it’s kind of annoying because our exams go on for a month). After that, my theory finals start on the 16th. I haven’t started studying for my theory at ALL, and considering how many classes I missed this semester, I really should start studying.

If we were having tea… you would hear about my reading. I’ve been in a huge reading slump, and I read only 2 books last month. I was actually quite ahead on my Goodreads reading challenge, but I’m quite behind now. I have 11 books left to reach my goal, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete the goal. With exams, and blogging every day for Blogmas, not much time is left to read 11 whole books. This might become the first time I don’t reach my reading goal.

But. I am attempting to get as close to my goal as possible. Last night, I started reading The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. For the last few month, the books I’ve been reading have been adult and mostly romance. I’ve lost touch with the YA world, especially YA fantasy which used to be my favourite genre. I really miss it so I’m trying to dive back into it now.

If we were having tea… I’d share a new lofi mix with you. I came across it on YouTube without even looking for lofi mixes, but it’s SO GOOD. I found it two days back, when I was studying for my exam, and it’s helped so much. The whole time I was studying and revising, this song was playing and helping with my concentration. Even the title is so nice! Also the artwork is pretty cool.

If I were to pick a time of the day/night to listen to this, I’d say very early morning. I woke up at 5:30am yesterday and was revising with this music. It was perfect. The comments section is also really nice.

If we were having tea… I’d say that I’m looking forward to 2020. While 2019 has been good for me in many ways, which does not include health, I’m more excited about what’s to come. 2020 is the year I’ll graduate from college, and start working. It’s the year when I’ll get some independence with respect to money, and be able to start taking care of my mum instead of the other way round. Right now, I feel like I’m in a limbo. We’re in a house we don’t like, and we want to move but we’re waiting for me to graduate. I’m in college but all I can think about is how my work life will be. Especially since I already have a job lined up, which also gives me a paid internship starting next month until I graduate, I’ve almost left college behind.

My friends have started being nostalgic, and while I can relate, my thoughts are towards the future. I’ve always been like that. I enjoy the present, think about the future, and only become nostalgic of a farther past. I started becoming nostalgic about high school only two years after I finished it. While I don’t know about college nostalgia, I do know that I’m not someone to be nostalgic in advance. Some of my friends miss the current day while we’re still having fun. They’re like I’m going to miss this so much, when we technically still have 6 months of college left!

All I can think about is the new decade, and all the changes and opportunities it’ll bring.

If we were having tea in person right now, what would you tell me?

The Knight Before Christmas // Movie Review

My Netflix recommendations are FILLED with Christmas movies.

Christmas is right around the corner, and no matter where I go online, I see Christmas-related content. It’s really nice to see the cheer and happiness spreading around. And the same can be said for streaming services. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of people will be watching Christmas-themed content, and probably binge-watch Harry Potter movies again because they have THE BEST Christmas-time vibes.

So I thought, why not jump in on the wagon and try a Christmas movie. I also had zero patience to spend time looking for a good movie, and just pressed play on what Netflix recommended me. And, because the movie released very recently, I happened to watch The Knight Before Christmas.

But before getting onto the review, what is up with Vanessa Hudgens and Netflix Christmas movies? She was in The Princess Switch last year as well. I never watched that because it looked super cringey and my trusted friends did not like it.

The reason I gave The Knight Before Christmas a go was because I actually liked the trailer. A dashing male lead, time travel and all the cozy Christmas vibes? Sign me up!

the knight before christmas cole
The Knight Before Christmas – Josh Whitehouse – Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer

What was the movie about?

A 14th century knight named Cole is transported to 2019 Christmastime by a magical old woman. She said that he has to complete his “quest” by midnight on Christmas Day if he wants to be a true knight, because apparently you can only be a true knight if you fulfill your great quest. What is his quest, you might ask? He doesn’t know!

Not gonna lie, the quest thing really had me questioning. How are knights supposed to fulfill quests and become true knights if they don’t know their quests? They just keep waiting? Makes no sense.

So anyway, back to the plot. Cole is in 2019 Ohio, in his knight armour. Cole wanders around looking for the old woman, and is super confused about his current surroundings.

Brooke, a high school teacher and non-believer in true love, takes Cole in after accidentally hitting him with her car. She believes that he may have temporarily lost his memory due to which he “thinks” he’s a 14th century knight. Brooke offers her guesthouse to him for the time being.

Love story ensues.

the knight before christmas cole and brooke
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

So.. was the movie good?

It depends on what you’re expecting.

If you want a movie with a really good plot, great chemistry, good acting, and thought out details, this not the movie for you. You will hate it.

If you’re looking for a random Christmas movie to watch while being cozy with a hot drink and don’t care what it contains as long as it ends well, this is the one for you.

I watched the movie simply to watch a Christmas movie so I wasn’t very disappointed, especially considering that I haven’t seen many other such movies to compare with. Sure, if I was expecting a really good movie with a great romance, I’d be disappointed. I would have also noted and obsessed over details, but I decided to let it go. Normally, I’m a huge critic but since I didn’t expect much, I’m not really bothered.

My thoughts, in detail:

  • There was NO CHEMISTRY between the couple. The one thing I was really looking forward to was romance, because that’s my current favourite genre, and it sorely disappointed me.
  • The acting was not great. I’m mainly talking about Vanessa Hudgens because I could not see her as Brooke. I just.. no.
  • Josh Whitehouse was highly charming as Cole, and he was perfect for the role. He was awesome.
  • The supporting characters were okay. I wasn’t invested in them.
  • I feel like the writers just had a a great overall idea of the plot, but totally messed up when stretching it for a whole movie. I recognized plot points, i.e. certain parts of the story which are the structure of the main plot. But everything in between was just a mess. And sometimes, totally unnecessary.
  • I hated the ending. It was so cringey, I didn’t even properly watch it. I could not handle that level of cheese. It wasn’t even cheesy at the point. It was just cringey.
  • I think Brooke was supposed to have a character arc, but it was totally flat. I saw no character growth, and I also could not see her as a full-fledged character. She just smiled all the time and went around preparing for Christmas.
  • Everything on screen, at all points, was themed. The colours clearly bring in the Christmas vibe. At every point, there’s some green, red and white on the screen. As far as the set is concerned, the movie nailed it.
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

There is one thing that really bothered me. Brooke, in the beginning of the movie, advises a high school student who recently got dumped by a boy that there is no such thing called true love. She says that it’s a fairytale and, in the real world, we have to concentrate on our lives and not hope for our Prince Charmings. At the end of the movie, after falling in love with Cole, she tells the student the complete opposite. The student moved on from her stupid ex at that point, and was being told that there is true love.

I was waiting for Brooke to say something like “true love will come at some point, and you will know it. Don’t worry about your ex, he’s not the one.” But instead she was basically telling the student to go back to her ex, or go back to being heartbroken? It came off like that. And that got me super annoyed.

Okay so.. skip the movie?


I don’t have much to compare with, and it STILL fell short. I’m sure that if I was expecting a good movie, I would have hated it so bad.

I say skip this movie. It’s not worth it. The only good part of the movie is Josh Whitehouse as Cole. If you want only eye-candy, you can go for it. Otherwise, nah.

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What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Have you seen The Knight Before Christmas?

December ’19 Bullet Journal Setup

It’s the last month of the year… and the decade. It’s also a super busy month for me.

My bullet journalling in November started after half the month passed because of my medical emergency, but I haven’t been totally back to bullet journalling since then. Now that I’ve setup my December bullet journal, I expect to be back to full planning swing!

I have my finals this month, and I’m also doing Blogmas* so I needed my bullet journal to be easy and efficient. I decided to not be elaborate and stick to what has been working for me, and made sure that my monthly spreads are low maintenance.

*A blogging event where we blog every single day from 1st to 25th of December. So make sure to follow me in order to not miss any posts!

The first thing I decided was to go back to a yellow theme. I did a yellow theme a few months back, and the spreads looked bright and fun. I loved opening up my bullet journal. It made me happy, and I really need some of that positivity this month. Hence, yellow is back!

monthly cover page and

I kept to a VERY BASIC first spread. What I love about this spread is that it allows enough space for decoration, in case I feel like it later. I also get to see the monthly calendar view, Sundays to Saturdays, which I always refer. The right side gives ample space for writing down multiple events. Here I’ve done it so that my finals and academic dates go on the left and everything else goes on the right.

I meant to stick a washi tape or doodle on the empty space on the right side, but I left it for another day. Didn’t have time to do much when setting this up.

habit tracker and blog schedule

This habit tracker, while a little unconventional since it runs vertically and looks a weird due to the labelling, actually looks pretty good when it’s all finished up. Plus, it’s super easy maintenance. What I mean by that is, I don’t have to put too much effort in making the spread look nice. I just mark every day and by the end, it looks good on its own.

On the right, I have a much needed blog schedule page. It’s just the dates and days running down, with area to write down blog posts against the dates. I’m using pencil to write everything in case I want to switch up things. I considered making a ideas spread as well, but I already did an impromptu one when considering doing Blogmas, so I left that out.

I really like the way it turned out with the “perfectly authentic” sticker and “blog” letters over it.

Oh and I cranked up the brightness to mostly hide my schedule for the month haha. Keep an eye out on this blog because I’ve planned for some really good content!

expenses page

And as always, I have an expense tracker. I’m super happy with the way the lettering turned out here. It’s a style I should do more often.

And that’s it! I find that I’m so much happier with simple and fewer spreads to manage. This is why I’ve started to only keep the spreads that I really will use or look back at. Gone are the days when I tried elaborate spreads after copying what I see on Instagram or Pinterest. Efficiency is key now.

How is your December going to be? Busy? Full of celebration and fun? Tell me in the comments!

blogmas 2019 header image

I’m doing Blogmas!

It’s officially December!

Can I please ask where the year went? It feels like yesterday when I was freaking out about 2019 because of the hectic college schedule. I was worried about studying for placements and interviews. February 2019 me was desperately hoping that she’ll be able to get a job and get through this year.

And then, we’re here today. Wow. I knew this would be a busy and fast year, but I wasn’t prepared for it to end so soon.

To end the year, and the decade, with something special I decided to do Blogmas!

What is Blogmas, you ask? The blogging community has 2 big things. One is Blogtober, where bloggers blog every single day of October. Another is Blogmas, where we blog every day leading up to and including Christmas Day. It’s basically a huge blogging party. We blog, visit other blogs and just do a whole lot of talking, and make friends etc. It consumes a lot of time, and involves quite a bit of work, but it’s super fun.

I did blogmas once back in 2016, which was my first year of blogging. There was SO MUCH talk about it, and tons of bloggers were planning on doing it, so I decided to do it as well. I had a lot of fun then. It fell right with my finals of first semester of college, but I managed and loved it.

This year, I actually wanted to do Blogtober. I’ve never done it before but October is always my busiest month in college. It falls right in the middle of the semester, and it’s the time when I’m falling behind on everything. Sadly, I couldn’t do it this time as well.

I didn’t initially plan on doing Blogmas but hearing Charley decide to do it despite her finals being at the same time, I threw caution out the window and jumped in. I have my finals this month as well, starting on 3rd. It’s my second to last semester of college! Wow, this blog has seen me grow through college.

gif of a man typing really fast.
Me typing posts blogmas posts because I need to study ASAP

This year’s blogmas has me quite pumped. I actually spent a whole evening making the blog post header you see on top. I tried out many pictures and layouts, asking my friends for their opinions. The header turned out really, so I’m happy about that. I will be using it for every post in Blogmas, to tie it all together.

Blogmas is all about Christmas and cheer, and most blogs post mostly Christmassy things. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I won’t be posting Christmas-related posts. Mine will be more general posts, quite like what I already blog about, but just every single day. I’ll try to make a couple Christmassy-posts but that’s hard for me since I have no clue about it lol.

That’s the one thing which separates my blog, and one I’m quite worried about, to be honest. I know that everyone wants to read Christmas-themed blog posts, and mine won’t fall into that bracket. I’m really hoping that it won’t be much a deterrent with my participation in the event, though.

In order to keep myself motivated to blog consistently through exams, I made a small blogger support group for blogmas on Twitter. All of us will basically motivate each other and talk about blogmas things. Fingers crossed they keep me accountable for this haha.

Make sure to follow them all because I’m sure they have some really nice content planned:

Anyway! Make sure to keep coming back here because I will be posting every single day until the 25th. I have a lot of nice blog posts planned, even though they’re not Christmas-themed. Stay tuned!

Talk to me

Will you be doing Blogmas this year? How are you feeling about 2019 ending soon? Tell me in the comments!

Behind The Blogger Tag

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I did a tag, and I’m just in the mood for it now. I saw this tag over at The Book Corps* and instantly wanted to do it. I wasn’t explicitly tagged for it but hey, when has that ever stopped me?

This tag is all about blogging, and my life behind and/or alongside it. It’s super fun, so let’s get to it!

*I absolutely love Laura’s blog, and she does really nice tags so I highly suggest going over there. There’s a lot of great content to be seen.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions down below
  • Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx
  • Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about to do this tag

girl working on a laptop
Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash


I started blogging out of curiosity. I saw that there’s this thing called “share on your blog” on Goodreads (when I reviewed a book there) and was so intrigued. A google search on “what is a blog” lead me to WordPress, where I just made a blog without really thinking about it. In fact, I came up with my old blog name “light up the shining night stars” in a few seconds and just set up my blog.

As I spent more time figuring out about my blog, and finding others, I slowly learnt what blogging is. And that definition constantly expanded to include more content and niches.

I continue to blog because I’ve grown to love this hobby, and this community. Blogging is cathartic to me. Whenever I want to talk about something, no matter what about, I can blog about it without second-guessing because this is my space. It’s been almost 4 years since I started blogging, and I don’t see any sign of me wanting to quit. Sure, I took breaks, but I always come back.


Listables! I absolutely love writing posts like “10 things..”/”7 reasons…”/”10 books I love”. They’re super fun, especially because

  1. I love lists.
  2. It’s a great way to format a post.
  3. You get talk about your favourites in one post!
  4. And they always work out well.

They’re also fun! Whenever I write discussion posts or tips/advice, I try to make them into a list. Fun fact: listables capture attention better because you’re letting people know what exactly they can find in the blog post. It’s not vague. Points also help summarize content well, which works better for readers of the post.


Top three in what way? Views? Likes? Comments? My favourites? What. How am I supposed to choose randomly? This is hard.

Top three blog posts in terms of views:

Haha I see a pattern.

Top three blog posts that I love:

Mug with Hustle written on it.
Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash


Honestly, I don’t have many things. Being productive gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I’m also a procrastinator. This means that I technically don’t look to “relax” much.

The few things I do to relax are:

  • Read. This is kinda obvious though. But I like reading romance books or YA contemporary, specifically. They always make me relax and feel good.
  • Listen to music and journal. I really like bullet journalling, and I sometimes journal in my notebook as well. Listening to chill music and doing it calms me.
  • Blog life updates. This is another thing that relaxes me. It’s fun to just keep typing as my thoughts flow. Sometimes the blog posts turn out good, sometimes they don’t. But the process is nice.


  • Books! Obviously haha.
  • Cute socks. I just love them, and I love wearing them.
  • Winter wear. Jackets/Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Shrugs. I love wearing layers, and I wear one of these whenever it’s cold enough to.


Coming up as the first link when Kdrama reviews are searched. This is why my Kdrama reviews are the most viewed—because a lot of views comes from search engines. If you search “doctor stranger review” or “w two world review”, my link comes first in the results! This what I’m most proud of. Even with business blogs and websites about Kdramas, my blog managed to show up first.

I hit 50,000 views! I’m at 52k right now. I’m so proud that my curiosity-filled random start grew into a proper blog which people want to visit.

I’m also proud of myself for maintaining a blog without succumbing to the “follow a niche” advice. Blogs receive more views and are more successful by sticking to a specific niche. But I’m not ready to stick to one. I want this space to show all of me, and I’m glad that I still keep it that way.

Work aesthetic
Image from Unsplash.


Read! It lead me to blogging haha. Reading is, and will always be, my #1 hobby.

Bullet Journalling. I’m a huge planner. Making to-do lists every day, or for every thing, and checking things off gives me a lot of satisfaction. It allows me to clearly see how productive I’ve been, which I like. Bullet journalling takes it to the next level with trackers, so many different spreads, and the flexibility to record everything in one place. I love it.

Bookstagram! While my bookstagram account isn’t big or super aesthetic, I really do like it. It’s fun to try out new ways of taking photos of books, try out themes, and make a feed. Interacting with other bookstagrammers is nice too. I love that we all love books so much.

Speaking of, y’all should really follow me on Instagram.* I don’t post very often, but I do have some good photos and thoughts on books.

*shameless self-plug lol.


Ohhh I have quite a few. Top three? Um.

  • People chewing without keeping their mouths closed. I HATE this. I even tell my mum to chew with her mouth closed. I do not want to see food being chewed, or hear the sounds. Besides, it’s actually not good to do it. More often than not, food will end up coming out by mistake. Especially if the person is also talking while chewing. That annoys me so much.
  • Spelling mistakes/typos/misplaced commas/extra spaces/etc. Everything to do with grammar and typing. For example, my friend and I were working on a report a few days back. He was typing and I was narrating most of the content. Every time there was an extra space, or a typo, I’d make him correct it first before continuing typing. I cannot concentrate if they’re there.
  • People not taking care of things they borrowed from me. No, I don’t care if it’s just a pen. You should take care of it. Not leave it on some random desk, or lose the pen cap. I want my things taken care of. I’m a little extra with my stationary items and books, more than other things.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I know some carnatic* music? I even went for carnatic singing classes, and quite a few of the songs are still in my head. Sometimes, I find myself humming them too. I actually don’t like carnatic music simply because my mum pushed me towards it so much. It’s nice, but if I was not forced towards it I might have liked/enjoyed it more. I stay away from it now though.

My voice isn’t too bad as well! I sound very bad when singing modern music but I’m not too bad at carnatic music. I come from a line of really good singers. My mum’s voice is beautiful, and my maternal granddad sang really well until right before he passed away at 97 years old. People used to come to visit him specifically to hear him sing, and he even taught free classes when I was a kid.

*copying the definition from the Internet, in case you don’t know what it is. Carnatic music or Karnāṭak music or Karnāṭaka Saṃgīta is a system of music commonly associated with the southern part of the Indian subcontinent, with its area roughly confined to five modern states of India: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,[w: Kerala|Kerala]], Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

Me! In a Brooklyn Nine Nine shirt and Ravenclaw beanie.
And there’s me! Helloo!


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And of course, YOU if you’d like to do it! Do pingback to me so I can see your answers!

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Tell me your blogging story! How did you start? What makes you keep going?

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Songs On Repeat // November ’19

Hey y’all!

I know it’s kinda early for this blog post but I didn’t feel like making any other post, and I’m pretty excited to share some songs with you so I just decided to post it now.

GIANTS by True Damage (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose)

I absolutely love the songs that League of Legends brings out. It started a couple months back, and it’s still going on. I actually didn’t like this song when I first heard it, but it grew on me. I still don’t like the second rap part (and always skip those 20 seconds) but I absolutely love the rest of it. Especially the chorus by Becky G and Keke Palmer. Best.

Phoenix by Cailin Russo, Chrissy Constanza

Another BRILLIANT song by League of Legends. I absolutely love all of this song. It’s way too good. This was on repeat for about a whole week before I even considered another song.

Malibu Nights by LANY

YouTube put this in My Mix, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I haven’t looked back from LANY. How have I never heard to this artist before?? Such great music, wow.

Lover Remix by Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes

I loved the original Lover, so it’s not a surprise that I love this as well. The chorus is especially nice, when both of them sing. Their voices really went together for this song.

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

I actually haven’t been liking Billie Eilish’s recent songs. After bad guy, which took time to grow on me, I liked nothing. This song came up on my recommendations and I just gave it a try. It’s actually pretty good. The vibe and the melody is really nice, and her voice goes well with it. I took a couple listens to start liking it, but I do quite like it now.

Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan

I did like this song when I first heard it on Love, Simon but it was never on repeat for me. But my friends discovered it recently, and since we listen to music together on Discord quite often, they played it multiple times and hence I started really loving it as well. It’s really nice.

Mean It by Lauv and LANY

Okay first of all. What a GENIUS IDEA for these two to collab. I absolutely love both these artists, and this song turned out SO GOOD. I can’t get over it. It’s tooooo good. I clicked on the YT video instantly when I saw Lauv and LANY together. And it was totally worth it. If you haven’t heard to this yet, I highly recommend it.

It’s kinda funny that their voices sound so similar, though. It feels like only one person sang it all. I would have loved to hear at least one part where they’re both singing, but I’ll take what I get.

Jesse and Joy on Go!

Okay first of all, this isn’t an actual song. I don’t even know it’s name. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the whole song by the artists, so I’m assuming it’s not a real one. The artists sang it while guest appearing on a show on Netflix. I don’t know, I just reaaaally liked the singer’s voice.

Edit: I found the original song! I was listening to all the songs by Jesse and Joy, and found it. Lol. This is the original one.

And that’s it for this month!

What songs have you been listening to on repeat? Do we share any? Tell me in the comments!

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10 Changes In My Reading Life

My reading habits have changed a lot in the last few years.

I started really reading back in 6th grade, when a private library opened up nearby and my mum immediately got me registered for it. She used to be a HUGE reader when she was young, and has fond memories of reading books with her sister. Mum wanted me to have something for myself since I’m an only child and wasn’t very social. And I haven’t looked back since.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is “changes in my reading life” and I can’t wait to share my list with y’all. So let’s get to it!

I stopped going to the library

In all honesty, the library near me shut down. I started going to another one, and quickly made my way through the small selection they had at that branch. Currently, another private library exists about 3 kilometers from me, but I simply don’t have the time to make the trip back and forth. I used to frequent there for about a year before stopping because college left me with no time to visit.

Plus, being in India, I don’t find a lot of YA books in libraries. We have all the veteran authors but new books and YA is not as common. Which means that I’ll have to read as e-books anyway. It just seemed better for me to stop going to the library.

Now, I frequent a second hand bookstore where new books are immediately available, and where I can sell back books. It’s like a library, but without a time limit on the books, and has a much wider selection. Old books are discounted as well.

bookworm tangled gif

I’m way more picky

In the good ol’ days when I started reading, when I was going to the library, I would to go to a random section and pick out a book which “called to me”. I never saw the genre or the author. I would read the summary, but I often used to just go with my pick and try it out. This meant that I exposed myself to all genres and all kinds of books. Young Sumedha wasn’t picky and moody about her reads.

But now? I’ve become super picky. It’s, in part, because of the online book community. I’ve been exposed to things like “problematic”, “relevant issues”, “diversity” and other buzzwords. It’s not a bad influence—I’m glad to have learnt so much and to be more aware of what I read—but it also means that I’ve become so much more judgemental. Some books just seem too cliche, or not special enough, to read. And that’s so sad because every book deserves a chance.

I’m now a mood reader

Even before looking for new books to read, or looking at my TBR, I have a genre in mind. If I’m in the mood for romance, I just can NOT pick up anything else. Even a great fantasy book will not change my mind. I’ll see a great book, and add it to my ever-growing TBR for later because my current mood isn’t good for it. No matter the hype, the reviews, or recs from friends. I just can’t override my mood.

It’s honestly kind of annoying haha.

My favourite genre has changed

For the longest time, my favourite genre was fantasy. Right from 7th grade when I found vampires and books with non-humans and magic, up to my 2nd year of college when I loved A Court of Mist and Fury. Fantasy was my go-to. I’d be so on top of the fantasy books, even with new releases! I knew every fantasy book, and had read most of them.

But, over the last couple years, it has slowly changed. It happened in phases. I had a couple phases where I just wanted to read stand-alone romance books, and they lasted a few months each. By mid 2018, I was all-in on romance. Honestly, I didn’t want to admit that my favourite genre changed because fantasy will always be a soft spot for me. But, I finally admitted it to myself late last year.

My favourite genre is currently romance, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

My picks are easily influenced by the internet

The hype causes me to pick up books, and also make sure I never pick up some books. The online book community is filled with people who read and have their own opinions. I have come to read a lot of reviews, and look for multiple views when I come across a book.

I can’t pick up a book just by the name or summary anymore, unless it’s romance. Romance books don’t get a lot of hype anyway, and every romance book could be a gem.* But for any other genre? Especially any series? The hype influences my reading a lot.

As with anything else, this point has pros and cons. I’ve picked up some great books, and I’ve sadly neglected other books in favour of popular ones.

*I’ve found SO MANY GREAT ROMANCE BOOKS through Goodreads lists and random searches. The romance genre has the most underrated books.

shrug gif

I have a TBR

Until 2016, when I started blogging and following the online book community, I didn’t have a TBR. If, by chance, I find a really good book which I’d like to save for later, I would screenshot it’s cover or name. In fact, I had an album for those screenshots. But that album was always small. I never truly had a TBR list.

But now? I have a legit TBR list on Goodreads which has hundreds of books in it. I have several saved posts on Instagram, with books that I’d like to read. And I’ll be honest, I’m never good at following my TBR. I rarely open it. Being a mood reader, my picks are very random and usually don’t follow TBRs.

I always read reviews before picking up a book

Earlier, when I found books either in the library or on the internet, I’d pick it up based on what I was seeing right then. If it was a review, I’d make my choice on the book based on that review alone. If I saw the book in the bookstore, and I had a good feeling, I’d simply buy it.

My process is very different now. No matter how I’m introduced to a book, I always look for a few reviews before picking it up. For this, I go on Goodreads. And I make sure to read at least one negative review. I don’t like going in with very high expectations, and it’s always good to make sure that the book doesn’t have concepts that I hate. For example, I hate boss-employee romances and love triangles. In fact, negative reviews are my go-to before I pick up hyped books. It’s just like that.

picture with a lot of books surrounding my feet

I’m way more critical

Before I completed a year of blogging, and became fully immersed in the book community, my reading very different. I’d read to escape my world, to find something new, and to live a different life. I’d read for an adventure or a happy ending. And I would simply enjoy a book or not enjoy it. I was critical, but it was based on my values and completely my own opinions.

Now, my critique has changed with influences from other readers. I think about whether a book has diverse characters, whether there are problematic elements, and whether there’s appropriate representation. I’ve started considering at things that other reviewers consider.

I literally dissect books now. Character development, pacing, dialogue, and even inclusion of certain themes. I never thought of them particularly before, but now I do.

Being completely honest, I HATE it. I can’t make myself stop. A lot of my favourites from before are not good enough anymore, because of these new criticisms. It’s ruined those books for me, which I was so fond of for various reasons.

I sometimes feel ashamed of my reads

I try to make myself stop, but I just can’t. There are tons of strong opinions in this community, and we’re using the internet. It’s easy for people to point fingers and give their opinions against you/yours here. I’ve seen such strong opinions against my favourite authors/books. While I don’t care about what books other people like, I am afraid of being called out for what I like.

For example, Sarah J Maas. She was to be my favourite author for a while. I LOVED Throne of Glass and A Court of Mist and Fury*. I mentioned her and her books everywhere. I wasn’t shy with my love for her books.

But, there was just so much talk against SJ Maas and her books. It got me discouraged. I was challenged multiple times. Readers and reviewers pointed out why her books were “the worst” and why no one should like them. It didn’t matter that I liked the book just because I liked the world or the plot. It was clear that me saying I liked her books, without making sure that the person I’m talking to likes them as well, would put me in a bad spot.

SJ Maas stopped being my favourite author eventually because I didn’t like her latest books, but the effect stayed.

Now, it’s the same with romance books which have “problematic elements”. I recognize them, and I don’t condone them. But I liked the book! It made me feel nice! It’s happy ending left me happy! I JUST WANT TO PRAISE IT. Without worrying about people saying I liked or ignored the problematic issues.

*I didn’t like A Court of Thorns and Roses.

I’m always thinking about reviewing

Until a couple years back, I’d simply read a book. There was no annotating involved, or a pause in reading to contemplate something. I would simply read a book, and decide whether I want to review it after I finishing it. Because of this, I wouldn’t have lines to quote in reviews, or specific points to talk about, but it was okay! I was cool with it.

Now, after seeing how others review and the different kinds of reviews, my own style has adapted. I now annotate books freely. Many of my books have tabs and comments written next to paragraphs. And when I’m reading, I think about how I’m going to mention things in my review. For example, let’s say that a book becomes slow at around 50%. I make a note of it so I can mention it in my review. Sometimes, I even write sentences for my review in a notes app or as annotation right then.

I don’t just read anymore. My reading involves reviewing as I go.

And those were my 10 changes! When I started this post, I was unsure of whether there would be 10 points for me to write. Surprisingly, points just kept coming to me as I wrote. There were a lot of changes haha.

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Has your reading changed since you began? Have you been heavily influenced by the online book community as well?

What Blogging Is Actually Like // 10 TRUE FACTS About Blogging

Blogging is a diverse a activity. Not only does it involve writing blog posts, it brings in photography, planning, formatting, social media, and so much more.

As someone who has been blogging for four years, the one thing I can say for sure is that your list of to-dos for blogging increases with time. I started off with small blog posts, and then I found out that there’s something called stats and SEO. There’s something called “readability” such that your blog posts are more appealing and easy to read. After that, I went on a research spree about metadata and hashtags, which lead me to social media, which lead to a whole range of other things.

But, leaving the to-do lists, what is blogging? What is it like to be a blogger? What do we struggle with, and what confuses us? That’s what this post is about. Today we’re talking about 10 things that show exactly what blogging is like, other than the basic activities.


Blogging is a hobby, and a wonderful one. But let’s face it, all bloggers get hit with the treat-blogging-like-a-job syndrome, whether we like it or not.

The sheer number of blogs on the internet, in every field, means that we’re all fighting for attention. And most of the time, it’s each other’s attention. At some point, we begin to care about statistics and how many views our blogs receive. As we care more, we also put in more and more effort into our blogs. Keeping up with indexes, images, and coming up with new posts every week is not easy. Soon enough, it’s as taxing as a full-time job.

Blogging as a hobby becomes as demanding as a job. You need to be extra motivated to keep up. But, it’s also SO REWARDING. Just watching the final post, and watching it get views and comments is the best feeling ever. You can almost immediately see the results of your hard work.

"I hate doing work but, I love being flattered." gif
An apt Parks and Rec GIF


I doubt that there is even one seasoned blogger who hasn’t done this. Stats is a funny thing. It can make you feel like you’re on top the world, but it can also make you feel like you suck.

Some months, when I’m consistently blogging and putting my ALL, the stats go up and I become SO HAPPY. But when life takes over my priorities, and my blog suffers, the stats shut down and it makes me feel so low.

There are several blog posts that say the number 1 thing you have to stop doing is obsessing over stats. That goes for everyone, whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced one. But, saying is harder than doing it, right? Who here relates?

don't care gif


Have you ever written a super cool post? One that you were excited about before even starting? A post that sounds so fun or great to you that you went all out—editing multiple times, adding anecdotes and jokes, and making sure the images are ON POINT. It’s that post which you expect would go viral, or at least be popular.

And have you seen that post under-perform? It’s the most confusing thing ever! Like, I’ve spent three days on perfecting the post but WHY AREN’T PEOPLE LIKING IT. Let me know your experiences in the comments, because I’m sure some of us will have this in common.

can we ask why gif


I think I can say that most of us have definitely had this moment. One of those posts that you simply wrote to post something, which you didn’t proof-read or even add proper images to. You simply wrote it, and hit publish. Why is THAT receiving tons of attention? More than other, better posts?

Sometimes, it’s just so weird. One of my posts which had barely 300 words and 2 images, which wasn’t even proof-read, actually went on to be the first link in a popular google search term! I was baffled. It still continues to bring in views from search engines, and I’m STILL not sure why.

I'm so confused gif


This is one thing that I always struggle with—not being able to regularly read other blogs and comment. I do read pretty often, but I don’t spend much time on it every time. And lately, I’ve not been able to blog hop much. I try here and there but it’s not how much I’d like to be doing. I mean, why should I expect others to visit my blog when I don’t visit theirs?

And, this is a continuous struggle! I don’t comment for three days and the guilt starts piling up. Tell me if you relate to this, because I can’t be the only one.

sad sign gif


This is SO HARD. You could pour your heart out writing book reviews, but if your readers like discussion posts more, you’ll obviously try to do them more.

At some point, my content has changed to reflect what receives more views. Not all of my content comes from my head or my passion. Some content comes from other posts which have received lots of comments. When I realize that a certain type of post is liked by people, I try to write those more. My blog today is SO DIFFERENT than what I started with.

As a blogger, you have to find a fine balance. How much are you willing to change your content in order to get more attention? What if you completely change your blog only to realize that your loyal readers loved your true style from before? Such questions keep me thinking at random times.


In the beginning, even when I finally decided to tell my friends that I blog, I didn’t actually open my mouth and say “go check it out”. I would just off-handedly mention that I’m blogging or something. In fact, for the longest time, even my best friends didn’t follow my bookstagram. And I couldn’t make myself ask them to follow me.

“Am I promoting myself or am I being annoying? Is this appropriate? Will it look like I’m showing off? What if they don’t want to follow me?”

I know people, online and offline, who SLAY on self-promotion. But me? I hesitate so much! I just cannot promote myself every where. I mean, I don’t talk well to many people in the first place. The introvert life hitting hard. I could count the number of times I’ve self-promoted in my two hands, and I’ve been blogging for four years.


You have a specific idea on how your graphics should look for a post, and you spend a lot of time on getting them PERFECT, without realizing the time. You didn’t have to, but you did.

A lot of bloggers are perfectionists. The fact that the whole world will be seeing our content spurs us on to do our best. Graphics play a huge role in how a blog post looks. You may have amazing content written, but it would definitely look better to readers with pretty graphics that break up the paragraphs.

The header image makes SO MUCH of an impact as well. It took me a long time to find my style of headers. Until then, I spent a lot of time on each, trying out different templates on Canva and different background images. I did take an hour on multiple occasions.

this has got to be perfection gif


Can I get a hell yeah for this? Because it’s SO TRUE.

Because blogging involves so much more than just typing, it’s a big commitment. It takes a lot of time to do all the things associated with blogging.

Before I began blogging, I already had a few hobbies. And blogging takes up so much time! I literally don’t paint, sketch, or doodle anymore. I used to at least be a little artsy before, but I don’t now because I spend all my time on this blog. As of now, all my hobbies are blogging-related. We can put reading under the same umbrella because this is partially a book blog. Blogging is my sole hobby at this point.

On a related note, it’s hard enough to manage one hobby while being a student or working long hours, but it’s harder to do anything other than blogging if you’re a blogger too.

typing gif


I am so guilty of this.

Almost every time I look at new blogs, I come across such COOL blogs. They have beautiful interfaces, graphics, and colour schemes. Once I read their content? I’m done for. At this point, there is a long list of bloggers whom I look up to. They do GREAT at blogging. Content? On point. Timing? On point. Personality shown through the content? Super engaging. I cannot deal.

No matter what blog, I almost always find something to take away. An improvement that I can do, or some inspiration.

It may also cause imposter syndrome. When I first found paperfury, I was IN AWE. I immediately tried being more funny, and using more formatting to add comments and stuff. While it was fun to blog that way, eventually I realized that it wasn’t me. It took me a while to find a happy medium. I blog in my own style, while adding small things to my style, instead of copying someone else’s.

Me @ other bloggers

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Do you relate to any of these points? Are there any facts that I missed? Tell me in the comments!